7 Figures in 700 ft Presentation

Part 2: Structuring Your Fitness Business for Explosive Growth

In this video you’ll discover…

* The Full “7-Figure Crash Course” (7 Steps)
* How to structure your fitness business for future growth
* Where to find new clients
* Find out how many clients you need to add another 100K to your business
* How to position yourself or business to become the “Go-To” Expert in your city
* Why you don’t need or even want a TON of leads every month
* How long your sessions should last for maximum client benefit and profit potential

Enjoy the presentation and be sure to check back tomorrow for Part 3 (the FinalĂ©) where you’ll learn:

Part 3: Taking Your Business to the NEXT LEVEL

* How to Attract Clients
* How to Retain Clients
* My Personal 7-Figure Growth Model
* How to Easily Add 100K to Your Current Business!
* 6 and 7-Figure Action Plan “cheat-sheet checklist”

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