Congratulations on Getting a Ticket to “Sam vs. Steve”
– THE Event of 2013!

Sam and I want to first congratulate you on getting in and getting a ticket to what we believe will be THE EVENT of 2013 to attend for fitness professionals. This has intentionally been set as a small group meeting of like-minded fitness pros that are looking to take their business to the next level.

What we have planned for you has never been done before and even Sam and I aren’t sharing our $100,000 Strategy Sessions with each other, since we’re competing with each other! Both of us plan to out deliver the other and provide you with what we feel you need to add 6-figures to your current business or new venture.

It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Here are the details on the event:

Sam vs. Steve Event

When: Thursday,October 3rd, 2013

Where: Boston, MA

Hotel: The Marriott

Courtyard Boston Downtown
275 Tremont Street
Boston, MA, 02116-5615
(617) 426-1400

(This is where we are holding the Sam vs. Steve Private Event and Mastermind Day, but you may stay at any hotel within the area.. Just go to or another website and then view distance to the address above.)

Room Reservation: Please book online or call using the information below:^BOSDM%60scsscsa%60305%60USD%60false%6010/2/13%6010/5/13%609/12/13&app=resvlink&stop_mobi=yes

Airport: Logan Airport, Boston MA

Start Time: 9:00am start time in the conference room (floor and room TBA)

What to Bring: Outlines will be handed out, but please bring your favorite notebook and pen, iPad, etc to take notes.

Dress: Dress comfortably. If you’re comfortable in a 3-piece suit, then go for it, and if you prefer workout clothes, that’s cool too.

Food: Depending on time, we will either head out for lunch Thursday afternoon, or order into our conference room. Protein bars and water will be provided on us ; )  The Mastermind Group will be provided a complimentary lunch on us.

How to Prepare: It’s important that you sign-up for the Personal Training Business School newsletter and free gifts at – it’s completely free and will give you a massive headstart and foundation for what Sam and I are going to build off of at the event. We’re not going to spend a lot of time on the basics – you can learn that anywhere. What’s we’re going to do is give you a specific game plan to follow to add AT LEAST $10,000 to your business.

Misc: Please write down any specific questions you have ahead of time and feel free to email them over to We will compile the list and answer all of them the day of the big event.

Dinner: I have a fun restaurant picked out for the night, so get excited! The dress for this restaurant is casual, but somewhat nice so feel free to plan accordingly. (Just as a side note, jeans and a t-shirt or button down shirt is always fine, but again, if you’d like to wear a 3-piece suit feel free… I’ll be wearing my usual shoes, jeans, and either a sweet t-shirt or casual button down shirt if that helps your decision ; )


Mastermind Day Details:

When: Friday, October 4th, 2013

Where: Boston, MA

Hotel: TBA along with Sam vs. Steve Event.

Time: 9:00am start time in same conference room as Sam vs Steve Event

What to Bring: Laptop and notebook if you have one, but not essential. Notepads will be provided for you.

Dress: Dress comfortably – same as Same vs Steve event. We’ll be inside most of the day, except maybe for lunch.

Food: Depending on time, we will either head of for lunch Friday afternoon, or order into our conference room. Protein bars and water will be provided on us.

How to Prepare: Same as Sam vs. Steve Event and please bring your specific business questions and a topic(s) you would like to discuss when it’s your turn for us to completely focus on how you can and will add at least another $10K to your business after this event. Today is all about you, so get ready and prepare to grow!


* Note: If you have not yet signed up for the Mastermind Day, I high recommend you reconsider. After you go through both $100,000 Strategy Sessions and learn so many of our insider tips you’re most likely going to have even more questions. And, with another full day (the next day) we’ll be able to literally look at your website, sales copy, systems structures, as well as give you concrete advice on what you need to concentrate on next to build your fitness empire.

(This day will literally be worth its weight in GOLD for all those who get a ticket. For a tiny $497 investment, you can almost guarantee yourself 10-100X that much in return when you apply the PERSONAL insider business action plans given to your for your business.)

If you’d like to add on this 2nd day at 50% OFF, just click the link below to reserve your seat before we fill up. This event will be held in my private office so we’ll only be able to accept 15 “Masterminders.”

>>> Join the Mastermind Group Today! <<<


This Sam vs. Steve event will be EPIC and the follow up coaching is going to be a HUGE BONUS that will ensure you keep plugging away towards your goal and not just leave the event with great information, but not follow through…

(The Follow Up Page will be given out after The Event. Also, if you’re not able to make the event we will have all the presentations ready for download and all the videos in full for you to view in about 30 days.)


Additional Details on Trip to Boston

These questions came up at my last event 3 years ago in Boston, so I thought it may help you as well. Boston is absolutely beautiful in September, and if you can spend a day either before or after your meeting with us I HIGHLY recommend it. Bostons is also a fantastic walking city and we also have “Hubway” bicycles all over town that you can rent for the day.

Things to Do in Boston: A few people have asked me about things to do the day before or after they come in for our private event, so here’s a few suggestions:

1. Duck Tours  –
(Highly recommended and Very fun and informative tour of the city on a land/sea vehicle – pick up and drop off is 3 minutes from hotel!)

2. Walk along Commonwealth Ave in Back Bay through the Public Gardens through the Boston Common up to the State House and then Down into Faneiul Hall ending in the North End/Waterfront!

*You can stop for lunch along famous Newbury Street in Back Bay (right near hotel) and then have an Italian Dinner in the North End… and then dessert at THE Mike’s Pastry on Hanover Street (grab a “lobster tail pastry” & cannoli to go!)

3. See a Red Sox game at historic Fenway Park

4. Walk down to the Boston Esplanade, stroll Commonwealth Ave, walk Newbury street for some shopping, take the subway “T” into Harvard Square in Cambridge, or watch the Patriots get another win on their way to another Super Bowl at a local bar near Boston Garden.

5. Walk the Freedom Trail, etc.

6. Take one of the new “Hubway” bicycles for a leisurely bike ride around the city

Side Note: Boston is not a “planned” city like NYC, Chicago, Philly, etc., so if you’re not from the area driving can be more than a little tricky ; )  I find it’s best to take the “T,” a cab (Uber) , or just walk…


I will update this page shortly and send you the details as they become available.

I look forward to seeing you at THE EVENT of 2013 – Sam vs. Steve!


Committed to your success,

Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Founder of Smart Studio Systems
Voted 2011 Personal Trainer of the Year
Health Contributor for MTV, Men’s Health, NutritionData, Maxim, Dietcom, Gather, SELF