The Art of the Soft Sell & Close

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Make no mistake about it – You can do a fantastic job during your complimentary fitness consultation, but if you mess up the close or look too pushy (or desperate) you’re going to have just wasted your last hour… Use this simple form to become the assistant buyer!

Sometimes even the best trainers have a hard time asking for money even though they know their skills can help new clients get great results.

Well, I’ve made this easier now by having you sit down after all the goal setting and assessments have been and going through this sheet with your prospective client.

All you have to do is gently outline what you feel would be the best program for them based on what they set for goals and what they relayed to you…

Sounds easy, right?

It is! Don’t overcomplicate this… there’s a reason why we convert over 97% of our comp sessions into paying clients. We know they need out help (they wouldn’t have come in if they didn’t) so we just have to stay out of our own way and let them make the decision BASED on our professional recommendations. Remember, you’re the expert and they’re coming to you for advice.

You’re the man! (or woman!)

Use this form and start closing more clients!!!

>>> Download the Professional Recommendations Form here


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  • John Donaghey

    Hello Stephen,

    do you put your prices right under the number of days?

    Good form.



    • Hi John,

      We actually never sell out services as a per session workout. We always emphasize they are getting a complete PROGRAM which is very different from gyms that just walk you through a circuit of exercises…

      We do explain though that our prices go up the number of times you meet with us per week, but the entire level of service stays the same no matter how many times they come in. Again, our focus is on the whole package.

      We also do say that “most of our clients choose to train 2-3 per week with us and then we provide them with 1-2 out of studio training days that they can do at their home or in their own gym. This line works really well for us since most people in their mind our asking themselves how does this really work and what are other people doing…?

      Hope this helps!