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Please read this coaching article and the “Fitness Business Plan Financials” before watching the webinar:

The Truth

I want to make one thing clear…

I’m not the “1-on-1 training guy.”

I’m the, “do what you love and make as much money as you provide value guy”

If I had a bigger place I’d certainly do an AM and PM “boot camp” or large group class…

(I actually do run multiple off-site corporate bootcamps around my area)

I would just never make bootcamps the crux of my business model.


If you do, you better have multiple locations and be good at juggling hundreds of members…

Because if not, you’re always going to deal with the headaches of client turnover, finding quality part-time instructors, and making very little money to take home at the end of the month.

Listen, gurus can dispute this all you want, but here are the facts:


Bootcamps average around $5-10 a session and $97-$150 a month.

1-on-1 averages $49-$100 a session and $197-$1,000+ a month.

It doesn’t take a “science rocketist” to do the math…

But, nobody is doing it!

Inside the Numbers

You need 10x the amount of clients to fill a bootcamp than you do 1-on-1 to make the same money.

Plus, most bootcamp clients all want to train at peak times, so you can only sell so many memberships in the first place!

And, no one realizes this but the customer service time with bootcamps is 10x greater with credit card declines and dealing with low cost offers to get people in.

Bootcamps are really not less work for more money…

Income Potential

And… Just for a quick math comparison you’re making about $10,000-$15,000 a month for 100 bootcamp clients, but $50,000-$70,000+ for the same amount of 1-on-1 clients.

I’m not an accounting genius, but it doesn’t even seem close…

I mean you only need 15-20 total 1-on-1 clients to add another $10,000 a month to your business instead of having to find another 100 bootcamp clients…

Plus, where are you going to put another 100-200 bootcamp clients if you only have one location?

How do you plan to grow?

How are you going to really grow or 10X your business?

And what’s stopping competitors from opening another low barrier to entry, lower cost bootcamp right next door to you?

The whole model seems so insanely stressful, risky and self-limiting.

I must be missing something…

Now, before you think I’m a bootcamp hater, I’m not.

If my place was bigger I’d be running 2-4 a day in addition to the daily corporate ones I already run.

But I’d be doing it VERY differently than everyone else does now…

Less Clients + Multiple Income Streams = Less Stress

Find out how to blend the best of all multiple streams of fitness income instead of being pigeon holed into just one model.

One is a very dangerous number…

If it dries up, you’re left with zero.

Not quite the safe and secure model I look for…

And I recommend you do the same and build and branch out as well to protect your long-term career and business investment.

Now, let’s move on to deep dive inside the numbers and go in depth on what NO ONE is teaching you about income potential add-ons.

Fitness Business Plan Financials

Let’s put aside bootcamps for a minute. As you’ll see on the featured presentation below, I whole heartedly endorse group training with a BIG but caveat.

In the coaching presentation I review some of those concerns and recommend creating multiple streams of business income.

And, I talk about how easy it is to upgrade your VIP bootcamp members.

So, now let’s look at how quickly it adds up:

Video Presentation assumptions (keep these numbers in mind when watching the video):

How to Make an Extra $100,000 a Year by Adding 1 Trainer to Your Team

1 trainer needs 15 clients at 2x a week to do 30 sessions per week.

30 sessions per week (about 21 hours using 45-minute sessions) = 120+ month.

120 x $69/session = $8,280/month = $100,000/year (with 4 weeks off for vacation)

120 x $79/session = $9,480/month = $113,760/year (with 4 weeks off for vacation)

120 x $89/session = $10,680/month = $128,160 (with 4 weeks off for vacation)

Can’t Charge $69 per 1-on-1 in Your Area?

Could you charge $34?

Could you charge $39?

Could you charge $49?

If you answered, yes, to any of those questions above then all you need to do is simply create 30-minute 1-on-1 sessions and when you double that you’ll see you’re $34 = $68, $39 = $78, and $49 = $98… it may even be more profitable and fun for you to only offer 30-minute sessions!

If you answered, no, to any of the above questions, you just need to re-examine your mindset. I can guarantee you that even if you live in a town of 2,000 people, there’s a health & fitness professional charging at least $34 in your area.

Simply do some online searching and write down what everyone is charging in your area. Then, start out somewhere in the middle and when you become successful and aren’t as desperate for the clients or money, you can begin to charge top dollar.

And if you’re wondering if this is how I started out, then you are quite the smarty pants…

Your Goal Should Be to Quickly Add $100,000

So, hopefully you can see from the example above that whether you only do 1-on-1 or you only do bootcamps (or maybe even a mixture) adding just 1 30 session a week trainer to your team can easily bring in another $100,000 a year.

Don’t you think this may be a good idea to begin implementing and positioning in the next 90 days to prep for 2016, so that you can absolutely dominate the next 12 months?

I personally believe if you challenge yourself to 12 months of becoming great you will be amazed at what you achieve and how proud you are of the business and life you created.

You’re the only one that can do it – make it happen.

Now it’s really game time!

Join Me Tuesday, September 1st at 2pm EST

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My Simplified 40K a Month Maximization Model :

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Build Multiple Streams of Fitness Income:


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How to Make More Money Per Hour:


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  • Michael Warren

    Hi Stephen,

    First off thanks for this wonderful resource. It really helps to ground me amongst all the get rich quick bootcamp…bootcamp…bootcamp fitness noise.

    My question: Do you recommend just directing prospects to fill out the website questionnaire form….or should I just post prices under each service that i offer along with a payment button?

    I ask because I get a ton of calls and it’s the same thing over and over again, “What’s Your Price?….How much do you charge?” It’s very frustrating to say the least because this is not Crunch/Retro/Planet Fitness. It’s a very high-end results driven business. But still I get calls just asking for price.

    A friend of mine runs a Pilates studio and she has her prices posted on her website along with a payment button. I asked her why she did this and she said because it scares off the BS’ers and time wasters. She said her best clients and the most pre-qualified clients she gets all read through and hit the payment button.

    I was seeking your guidance on this because Im looking for ways to “scare of the BS’ers” as my Pilates friend said.

    Thanks Stephen

  • Hey Sthephen,
    Thank you for the video, a lot of great information. I unfortunately watched the video, thought about purchasing the seminar for a day and when I went back the next day to sign up and it was sold out. Thats Awesome for you and all those people. I was wondering if you will open up your S3 system one more time before you move on in December? I would love to learn more of your techniques and information.
    Thank you and best to you in your next adventure.

    • HI Glen,

      10X VIP sold out fast!

      But I’m happy to see you got one of the last Smart Studio Systems before it closes this year.

      Look forward to speaking with you inside the S3 Community area!

  • Chris

    Would you say that most of your success (filling time slots & cherry picking clients) is from your online questionnaire? Correct me if I am wrong but I got the idea that once clients are out into their time slots, they cannot reschedule for a different time or will be cancelled charged. I understand if you have a 24 hour policy but do you however go beyond this like I stated before?

    • Hi Chris,

      95% of everyone that meets for a consult. The others are just referrals that we ask to fill out the questionnaire before they come in, but may not get to it. Those people are still qualified.

      Once a client gets a set workout time, they can reschedule if the time doesn’t work one particular week… as long as a trainer has another opening. We’re really good here about working with each other as well to get a client in since we don’t compete amongst team members and no one is worried about clients being stolen.

  • Chris

    Hi Stephen,
    How do you keep loyalty among your independent contractors at your facility?

    • Hi Chris,

      Great question and I’ll write an article on this.

      The bottomline is that since I still train clients, I know what trainers want in a job. And so I try to provide that. Best pay in the city, the ability to work with other professionals – not meatheads, and the ability to be mentored and grow.

      Hope this helps!

  • Jay

    I’ve been a smart studio member for two years and attended the Sam and Steve event, which was excellent. How will the VIP event’s content be different in comparison to these.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Jay,

      Unfortunately The 10X VIP Event is already sold out!

      It happened fast! At this event I detail more of the behind the scenes systems of how I hire, train, retain, and repeat that process. And, how I just built my 2nd 7-figure location in just 12 months and what that timeline was like…

  • Chris

    Hi Stephen,
    How do you protect your systems when you hire only contractors?

    • Hi Chris,

      Every contractor signs a non-compete agreement to protect intellectual property and not take any clients.

  • brandon

    thank you i appreciate it

  • The LIVE 10X Webinar Event is now over. I hope you enjoyed seeing the simplest business model in the world and the one I personally used to create a 7-figure fitness business in the last 12 months!

  • Hello Stephen, I lease a 1500 sq metre facility in a town of 36,000 people.
    It used to be a straight gym with 1500 members, with 24/7 access, I changed this to a semi private studio with a lot of group training with 300 members.
    I have taken a drop in income, 40% drop. Not a good move income wise however my return per client went from $10.41 to $33.21. I would like to take this to a level where it is $69 per client.
    Can you advise how?
    Space, you worked from 500 sq foot facility, how the hell, what equipement did you have in such a small facility?
    When you talk about a full time trainer, do you contract them or do you employ them on a wage?
    I do not do bootcamps, but I do a lot of freestyle group fitness,spin, reformer pilates and HIIT, how can I change to a better model?
    Do you have a model for VIP customer service?
    How did you educate your community to accept you and your higher end price? Thanks

    • Hi George,

      I work with a lot of private clients such as yourself that have the space to do EVERYTHING. It’s a great thing.

      Please follow the model or at least try to implement what I wrote on the 40K a month Maximum Fitness Business Model. Just like you’re seeing, when you run the numbers, bootcamps or large semi-private isn’t always what the gurus make it out to be.

      Begin “upgrading” current clients to higher-end services like 1-on-1. You’ll retain them forever and have a safer, guaranteed income.

      Our VIP service comes from only getting 20-30 QUALIFIED leads per month – if we had 50-100 leads we’d never be able to provide VIP service without hiring a full-time customer service person, which I have no interest in taking on another 3-4K in overhead…

      Hope this helps!

  • Joe

    What is your system to actually bring in the clients?

    • Hi Joe,

      First we use offline and online marketing pieces like those named in the presentation. We use rack cards weekly, door hangers monthly, and online ads daily. All simple and all on auto-pilot. I never check on them after I know it’s working.

      Then, the leads come to my training website. They sign up to contact us. After that we speak with them for a consultation.

      Then we offer our program options.

      It’s simple and we sign up at least 2 new clients per month, which equals 70+ sessions a month when training an average of 2x a week.

      Which then equals 800+ sessions a year.

      It’s definitely not complicated and just takes about 30 days total to set it up.

      Hope this helps!

  • Joe

    What is your system to actually bring in the clients?

  • Joe

    What is your system to actually bring in the clients?

  • Rob

    My biggest struggle is matching up new client leads with my in-home trainers. I want to give them clients but when they are already 50-75% full I find it a challenge to send them leads/clients that can fit into their times. I also hire Independent Contractors so I can’t force them to make a schedule that I would prefer. My goal is to have my trainers do one of the following schedules:
    Option A: Train in the AM 4 clients and end the say with a corporate bootcamp
    Option B: Start the day or mix in a corporate bootcamp and Train in the PM 4 clients
    Option C: Train 2-4 clients in the AM and 3-5 clients in the PM (maybe one will be a corporate bootcamp)

    Also having a hard time figuring out the best way to market my corporate bootcamp / training options and advice?

    • Hi Rob,

      It’s a great question and we have in-home trainers as well. And, of course, getting off peak times is more challenging, which is why once a CPT has filled up all peak times (about 20-25 sessions/week) we hire our next CPT to fill up their peak times. Then the veteran CPT gets the off peak leads.

      I would also only market ONE thing per marketing piece and always focus on what you provide that’s different from everyone else – how are you unique?!

  • Do you discount your sessions if clients train more times per week, or do you just have one price per session?

    What percent do you pay your trainers? If you do semi-private do that affect how much you pay per session?

    Thank you for doing this Steve! I love your simplicity!

    • Hi Heather,

      I would never discount my services. This devalues what you do as a professional and clients must know you are a professional and different from your typical meathead trainer!

      40-60% pay structure for my CPTs based on years of service and number of sessions completed.

      Semi-private trainers make about the same 40-60% pay.

      Great questions and thank you!!

  • Frank

    Can i get a transcript of this webinar? Only reason I am asking is that I am hearing impaired and just opened my center and would love to get as much info as I can…

    Many thanks

    • Absolutely and the download links are now live for the slides!

      You can also send a transcription service online a link to this webpage and they will transcribe it for you word for word.

  • The 10X Webinar is now LIVE – click the play button to begin watching!

  • What percentage rate do you pay your trainers, is it scaled depending on number of clients in small group session?

    What’s your best marketing strategies you currently use to get new clients?

    What’s your process of renewing clients when their contract is up?

    • Hi Clint, thanks for the questions and I rapid fire answered them on video for you!

  • Rashad

    What are my first steps to getting recognized as the youth sports performance coach/trainer for teenage athletes between the ages of 11-18 in my area? How do I go about getting clients? How do I get parents to buy in to what I’m selling without the help of any visual testimonials? I am youth and adult certified but how do I market and sell when young athletes are who I train but technically the parents are my clients and target market because they are the ones that pay? Very confused but so passionate about it! I’m also a football coach for 12-13 year old athletes. Help please

    • Hi Rashad,

      Great question and I answered it on video as well!

      When you’re first starting out it’s all about just getting your name out there and providing value. This means doing complimentary big group seminars and then promoting your coaching services at the end. Or, it could be doing complimentary consultations on how an athlete could improve X, Y or Z. Looking at their posture, mechanics, balance, etc.

      Keep up the hustle and just keep getting out there everyday getting in front of people – it’s just a numbers game!

  • Bob

    I’m having trouble hiring the independent trainers I need to help pay for my facility. Tried Craigslist , have you tried indeed?

    • Hi Bob, Thanks for the questions and hiring a team member is HUGE in terms of building your business, so I’m glad you asked it.

      I answered your question on video above, but I’ve tried Indeed and ZipRecruiter, as well as my go-to, Craigslist..

      I liked Zip Recuiter, but their fee was high and we post weekly. Plus, sometimes my ad came through scrambled.

      We are always looking for new hires through CL and at local fitness events like Perform Better where we network to meet new trainers.

      It’s like trying to find a new client. Go where they hang out and strike up a conversation… If they’re unhappy, offer your solution!

  • rod

    how (mean what do I use flyers ,direct mail ) do I market to the people that want 1 on 1 classes where do I find those clients ?

    thank you

    • Hi Rod,

      Thanks for your early marketing questions and I answered it on the video above! We also plan out a quarterly marketing calendar ever 12 weeks. Right now we’re getting ready to implement September – December’s plan.

  • Kevin

    I work a full-time job and train part time, but I want to train full time after I retire (hopefully in about another year). Until that happens, however, how do I build my part-time training business? Thanks

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your questions and I answered them on video – However, I have a softspot for people giving up their dayjob, like I did, to go into the fitness industry, so I also outlined my answer below ; )

      I highly recommend getting the certifications you need now and picking out where and how’d you like to train clients.

      Bootcamps, small group, semi-private, 1-on-1?

      Do you want a team, or just fly solo?

      Are you going to work in a gym or not?

      Either way, I’d start working part-time in a gym where you would eventually like to work around that area. This will help build up your name and brand.

      Hope this helps and looking forward to your next career!

  • Joe

    What is the number one way you get clients into your business and if you use EFT for Personal training do you have the client commit to a certain amount of sessions a month then its up to them to show up for their sessions? What if they go on vacation or are sick do they make up sessions or they pay the same amount anyway, do sessions carry over?

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your early question and I answered it on the video above!

  • This is the Private Coaching Section:

    Please submit any and all questions you have, so that I can help you uncover why you haven’t yet achieved the goals you’ve set for yourself and how we can map out a plan to do so!

    Let’s do this!

    • 1. Do you have employees or independent contractors in your studios?
      2. Do the trainers use their own system of training or a system you have designed?
      3. How do you design a training system for hired trainers to follow?
      4. How do you start info products like e-books and aps?
      5. Do you have a system for interviewing potential trainers?
      6. How do you figure out your management style? I don’t hold my trainers accountable and management has been a weakness for me.
      7. How did you create your business systems? I need better systems in my business.

    • Thanks for the questions and I answered them personally on the video during the presentation – let me know if you have any others!