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I also want to thank you for taking the time to watch the video tours of my studio and I hope you learned a thing or two… after all that’s why I shot all that video!

Below you will find the documents and updates that go along with the Smart Studio System Tour.

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Now on to the VIDEO EXTRAS:

(click the blue link below to download the excel spreadsheet document I created for you)

>>> Download Smart Studio Systems Equipment List

08/2010 Update:

I  included pricing for the new squat rack we just purchased on the excel spreadsheet. This squat rack is called the “Bomb Proof Half Squat Rack” that I just purchased to replace the short squat rack you saw in the video. How cool is the company name “Bomb Proof!”?

(As a side note I found a fitness manufacturer called, “IronCompany,” that had great deals so I actually got it cheaper with them, and so I did not go with The new price was $939.00 before shipping)

Here is the link to check it out:

Also, instead of attaching the TRX’s to the ceiling we are using the new pull-up bar that comes as part of the new half rack. I decided to go with this set up since I have a small space to work with and do not want to have huge Squat racks blocking the full view of the studio or taking up a lot of space. I want the studio to look open…

So now we have the ability to do hanging based exercises (abs, pull-ups, ring work, TRX’s, etc) on 2 racks in the studio. This will cut down on havign multiple people work in while there are 3-4 clients working out at the same time.

It hasn’t arrived yet since they custom make each one accordign to your color specifications (4-6 week delivery time), but I’ll let you know how it looks and functions once it arrives…


Once again, I hope you enjoyed my Studio Tour videos and I will email you when more updates to my studio have been completed.

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