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(Intro by one of my colleagues from CA)

I thought you should read this…

It’s coming straight from the guy that doubled his fitness business in 12 months and now does over 12,000 sessions a year!

Best of all, it’s a Stress-Free Success Model

Basically, you should copy this to begin building your fitness business, or use the formula to grow your business as large as you want to (it’s up to you how big you want it to be).

Before I let Coach Cabral share his 3 steps of where to start for best results, you have to check this out…

It’s from one of our own and it’s what everyone is talking about right now:

“Hi Stephen, I just wanted say your first video on assessing how much you are making an hour is without a doubt the BEST piece of business advice I have ever rec’d! Sure I’ve done 1 on 1 coaching, but that 1 piece of advice changed my business overnight! I have gained 6 hours of free time just by assessing and moving some clients around to maximize my time! THANK YOU!”

– Peter B

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There are really only 3 steps to building a fitness empire.

That’s it.

You can make it more complicated (and believe me, MOST DO), but why not take a deep breath, relax into the process, and already know you’ll be success if you follow this 3-part formula?

And, since you’re a reader of this newsletter I’m happy to share them with you on the house…

So enough chit-chat, let’s get started!

STEP 1: Get Your Hands Dirty

The nice thing about my position in life right now is that I don’t NEED to sell a product, take on new coaching clients, etc. – It’s an interesting position that actually allows me to speak the truth and not care if I turn some people off.

It’s not that I don’t want your love, but I can’t help those not willing to do any work…

So, as part of Step 1 what I have my Smart Studio Systems Members do is quite a novel suggestion.

I ask them to work.

I ask them to build up their own clientele first and make sure they can pay the bills. I want them to be making at least 100K a year before they start to hire and cut back their training hours (if they want).

Blasphemy, you say?

Look. If everything in your business went to crap and all your team members left you and all you were left with is you and your own 100K personal training business you’d still be alright.. Right?


So what I’m saying is that take care of your own needs first and then you’ll never have to worry about paying the bills again – no matter what.

That’s how you sleep easy at night.

And, since I’ve taught a million videos on how EASY it is to build a 100K business in under 100 days (with just 17 clients), you should do this.

Step 2: Hire a Team Member

I remember working for generic health clubs back in the day.

It was so bad. So bad…

They’d hire 3-6 trainers a time, train us all, and then push us into the water to go find clients on the health club floor.

What an awesome model to build trust, comradery, and of course help a trainer build a long-term career, right?

Absolutely not.

It was a nightmare.

Maybe you fared better than I did, but I jumped ship pretty quick.

The great thing is that I have those memories of being treated poorly at health clubs, and now when I hire a new CPT, they’re my “team member,” not piece of meat.

AND, I only hire ONE fitness pro at a time, so that I can ensure they build up their clientele quickly and that all new leads go to them.

Isn’t that what you would want?

Damn skippy.

Always Try to Better Your Best

So once I hire this new CPT, I unleash the floodgates (my marketing systems) and let the leads poor in.

I’m not kidding.

Our last 3 hires were booked at 120 paying sessions a month by the end of their 6th week.

That’s a far cry from my early days wearing a silly purple t-shirt at a health club that says “TRAINER” on the back. (Actually mine was worse – it said “STAFF.”)

Okay, so at the end of step 2, you now have your own 100K training business, PLUS you are making a percentage of each session your new CPT completes.

That means you’ve added somewhere around 30 – 60% more income to your monthly bank statement.

If you did Step 2 twice (hired 2 CPTs) you’d likely have DOUBLED your business, right?


Can you guess what Step 3 is?

STEP 3: Do More of STEP 2!

I told you this was a simple formula for growing your fitness business.

I find it hilarious when people ask me how I made the jump from a 6-figure to 7-figure fitness business ; )

I always answer, “Well… I did more of the stuff that got my first team member built up. And then I did it again.

And again.

And again.


You get the point.

Please, keep in mind I’m not down playing this at all.

It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you build a solid foundation when growing your business.

As I’ve said before, I’ve seen many a fitness business grow to great heights and then come crashing down.

They simply lacked the proper systems, management, key hiring processes, key training processes, and the ability to run a team as one cohesive unit.

But, once you have the know-how, the sky is the limit.

You can literally grow your business as large as you want it, or stop whenever you’re at a point where you’re content.

For me, it’s never been about the money.

It’s not that I don’t like money (I do), it’s just that I like competition, helping more clients in my community, and watching my new hires create successful CAREERS that they can be proud of in this industry.

I love all aspects of training and business.

And that’s why I plan on DOUBLING my business again in the next 12 months.

Why not set a real goal for yourself and join me on this mission?

You can do it and I WILL show you how if you’d like me to.

Are You with Me?

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Of course, Smart Studio Systems is NOT for everybody.

Do you still remember STEP 1 from today?

You must be willing to actually implement what I teach you.

I will hold your hand through the process, but I won’t do it for you.

I also don’t have any tricks or “black hat” type stuff.

Everything you’ll discover is above board, honest, and trustworthy. This is how you build a solid, long-lasting brand in your community.

This is also how you build an emotionally and financially rewarding fitness business you can be proud of – and one that allows you to sleep easy at night.

I already have this.

It’s now time for you to experience this.

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