The Real Secret to Achieving Your Fitness Business Goals and Dreams

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The REAL secret to fitness business success doesn't begin with a magic list...

I get a lot of emails asking me this question on a near daily basis:

“How do you get so much stuff done in order to grow your business?”

And instead of giving them the typical canned response of, “I write up a plan with deadlines and then work the plan,” I actually have ONE BIG step that comes before all that.

(Of course you need to start with clearly defined goals and deadlines, but most of us do that, so obviously that’s not the secret…)

The secret STARTS not in the how, but in the why.

Here’s what I mean:

I realized a little while back that whenever I focused on a goal such as “how to create another $10,000 income stream in my business” that I never ended up following through on it even when I had all the calculations and numbers figured out on how to make it work.

The issue was that I lacked the motivation to see the plan through.

You see, as a fitness professional (not a fitness marketer) I have always been about helping people transform their bodies and their lives through health & fitness. The money came secondary and the crazy thing is I’ve never sold less than $100K a year from my own personal training business in the last 10 years.

I think at this point it would be impossible for me to do so…

Why is that, you ask?

Well I’m glad you asked ; ) The reason is that I’ve created such a concrete set of proven fitness business systems that whenever a client moves away or has to stop training for some reason I instantly have referrals from my current clients, or new clients coming in from my marketing campaigns.

And when I opened my studio awhile back I sold out of all available sessions in just 6 months (the studio continues to be sold out to this day).

Again, this didn’t happen by me focusing on having to make a certain amount per month, but rather a driving passion for wanting to help the CPTs that I hired fill up their schedule. They put their faith in me and left jobs – it was now in my hands to help them succeed.

I believe this is why every new hire of my studio is completing at least 30-40 sessions a week (120 session a month) within 120 days.

As a result of my entire team’s dedication to the studio and our clients we are almost at 1,000 sessions a month working on just a 500 sq/ft fitness floor. (at $89 a session I’ll let you do the math…)

I also never intended to coach fitness professionals online, in seminars, and over the phone, but I see so many fitness pros struggling and so many bad trainers giving our industry a bad name I needed to step up.

I didn’t necessarily have the time or a need for the money to create any type of mentoring programs, but with the industry the way it is now and the so called experts out there who haven’t worked with a client in over 5 years (or ever!) I knew something had to be done.

I was inspired to help fitness professionals in anyway I could.

What I did was make the time and find out how I could best serve the health & fitness industry.

As a result, I now run the largest fitness studio membership license in the world (Smart Studio Systems) and I only have opened the doors to it 4 times! (We have over 251 S3 Members all across the world). I can honestly say that there is nothing like Smart Studio Systems in the world because all these other fitness marketers don’t know what it’s like to build yourself up from a part-time trainer, to a $100k trainer, to a million dollar business.

If they did they would still be running a million dollar fitness business, right?

Again, I only mention these examples because in each one of them I focused on what inspired me, what I was passionate about, what got me bouncing out of bed every morning and wanting to stay up late to work on.

When you stop chasing the money and start chasing your dreams that’s when everything comes together!

When you get to that point, only then should you begin to look at ways you can multiply and expand your business through outsourcing, hiring additional team members, opening a studio or a new larger one, or even taking your business online as well.

Remember, don’t create a bootcamp if you love training 1-on-1’s even if the fitness marketers out there are telling you it’s the only way to go. And likewise don’t do 1-on-1’s if you love training bootcamps.

I’ve compromised before in my training and it always comes back to bite me…

Never compromise who you are or your dreams of what you want to become.

So now back to the original question of “how do I get so much stuff done?”

This is it:

I only take on projects that my gut tells me are in line with my passion, beliefs, and will help others. We’re all here to serve and if you don’t believe that yet, you’ve got some work to do upstairs before you’ll ever make it big…

Luckily, life is a journey, an unfolding, and a process so you do have some time to discover what moves you.

Once you do, your mind’s eye is so locked in on what you want to achieve that opportunities and connections have a way of working themselves into your life.

The trick is that you must really narrow down what you want to achieve and then don’t get distracted. For example, right now our studio fitness manager, Coach Cardoos, and myself are locked in on hitting 1,000 sessions per month.

Just about 4 months ago our personal best was 763 and it hadn’t changed much in the last 4 years. I was focused on my writing and other income streams and the studio was still doing over $50,000 a month on 500 sq/ft so I wasn’t complaining.

However, I always had this goal of 1,000 sessions a month in the back of my head.

I couldn’t shake it…

Even though I was editing my new strength & conditioning book, writing weekly articles for Men’s Health and other publications, as well as still training 30+ sessions a week, I new it was time to begin to work on my goal of hitting 1,000 sessions a month.

When a dream or goal like this stays with even after you’ve tried to push it aside you know it’s something you’re meant to strive for – and hit.

So what did I do?

I outlined a plan (nothing overly fancy) of how I could make this happen and then I set a concrete date (my goal is March 31st, 2012). Now I fully plan on hitting this goal sooner, but that’s my ultimate end date.

From there I set up a time line of when I could realistically implement all the things that needed to get done in order to hit 1,000 sessions. Now up until this point I was running the studio by utilizing all my Smart Studio Systems. And it has been working great producing some the highest returns in the industry – even outperforming most full size 50,000 sq/ft gyms, which are 1,000x bigger than us…

But, I knew I no longer had any more hours in the day and so I hired one of the best managers in the fitness business who was currently training clients at the studio. (Julian is also the Director of Personal Training Business School).

Why did I do this?

Because it was time to allow others to play to their strengths in order for us to come together to work toward a single goal (1,000 sessions). Coach Cardoos would now be in charge of hiring and training all new CPTs according to my Smart Studio Systems protocol.

(I was also happy to have Julian take on this Studio Manager role since he is a natural at it, where I don’t really enjoy the managerial part of the business – I do it because it’s part of the job. It’s also why I came up with an iron-clad set of business systems – so I wouldn’t have to manage all the time… I complete all my “managerial work” in less than 30-60 minutes a day and the CPTs on my team just follow my “playbook.”)

This was an important step because if we don’t hire any new fitness professionals for our team we can’t grow the business, help more people, or hit our 1,000 sessions.

I figured we’d need to hire 2 more CPTs in order to hit our mark.

We’ve successfully built up one new CPT (we hire 1 CPT at a time) to 120+ sessions (he actually did 169 sessions in his 4th month at our studio – not bad right?!) and now we’re about to hire our newest fitness pro.

My prediction is that we hit 1,000 sessions this January 31st.

It’s been a long time dream of mine and I am extremely grateful for Coach Cardoos and the team I have working with me at my studio. It’s honestly a pleasure to go to work everyday and I hope each of you one day (if not today) gets to experience that.

So, by now I think that you get the point I was trying to make and that is in order to get things done, you don’t need a magic list, but rather the right motivation… And in order to get that, your goal has to be in alignment with your beliefs so that your passion fuels your success…

I wish you the best in this industry and I hope you get as much out of it as I have – I wouldn’t trade this “job” for any amount of money!

Finally, I also wanted to let you know that if you’d like my personal success formula I’d be happy to share it with you. It details EVERY system, EVERY marketing piece, EVERY online ad, and EVERY resource I use to build and maintain “The Most Profitable Studio in the World.”

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Committed to your success,

Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Voted “2011 Personal Trainer of the Year”
Health Contributor for MTV, Men’s Health, NutritionData, MAXIM, Gather, SELF


P.S. Don’t wait for success to come to you (it won’t), instead take charge of your life and invest in a proven system that will guarantee your success.




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