It’s Time to Be Successful – This is How:

Success is NOT an accident.


After having personally spoken to thousands of fitness professionals I am now confident in saying that the reason you aren’t successful RIGHT NOW is that you are missing 1 of these 2 things:

1. You haven’t been shown the true mechanisms to becoming successful

2. Your mind (preconceived conditioning) is getting in the way to you becoming a huge success

Today, I want to help you out with both of those, so that you can begin to immediately turn around your fitness business.

Let me also clarify one thing.

In order to be considered a success in life you need to be successful in all areas. Success means different things to different people, but I think we can all agree that you need to make a certain amount of money so that financial hardships don’t become an everyday conversation of how you’re going to pay the rent, car, utilities, etc.

For some people, $80,000 a year would make any financial hardships they had disappear, while others have aspirations of making $150,000 or more. That’s not for me to decide, I simply want to help you get to your mark.

So, let’s tackle the mindset issue first with a great example that I have proven over and over again at my studio:

Most trainers find it unimaginable that they could possibly make $100,000 year since they’ve never seen anyone actually do it. That’s the problem – you need to see it to believe it! Once you grasp the concept that someone out there is doing it, then that means you can do it too…

Remember, there are NO “accidents” in life and if one person achieved something it may be rare, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be COPIED.

For example, I joined Ryan Lee’s Mastermind Group the first year he opened it. It was a big deal to me and cost in the neighborhood of $10,000. I was a little nervous forking over that much money, but I figured this guy had something to teach me so I took a chance.

I knew that he was doing very well online and that it didn’t happen by accident.

Well, what he showed me over the course of 12 months literally tripled my opt-in rate and online book sales. What did he do? He simply showed me what he was doing at that time to get himself better results…

It was simple, yet brilliant.

What he showed me was the mechanism he used to increase sales and build his newsletter list. And, guess what – he learned it from someone else!

So now you have one person passing it down to another and it worked every time!

This is the same type of formula I use in my studio. I keep it simple and you’ll never see me using some $5,000 software that “magically” sends me leads on “autopilot” each month…

That stuff is marketed online by jokers.

They know it doesn’t work, and if it does, its shelf life might be 30 days…

So, what I do is first sit down with each personal trainer that I hire or coach and show them the numbers. This takes away the anxiety and feeling of being overwhelmed of what it will take to make $7-$8,000 a month in the next 4-6 months ($80-100,000 a year).

(Note: If you haven’t seen the videos that explain this please click on the links below for my exact formulas)

> Video on how to make $100,000 in 10 months

> Article detailing the financial simplicity of making $100,000 a year

After I demystify how I help each new team member reach at least 30 sessions a week within 120 days I then show them what that equates to. Then they are able to say, “so if I complete 5-6 sessions a day and make X number of dollars per session then I will make X number of dollars per year?


That’s when it finally hits them that this really can be that simple…

And it is!

Then to reinforce the point and to OVERCOME their limiting beliefs and preconceived conditioning about how much money they can make (or deserve), I show them what all the other CPTs are doing each month for sessions.

We just walk over to the wall chart we have hanging in our studio office and look at the “1,000 Sessions a Month Club.”

What they see is that EVERY fitness professional on our studio team is completing well over 120 sessions a month.

I then tell them, that if you do what they have done and continue to do, you will get the same result.


Because when one person has figured it all out, then all you have to do is copy the system of mechanisms they used to become successful.

And it works every time.

Not sometimes – every time.

I use to doubt this advice when it was given to me and because of that it took me many years to become successful and I lost more money than I care to share. My previous conditioning led me to believe that life had to be a struggle and that anything worth achieving had to be fought for through years of uphill battles.

I was wrong and I hope you don’t make the same painful mistakes.

There’s really no need to repeat them and have to struggle yourself when someone has already beaten themselves up first to prove the point.

So my suggestion today is that you read over and watch the videos (pure content on my $100,000 in 10 Months video and articles) at the links above I left for you and then after that check out the webpage link below.

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Committed to your success,

Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Founder of Smart Studio Systems
Voted “2011 Personal Trainer of the Year”
Health Contributor for MTV, Men’s Health, NutritionData, Maxim, Dietcom, SELF