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You Made it!

Glad to see you survived my intense security procedure …

Below you will  find links to all of the presentation material as well as a place to leave comments on what you thought of the presentation. Please also feel free to leave topic ideas of what you’d like to see covered in the future.



>>> Quicktime Presentation of Slides

>>> PDF of Full Slide Presentation


>>> Article on How to Give Yourself a 33% Pay Raise

>>> 5-Part video presentation on the MOst Profitable Studio in the World (amazing…)


>>> (launching September 7th, 2010). It is in the process of being “coded” and you will receive an email notification automatically to be the 1st to check it out!


Many of you have asked what Smart Studio Systems is so feel free to click around this website and see the over 100+ business building tools that over 221 fitness professionals from al over the world are using to skyrocket their business success. The S3 Licenses are only open 2-3x per year so there is nothing to buy or reserve at this time, but you’re still welcome to look around the Member’s Site.


As I said in the presentation, my “day job” is training clients, running my studio, and writing on health, wellness, nutrition, and exercise so any material you see of mine is what I’m actually doing in my business. Plus, you get to hear about all the updates on what worked (and didn’t work), so that you can cut the learning curve and not waste your own time or money. And since I’m always looking to hear about what you most want to learn please feel free to comment below on what you liked and would prefer to read/watch in future presentations.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Committed to your success,

Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Founder of Smart Studio Systems
Health consultant for MTV, Men’s Health, NutritionData, Dietcom, Women’s Day,  and Gather


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  • Hi Everyone!

    I put this post up a week before the presentation is actually taking place in FITCOMXPO 2010 ( FitcomXpo )

    You can find out more about Ryan Lee’s event at their website: FitcomXpo

    Also, after my video presentation goes LIVE (late July) I’m going to make it available for S3 Members right here on the website!

    • I will be making all the links LIVE at that time as well so that you can have the materials on hand to review…

  • Joel Gottehrer

    Confused once again lol, I dont see any download materials available here. (no links) Though the presentation video works and i will sit down at lunch to watch it, but otherwise Im lost here…

    I am Joel from brooklyn, ny. I am rocking it at my studio thanks to Stephen’s tips. I am a CPT focusing on helping my Sedentary community start moving, improving their posture, and overall health.

  • No one ever likes to be the 1st one to comment so allow me to break the ice!

    Feel free to check in and let me know what you do as a CPT, where you’re from, and how I can help you if possible…