NEW VIDEO: The Best & Worst Fitness Business Models

I’ve been patiently waiting 5 years to share this with you.

Why didn’t I share it before, you ask?

Partly because it outlines the true death of bootcamps and all fitness businesses that follow that model…

Basically, I didn’t want to show you how to crush your bootcamp competition in your city. I thought it would be unjust, unethical, and unfair to do so.

But, now enough fitness pros are finally admitting that the end is near for the majority of bootcamps.

In the video below you’re about to learn why most bootcamps were and are destined to fail. Plus, see what other fitness business models are going to collapse as well and how you can and should quickly add other streams of income to safely and securely build a strong and reliable monthly fitness income:

Many of the top fitness teachers like Sam, Dax, and Pat have come out and hinted that bootcamps are dying, but today I’m going to share with you what I’ve been holding back on for 5 YEARS!

If you own a bootcamp or this TYPE of fitness business, you MUST watch this video to protect your current business, and if you’re still interested in starting a bootcamp, then this video will teach you how to make it apart of your fitness business – BUT not the cornerstone.

Disregard the video content at your own risk…

Here’s what you’re about to discover:

•    Why the bootcamp  model was DESTINED to FAIL
•    How to wipe out ALL bootcamps in your town (sorry)
•    How to protect your bootcamp by “remodeling it”
•    Does “differentiation” matter?
•    How the NEW bootcamp model will be priced

Prepare to be shocked and since I’ve been waiting 5 years to share this information with you, some of the stuff I say in the video hurts…

But, like a band-aid, it’s best to rip it off quick and once you hear and see the facts, figures, and truth behind my theory that has now proven to be true, you’ll feel better after.

And, of course, I would never leave you hanging, so I explain what you will want to do now that the “ish” has hit the fan.

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