(Clash of the Titans)


Attention all REAL Fitness Professionals:

Sam & Steve are on a mission…

After a long-winded West coast, East Coast talk these two industry veterans and insiders have decided it is their job to clean up this hot mess called “fitness marketing,” and provide you with the truth.

Yes, the rest of the industry is not going to be happy after this event, but then again that’s often the case when the truth has been exposed (more on this in a minute).

While the fitness marketers out there are trying to sell you on their “Must See” seminars, summits, and events promising you the world, but leaving you with nothing to show for it, Sam Bakhtiar & Steve Cabral wanted to provide you with a completely unique event…

And, after these two met again by chance at a $10,000 a ticket seminar in New York City this past March they talked it over and finally decided to make it happen:

How “Sam vs. Steve” was Born

As you may know Sam and Steve own 2 of the most profitable fitness studios in the world:

Sam B. is in California and has a 2,500 sq/ft space. Sam does over $2,400,000 a year (that’s a lot of money…)

Coach Cabral couldn’t be further from Sam 3,000 miles away on the opposite coast in Boston, MA. Steve runs a small studio with a fitness floor of less than 500 sq/ft. Steve’s studio brings in about $1,000,000 a year (that is undeniably the most money any fitness pro makes per square foot in the industry).

Needless to say they’re very different from every other fitness marketer that doesn’t actually own a fitness business, but isn’t afraid to pump out blog posts in hopes of selling you on their event or trying to get you to buy their latest eProduct.

Sam and Steve simply don’t need to do that since they actually own and operate highly successful fitness businesses in the REAL WORLD (that’s a funny concept… imagine actually practicing what you preach if what you’re preaching really works so well?)

Anyway, instead of filling your brain and wasting your time with a lot of untried, untested, and non-sensical “Ninja Tactics,” Sam and Steve are going to actually give you not one, but TWO $100,000+ Strategy Sessions. This way you can rest assured you aren’t wasting your time or money chasing after “fool’s gold.”

$100,000+ Strategy Sessions

Now this is where it gets really fun!

Sam and Steve certainly don’t need the money so what they’ve decided to do is create an event that is for true fitness professionals who want to immediately increase their business revenue this year and going forward, put on by 2 of the most proven fitness professionals in the business (themselves ; )

These TWO $100,000+ Strategy Sessions are straight out of Sam & Steve’s “little black books.”

(Meaning, they have never and will never share these personal fitness marketing strategies with the public)

This is also why this event will be a completely “CLOSED DOORS” get-together of just 25 individuals dedicated to improving their business and dramatically increasing their profits. The contents and information shared in these two $100,000+ Strategy Sessions will not be for sale… ever.

To be honest, it’s way too powerful for everyone to be using these strategies in the same markets.


The Bet that Stared it All…

Now, this is where it gets really, really fun!

Sam and Steve are pretty competitive guys (Sam is a former professional bodybuilder and Steve has enjoyed taking on guys twice his size in martial arts competitions for 15 years), so they’ve come up with an industry FIRST.

To ensure that this isn’t another “Product Pitch Fest” disguised as a an event to help fitness professionals, Sam and Steve have set up a competition to make sure you leave with an action plan guaranteed to bring in at least an extra 10K minimum.

So, here’s what they did:

They decided to come up with a bet to see who can provide more outrageously usable content for the attendees. Both Sam and Steve guarantee each of their plans will net you at least another 10K, but only ONE of their plans will be crowned by you as the winner. These 2 guys like to go BIG and this bet is no different – you may just see Sam in a full Boston Red Sox Uniform forking over a check to Steve, or you may see Steve washing and waxing one of Sam’s prized cars…


You Crown the Winner

Although you’re the one who will be getting TWO $100,000+ Strategy Sessions, which will give you step-by-step directions on exactly how to add 100K+ to your business this year, you are the one who decides which $100,000+ Strategy Session took the top prize and how much you think it will add to your business this year.

Each $100,000+ Strategy Session walks you step-by-step through how to add at least 100K, but truth be told these are the same plans Sam and Steve use to do 7 figures a year... so $100,000 is low-balling the actual potential of what you could achieve.

(Neither one of these guys wants to lose so you should see what they have lined up for you!)


Once in a Lifetime Experience

For many of the attendees we may not have even mentioned the best part yet…

This event will be held at an undisclosed hotel in the Boston area (attendees will receive an email with specifics) and this is where the Private gathering of fitness professionals will take place.

However, the BIG BONUS of this “Sam vs Steve Event” is that you will actually be getting a tour of “The Most Profitable Studio in the World!”

Ever wonder how you could:

* Complete 1,000 sessions a month on a 500 ft fitness floor

* Make 7-figures a year in a 727 ft studio

* Spend just 30-minutes a day managing your business

* Hire a small fitness team that you enjoy working with everyday

* Build a powerful brand as the “go-to guy” in your city

* Take 14 weeks OFF from your business in ONE year

you may be wondering … HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Don’t you want to find out? Or better yet, wouldn’t you like to actually see it with your own eyes and take notes on how everything is set up on autopilot?

Who wouldn’t and that’s why you’ll be getting an EXCLUSIVE TOUR from non other than the owner of “The Most Profitable Studio in the World,” Coach Cabral!

(Keep in mind you cannot just walk into Stephen’s studio off the street – all sessions are by appointment only and no walk-ins or “browsers” are able to just take a looksy around. Stephen has also only done ONE other tour of his studio for fitness professionals and that was 3 years ago!)

This bonus tour ALONE is worth 10x the price of admission… and that’s being conservative since if you can’t pick up at least a dozen “game-changing” fitness business builders from having a private tour and Q&A inside “The Most Profitable Studio in the World” then you most likely are walking around with your eyes closed ; )


Now Let’s Talk Event Specifics

Since Sam and Steve are both fitness business owners they understand time is money.

This is why they didn’t want to hold their event mid week or make it 3 days long. Again, they’ve decided to buck the trend of filling your head with dozens of speakers that provide 60-minutes of hype while providing 0 minutes of usable action steps.

Do you really need 2 to 3 days to say what you could easily teach in 1 day?

Sam and Steve think not, which is why they’re putting the pedal to the metal and have designed what can only be called the most action packed event in the history of events.

Here it is:

Friday, September 28th, 2012

9:00am Arrival at Undisclosed Location

9:30am Schedule of Events & How You’ll Make at Least $100,000+ from this Event

9:45am Sam & Steve’s Gift to You

10:00am “State of the Industry Address Secrets Revealed”
(You DO NOT want to miss this since Sam and Steve will show you what is dying and what will be the next legitimate thing in the fitness business to get in on on the ground floor before your competition…)

11:00am $100,000+ Strategy Session Presentation #1

(90 Minute Presentation and Fitness Business Plan with Q&A)

12:30pm Lunch Breakout Session, Networking, and Private 1-on-1 Coaching Q&A’s

2:00pm  $100,000+ Strategy Session Presentation #2

(90 Minute Presentation and Fitness Business Plan with Q&A)

3:45pm Vote on Sam vs. Steve  $100,000+ Strategy Session Winner!
(The loser will never live this one down… )

4:00pm 10 Action Steps to Make an Extra 10K Straight Away
(Pick any one you like to add an extra $10,000 RIGHT AWAY to your business)

5:00pm Tour of Boston Streets and Insider’s Look on Real World Guerrilla Marketing

5:30pm PRIVATE VIP Tour of “The Most Profitable Studio in the World”
(“Friday Night Lights” private tour and Q&A at Stephen’s Boston Studio)

7:00pm Dinner in Boston with more Private 1-on-1 Q&A and Fine Food & Drinks!


Saturday, September 29th, 2012

* Very-Limited Add-On, Full Day, Private Small Group Meeting for a handful of ambitious fitness professionals looking for one-to-one help with their business (details to come). The Mastermind Day is now SOLD OUT.


But Wait There’s MORE!

Sorry, but we couldn’t resist or help but to make fun of all those fitness marketing pitches where they throw in 10 “Sham-Wows” and a thousand useless bonuses for the price of admission…

There will be no filler or useless content here – that means you’re only going to learn what you need to in order to take your business to the next level as fast as possible. Why sift through a lot of needless marketing tactics and dead-ends if you don’t need to?

On a serious note, Sam and Steve really do want you to have your best year yet over the next 12 months beginning after the event, which is why they decided to add a ton of support and follow ups.

You’ll never see another event (although this is really a small group meeting of like-minded fitness professionals dedicated to growing their businesses honestly using proven strategies) provide this type of content at this price. (Considering Sam and Steve both charge $500/hr for coaching – if you can even get them on the phone.)

Check out the other EXCLUSIVE perks by coming to this unique event:


Member Benefits Attendee Exclusive Event

* 25 Person Only VIP List

* Private Networking Group (before and after THE Event)

* Walk away with TWO $100,000 fitness business strategy session plans

* Personally autographed motivational success gift

* 90 days of follow up coaching

* Private Q&A personal coaching at the event

* Private access to materials and videos online after the event

* The very latest in what’s working now

* Private after hours “Tour of the Most Profitable Studio in the World”

* Your own personal $10,000 “take-away tip”

* Guarantee to make at least $10,000 from this event


Follow Up Coaching (Included)

Oh yes they did!

* 90 Days of follow up online coaching to prepare for 2013 and ensure it is your BEST YEAR EVER! *

* Attendee password protected webpage for follow up Q&A coaching

* This Private “Sam vs. Steve” page will contain BOTH $100,000+ Strategy Session videos and applicable docs

* These presentations will NOT be for sale after the event, BUT the attendees will be able to watch them online again and again on a private member’s only access area after the event is over.


Fast Action Bonuses

Of course, those that act fast and are decisive in life should always be rewarded so Steve has decided to give away his complete 11 DVD VIP Seminar Package ($2,000 real value) to the 1st 5 attendees to sign up!

This 11 DVD Package literally details EVERY facet and system of his 7-figure 700 ft fitness studio… You may be able to pick up a few tips from this ; )

BUT, this is strictly limited to the 1st 5 action takers to sign up.

Don’t walk – RUN to take advantage of this offer!

(You will be notified by email if you are one of the 1st five to sign up. Also, if you sign up using the 1 payment method your DVD Package will ship out within a week. If you sign up using the easy pay option it will ship out after your 3rd payment.)


$10,000 Guarantee

Of course, as we promised you’re going to get not one, but TWO $100,000 fitness business strategy plans to take home with you. But, Sam and Steve wanted to go one step further. They understand that you may not be able to envision yourself quite yet as someone that can add another $100,000 to their business or even create a $100,000 business, so what they’ve decided to do is make you a firm guarantee.

Since these two guys really are the best in the business at what they do, they’ve decided that if you don’t think you’ll make at least $10,000 from spending the day with Sam and Steve at this event they will refund your investment on the spot and pay for your hotel room. Plus, they’ll give you $100 cash for your troubles.

Yes, that’s insane…

But, these two guys are really just trying to pay it forward and help those fitness pros that REALLY WANT IT and to become successful.

So, if after that 1st day you do not feel you have already have enough information to add AT LEAST $10,000 to your business over the next year Sam & Steve will refund your entire investment on the spot, pay for your hotel room, and give you $100 cash for your trouble. They’re that serious about how much this event will change your business forever

Basically you either walk away with plans to make 10x or more on your investment or they’ll give you your money back – try finding a return like that anywhere else in the world!


Event Pricing & Ticket Limit

How do you even begin to decide how much it is worth to open up not one, but TWO of the fitness industry’s most prominent business owners personal business plans detailing how they make 7-figures a year and how you can add $100,000 a year to your business starting immediately?

And then what about the Private VIP Tour of “The Most Profitable Studio in the World” and how they market to the community?

Plus, you get the “State of Industry Address Secrets” and the “10K Action Steps…”

Also, please keep in mind that unlike the online fitness marketers out there that fill your head full lies stating that you’ll never have to actually do any work, Sam and Steve will never feed you that type of B.S. If you don’t really love the fitness industry and you’re just looking for that magical push button software to make you rich, Sam and Steve do not want you at this event.

To be brutally honest, they can only accept a MAXIMUM of 25 attendees (this is due to the size of the fitness floor space inside of Stephen’s studio), so Sam and Steve do NOT want anyone to attend that is NOT interested in building the fitness business of their dreams while adding at least $100,000 to their business and creating their ideal schedule like they have.

The bottom line is that if you’re willing to put in some work, Sam and Steve will show you the true way to make it big in this industry (whether you want to train in-home clients, corporate, or open your own studio of any size). BUT, do not take up a seat if you aren’t going to use the information since this is a ONE-TIME EVENT and you’ll be preventing someone else from attending…

Don’t be that guy or girl.

For those of you that are ready to truly take your business to the next level and learn the shortcuts from those that have already achieved the success you would like to model then this is hands down the ONLY fitness business event of 2012 you will need to attend. It will literally give you enough firepower to get started Monday morning on bringing in more business, retaining more current clients, and dramatically simplifying the chaotic business of trying to run a fitness business (or start one).

Yes, Sam and Steve will provide you with the systems you need to draw a straight line from you to your goal.

So back to the question of trying to put a price tag on a completely unique event that has never been done before and offers so much value is not an easy thing… That is one tough question, but luckily Sam and Steve aren’t putting this event on for the money…

So here’s what they decided.


Investment Opportunity for Only 25 Attendees

If you’re willing to show you are serious by investing just 1% of the minimum you will get out of this event then you may be able to get a ticket.

I say may be able to get a ticket since their are ONLY 25.

Not 26 or 27, but 25 maximum tickets to this event.

So, you have to ask yourself if 2 of the biggest names (not online marketers) in the fitness industry are willing to share their trade secrets for you for 1% of what they’re giving away is it worth it?

This seems like a “no brainer” since who wouldn’t trade $1 for $100 any day of the week?

But, of course, there will always be those that don’t know if it is the right time for them to attend, or the right topic for them to be listening to, or the right location of the seminar, or the right time of the year, or the right

You get the point and if it isn’t right for you then no hard feelings…

Again, this event is a private small group meeting for 25 focused fitness professionals that are looking to add at least $100,000 to their business this year and get to see the inner workings of “The Most Profitable Studio in the World.”

When you’re ready, you’re ready, so don’t ever let family, friends, coworkers, or that little voice in your head try to talk you out of it… if Sam or Steve ever listened to the “crabs in the bucket” they’d be working still at a local gym being paid less than $36,000 a year like the majority of trainers…

But they wanted something more for themselves and for their family.

They never wanted to say “if only I…”

Sure they took a risk, but it was calculated and that’s the big difference.

Sam and Steve will show you how to hedge your bets in order to ensure success. Neither one of these guys like losing money and they’re willing to bet you don’t either, so this is why they only teach PROVEN methods of what works (did you know other online fitness marketers actually sell postcards to unsuspecting fitness pros that they’ve never even used or tested out ?!?).

Okay, so here it is.

For the 1st 25 attendees to sign up you will receive one ticket to THE EVENT of 2012:


***** Latest Update *****



Step Up and Sign Up before You Miss Out on this Limited Availability Event…

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Make Just 1 simple payment of $997 to get in on EVERYTHING – Including the Friday Night Lights Tour of “The Most Profitable Studio in the World!”


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Use our Easy-Pay Option and make 3 easy payments of $347 – If this is easier for you, then the option is there for you to take advantage of, since we don’t want money to be the reason you can’t make it to this powerful and potentially life-changing event.


>>> Click Here for the 3 Easy-Pay Pay Option – SOLD OUT <<<


* NOTE: Sam and Steve can make absolutely NO exceptions after the event is sold out. There simply is not enough room beyond the 25 person maximum attendee list, so even if you email us and plead your case about why you couldn’t sign up in time there is nothing we can do…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Ready to be Blown Away?

These videos are unscripted, unedited tributes to the ONLY other event Coach Cabral has put on detailing how he runs “The Most Profitable Studio in the World.”

By the way, that event was 3 years ago… and it very well could be another 3 years before he decides to do another.

(As for Sam, he isn’t quite as “under the radar” and his work speaks for itself so you’ve most likely heard his name in the fitness business arena… he runs multiple highly successful mastermind and coaching groups all year round.)

“Ready to Open His Own Studio!””

“$70,000 in 1st 6 Months and Saved Tens of Thousands of Dollars!”

“Best Event in 10 Years!”

“Seminar Exceeded All Expectations!”

“Recommends this Seminar to Everyone!”


The Fine Print

* Only 1 person per ticket – Business partners are not able to tag alone for free (Sorry, but the studio is too small to accommodate everyone if were to allow business partners to come along – HOWEVER your business partner WILL be able to watch the same $100,000 Strategy Sessions that you saw since we’re taping it for your private use to watch over again when you get home).

* This is not another fitness marketing event. This is THE information you’ve been searching for… be there.

* All material and information shared at the event is for your private and exclusive use only. It is not to be reproduced or shared without the expressed written consent of both Sam Bakhtiar and Coach Cabral.

* This event is a closed door function and no DVDs or recordings from the event will be sold afterwards. You have to be there to get the information…