60-Second Online Leads (Done-For-You Template)

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I stumbled on this online lead source a few years ago when they were first just starting out… Back then it wasn’t very good. However, I now use it today in my business to generate about 2-3 “contact leads” per day. I also use a very specific formula for understanding how many contact leads I need to generate an actual client. And best of all I get to pick my leads and use pre-set templates to email them, which saves me a ton of time and make this lead source a daily no-brainer. Check it out now and copy my 60-second template:

How to Attract New Clients Through Facebook for Free

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In this video I will show you exactly what you need to do to attract new leads for your bootcamps, studio, or other fitness business – Best of all it takes less than 5 minutes per day to do it! The other great thing is that I’ve been testing my S3 Studio Facebook page over the past few months and we have definitely found a winner! Now you can copy my success by implementing the same FREE strategies and design to take advantage of this social media powerhouse. Check out the video now and be sure to use this free fitness marketing technique to increase your exposure, build your brand, and get new clients!

How to Build a Better Website

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I just shot a powerful web building video that details how to improve your website design, links, and forms for greater lead conversion. Originally this video was only meant for one of my private coaching clients, but she was nice enough to allow me to share with the Smart Studio Systems Community! Get all of the powerful tips I gave her now before she changes her mind!

How to Sell Out Your Small Group Sessions at $394/hr

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Small Group Coaching Personal Training

Here’s how to make an extra $1,182 a month. No, this is not another Groupon.com coupon or any type of discounted service for that matter. This is a technique that I’ve been testing out over the past year. Although I originally used it to sell-out my 6-person “small group coaching” sessions I have now come to find that it works for selling all sorts of programs – even my online fitness products! The great thing is that you can save yourself a year of trial and error and replicate my success!

10 Email Headlines Guaranteed to Get Opened

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This is a private video presentation I did for Ryan Lee and his $97 a month membership site. But, since I always take care of my Smart Studio Systems members I have a copy for you to watch right now! Use these 10 mail headlines whenever you’re looking to get an important email opened by your studio and/or online clients about an upcoming event or promotion. These work!

New Home Page Layout & Graphics

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I thought you’d like to see how I was just able to almost double my website conversion from visitors who found my website through an online search. All I did was “retweak” some graphics and placements on the page to significantly increase the number of people filling out my online PARQ. Check it out:

How to Show Up #1 in Google Organically (Get New Leads for FREE)!

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Truth be told, this may be the most powerful post in the entire S3 Online Marketing category… The reason is that if you choose the correct domain name your website will rank at the top of Google (and others). So why is this SO IMPORTANT? If your site ranks at the top of Google you’ll get tons of FREE organic search engine traffic saving you thousands in PPC marketing and assuring you a wave of new client leads on a weekly basis! Check this out->

Qualify Leads Effortlessly Online – Save Time, Energy & Money!

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close more personal training clients

Here’s one piece of the puzzle of what we do at my studio to close better than 97% of the prospective clients who walk through our door. We literally expect everyone who comes in to sign up for some type of traning package. If they don’t we did something wrong. Seriously, everyone on my team knows and believes that since we did everything we could to qualify them before they even meet with us. There’s no point in meeting with unqualified leads only looking for free advice (you can provide that online) that eats up valuable time in your day. So here’s what I do to guarantee I’m only meeting with REAL leads…

Google PPC Adwords Made Easy

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Everyone makes Google Adwords out to be this complicated machine… I have no idea why. I gave a 20-minute presentation to my mastermind group that absolutely demystified the whole Adwords thing and showed everyone how I drive as much targeted traffic to my site as I want using just 3 campaigns. And to make it even simpler… I’m going to give you my best campaigns that have been proven over and over to work! (YES, I am insane for giving this away – it’s worth at least 1K)

Video Marketing 1.0 – 3.0

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If you aren’t video marketing you will be after you read this. I’m going to show you how I get powerful SEO rankings and new client leads through short, but precise videos. I’ll even give you my scripts to use as examples to create your own. Plus, I’ll give you my personal recommendations on where to shoot them and how to get them done at no cost. It easy and it’s fun!

Website New Client Lead Capture Forms

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There’s a right way and a wrong way to attract new clients from your website. The wrong way will turn them off because you seem too pushy… but the right way will provide you with an endless stream of new client leads each and every week. I’m going to give you a license to swipe my forms and use them exactly as is on your website. Plus, and more importantly, I’m going to show you what information you absolutely must get and what to do IMMEDIATELY once you get that information. Here’s what you NEED to know right now to plug up holes in your website…

Facebook Advertising Do’s & Don’ts

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In this video I’m going to tell you why you should NEVER pay more than a quarter for Facebook ads and how they are completely different from all other PPC Adwords campaigns. This tip alone will save your hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. Plus, if you haven’t already guessed it, I’ll give you my top Facebook campaign to use in your city!

AutoResponders Made Easy!

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The only hard thing about autoresponders is the set-up… seriously, after that it’s a breeze and you never have to touch them again. Knowing that I’m going to take the hard part away and just give you my 5 part autoresponder series! Really… you can have it. It’s what I use to stay in front of my prospects and how I turn online leads into paying clients with ZERO effort. It’s all in Word doc format and you can just copy and paste it your follow up messages.

FREEEEE Reports: Does Anyone Want Them?

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Truthfully no… but I am going to show you something that people do want! I’ve gone from 21% opt-ins (still not too shabby for a free report) to well over 40% opt-ins from cold traffic. I’m about to show you what your potential new clients are looking for and what you need to give them in order to build their trust. Copy my example and you’ll double your opt-ins today!

Private CL Ads that Work Every Week!

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Did you know I offer my services at 3x the price of some of the other so-called “trainers” selling their services on CraigsList and I get way more traffic? Thankfully, there’s a reason for this and in this member’s only tutorial I’ll show you where to post them, what time to do it, and what to write. Plus, I’ll give you a Word doc with all of my best Private CL Ads that I am using right now!

Track Your Statistics & Watch Them Grow!

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track your statistics

One way to ensure that you always make money on every one of your marketing and advertising campaigns is to track all your statistics. It’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3 when you sign up for these 2 FREE accounts. I’ll show you where those free accounts are and what you need to know to take out the confusion factor and get you going today without the learning curve. Check it out: