(FACTOR 2) How to Add 33% to Your Hourly Income

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(*Coach Cabral Comment: This introduction was written by one of my partners promoting this free video series – This is also one of my favorite videos on how ADD 33% to your hourly income overnight!*)

You may be skeptical about this one…

(I know I was the first time I heard Coach Cabral talk about it.)

But when you see the video, he makes it crystal clear how anyone can use his simple formula to create a $100,000 fitness business, or ADD another 100K to their existing business.

In my opinion, this video is even better than yesterday’s…

I’ll let Stephen take the reigns from here:

The bottom line is this…

Almost nothing has done MORE for my fitness business than what I’m about to share with you in this video.

It has allowed me to literally add 33% more money to my cash flow.

And best of all it happened overnight.

Yes, it sounds to good to be true.

Except for the fact that it works every time…

And, I’ve outlined exactly how it works and what you need to do to make it happen.

As a bonus I added a real world example in the video of how you can (and should) make $115,920 a year working just 5 hours a day while taking 4 weeks vacation a year.

I know, I know…

Again, it sounds to good to be true.

Except, again, this can be your reality if you follow my proven formula:

Check out the free coaching video at the link below now (it will be taken down after this week) to see FACTOR #2 in how I was able to DOUBLE my business and break the 7-figure mark with 12 months:

I’ll talk with you soon and don’t miss this powerful video on how to double your business:

How to ADD 33% to Your Hourly Income Overnight

* If the video starts/stops while playing just hit pause and let it load for 30 seconds (it’s worth it ; )


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  • Donald Pacheco

    Hi Stephen,
    I am in the situation that for more than 4 years that some of my clients have been with me. I have 60 minutes sessions at the moment. I want to change all my clients to 45 minute. What video did you make outlining the best way to do this? Thanks, Don

    • Hi Don,

      Are you not able to see the video above? it does explain my process…

      If that’s not the case – do you have additional specific questions?

      If so, just list those questions and I’d be happy to help!

    • Don, you may also be looking for this S3 Member post:


      Also, just keep in mind you can use the search box on the top right hand column to type in keywords like “33%”

      This will give you a list of all the posts containing that keyword – hopefully this is what you were looking for!

  • Quick Video Update:

    The morning AM pack times should have read 6:00am, 6:45am, 7:30am (not 7:15am), and 8:15am.

    It does NOT change any of the information in the video… just the 15-minute 7:30am time difference. And the fact that I need to get some more sleep ; )

    Hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for all the positive feedback I’ve gotten!