This page is for coaching clients who have been approved by Coach Cabral to participate in his Private VIP Phone & Email Success Coaching Program.

Congratulations if you have been selected since as of 2011 Stephen only does 2 private calls per week!

This program enables you to set up a time every 2 weeks to speak with Stephen about any questions you have concerning how to dramatically increase your fitness business income.

You will also be able to submit follow up questions by email. This includes having Stephen look at your website, marketing pieces, etc.

(More details will follow after you officially sign up.)

Besides the (2) 30-minute private coaching sessions per month Stephen also follows up with you by email and provides a clear and concise action plan of what he wants you to begin immediately working on before the next call. These action plans are one of the main reasons why Stephen’s private clients typically make 2-10x their coaching investment within 30 days of each call.

The investment as you already know is for just 3 payments of $497 per month which enables Stephen to book you out in his schedule for the next 12 weeks (about 3 months). This is the absolute lowest price Stephen offers these amazing Private VIP Coaching Sessions at and they’re worth at least 10x the price since just one of his tips can save you thousands of dollars in trial and error and hundreds of hours of wasted time.

Stephen doesn’t hold anything back on the call and is more than happy to share with you how he started from $8 an hour to now making more than $60,000 a month from his 500 ft fitness floor studio (completing more than 700 sessions a month). Plus, he’ll share with you strategies for increasing your online presence which is how he has successfully propelled his business over the Million dollar mark.

Lastly, once you sign up at the link below you will be contact by Stephen or I with how to schedule your 1st call and what you will need to get started on your road to success!

> Click here to get started and become a Private VIP Coaching Client!

(Please note that if you were not directly sent this link and have not been approved for this INVITATION ONLY VIP coaching program you cannot sign up. If you’d like to apply you can email us at for an application)

Have a great day and let me know if you have any other questions!

Rachel Waterman
Executive Assistant for Coach Cabral

PS. The offer that was sent for you to become a Private VIP Coaching Client is only valid for the week it was sent. If it is not accepted we must offer this opportunity to the next person on Stephen’s waiting list. We hope you understand.