21-Day Challenge (Done for You Campaign)

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Although I don’t believe in short-term programming, I do believe that a few times a year you need to spice up your marketing and message (However, knowing when to do so, is key…). And, one of the best ways to do that is through our proven 21-Day Body Transformation Challenge. Everything is DONE for you, so simply change the name to your company, print the material, and you’re good to go! (Download everything now)

The Million Dollar Marketing Model

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personal trainer marketing plan

Can you really market your business without spending thousands of dollars per month? Where do you market? Who do you market to? What advertising mediums do you use? What’s the best use of the money you have right now? If you’ve ever asked yourself those questions, you’re in luck! After over a decade of testing, re-testing, and tracking my results, I have all those answers for you and a couple more you may not have even thought about… Enjoy!

Public Speaking Secrets

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Public Speaking Secrets for Personal Trainers

I’ve never revealed this before, but this is one of the best ways to build your business for free. Most people recommend you join a networking group or the chamber of commerce in your local town, but that is close to useless – and a huge waste of your time. What you need to do is actually speak to the groups of people that are actually searching for the services you provide. Check out this post on how to find those people:

Done-for-You Referral Generator

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One of my favorite ways of getting new clients is by giving my clients a reason to refer us to their friends, family, and co-workers. It costs us nothing and the marketing is very simple and straight forward. However, what most fitness professionals fail to realize is that you still need a BIG reason why your clients should refer you to the network and “what’s in it for them.” In this exclusive S3 member’s Post I’m going to reveal to you how we routinely add an additional 12-20 paying clients (not leads) at no cost!

Auction Off Your Business

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This is another often overlooked and seldom used stealth marketing tactic that everyone should be using to pick up clients! It costs next to nothing to do and can pay BIG dividends for your personal training and fitness business. Here’s exactly how to use my proven templates to Auction Your Business Off and get more clients:

NEW Business Card 3.0

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I’ve been waiting for my printing company to offer this design option that I’ve been dying to try out and now they’ve finally made it available! I’ve created a whole new take on your “average” business card that everybody else just passes out and throws around. This design is not only sure to GET NOTICED, but it’ll show off your professionalism which will in turn will lead to more clients (along with a great offer)! Check it out and download it now:

Create a Studio Banner

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This is the vinyl (all weather) banner I use to market my studio at special events. I use it with my health fair table and other events that will be getting a lot of foot traffic in order to create more exposure for my studio. Click the link inside to download the banner I use:

How to Set Up a “Health Fair” Table

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A great way to pick up new clients is to team up with a health-minded partner and set up a table at their location where you offer a benefit to their clients or customers. Here are the steps you should take to set up the perfect health fair table where you give yourself the best chance to pick up new clients:

Success Story Template

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A lot of people think success story templates have to be these fancy graphic designs that look slick and as if they came right out of a magazine. However, I can tell you from years of research that the ones that look more “homemade” stand out more and have a far BIGGER impact on those who see them than the fancy pants ones. The reason is that the simpler ones look like a “non-marketer” made them for their clients. Whereas the elaborate ones look more like a marketer or large manufacturer made them, and therefore, many people question their authenticity… Here’s the template I created about 4 years ago that my clients and potential clients love looking at:

How to Get TONS of Client Success Stories

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One of my private coaching clients was asking me how I’m able to get hundreds of success stories on my websites, in my studio, and on my marketing pieces. Well, it’s kind of a sneaky strategy, but clients love it, and these testimonials are so powerful to use as social proof to convince potential clients you are the right person for them to work with. Here’s how to do it:

How to Pre-Sell New Clients without Saying a Word

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Before new clients even walk in the door you need to set the tone for what they are about to experience. Remember, EVERYTHING IS ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE… and what you need to do is have potential clients begin to see and feel the value of working with you over your competition. Here’s what to do if you want to have the new prospects coming to see drop their guard and let you in…

My S3 Marketing Piece that Brought in $36,960 in 4 Weeks

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By now you’ve probably seen the video of me breaking down my numbers for the last 4 weeks and how I was able to target my niche with a specific message that was timed just right… to the tune of $36,960 in sales with $11,935 in monthly recurring revenue! Here’s the exact offline marketing piece that I used in conjunction with my online strategies – Download it now!

Free Trial 2.0

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This is BIG! Everyone seems to be giving away the farm lately, but is that really the best way to promote your fitness studio? Here’s what I do to give potential clients a taste, but not have it seem like we are a low end, run of the mill, personal training studio. It works great and you’ll eliminate the “tire-kickers” and procrastinators. Check it out now and use my attached marketing piece to get new clients for your studio!

Trainer Biography Templates

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These are the 2 professional templates I created to use in my studio and when I consulted for health clubs. I’ll also show you what I use to frame them and how you can use them in your studio to promote a professional environment. Plus, you can swipe these templates as part of your S3 License to edit and make your own! Here they are:

Use My #1 Best Selling Headline

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This is the headline that continues to help me sell out my studio month after month! I use it on at least half of my marketing materials and I always stay consistent with the message. It works really well for 2 main reasons which I’ll explain and then I’ll help you tweak it to make it your own. Here’s how:

Using Media Images & Logos in Your Ads

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When you’re first starting out you may not have built up your credentials yet, so what should you do when you’re trying to add logos and images to your advertisements and website? It’s actually an EASY, QUICK FIX and will make you look far more professional (Plus, you’ll stand out from all the other competitor’s ads) Here’s how to do just that:

2 Postcards to Expand Your Business

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fitness marketing postcards

This postcard was created to help me expand my business and branch out into in-home personal training. However, you would just change the headline and use it for your studio, bootcamp, corporate, or really any other branch of your business. I created it in 2 sizes. One big 6×11 to mail out and a smaller 4×9 card for guerilla marketing. This is also the same card I used in Video #3 of my free video series – now you get to use this exact postcard!

Business Cards That Sell!

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business cards that sell

When I first opened my studio I wanted to start out with a bang and let people know we were different. I knew our business cards had to reflect that! Plus, I wanted our business cards to stand out like an advertisement that people through were visually interesting and wanted to pick up. We accomplished that and when they flipped over the business card we had them… come check out what we did!

Local Newspaper Advertising v1-v3: Client Attraction Ads

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Most of the time newspaper advertising can be a complete waste of money… Less and less people are actually reading the newspaper and as a result your ad won’t really get seen by as many people as most newspaper advertising sales reps say that it will. BUT here’s the good news – it’s cheaper than ever and if you use the RIGHT TYPE of ad specifically tailored to newspaper readers it will serve as a huge return on investment! Plus, it will continue to brand you as the local “go-to” trainer.

Secret Guerilla Marketing Tactic

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personal training studio marketing offer

I can guarantee you that you haven’t seen this bad boy before. It’s a pretty cool (okay, VERY cool) marketing strategy I came up with while walking out of my favorite café about 4 weeks ago. It took me a few days of research, but I found a vendor to create it for me for only $69.00. This $69 investment will bring in at least 1 new client… most likely 5-10 new clients within 30 days just from this brand new strategy. BE the 1st one to do it in your city and cash in! You can copy exactly what I’m doing!!!

The Big ROI Sign

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This one sign has accounted for over $150,000 in client revenue… and it only cost $270. Not bad for a return on investment. And now my personal design is all yours – Plus, listen to me explain how I “customized” my sign for massive client attraction! Plus, I’ll tell you exactly where to have it made up for you in less than 3 days. Don’t miss this one…

The Future Is Here: The #1 Client Attraction Tool of All Time?

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I’m going to show you a brand new campaign I’m rolling out for 2010. You’re going to see exactly how I do it and what I plan to give away to my community to build trust and credibility. It’s only going to cost me a few dollars and I have no doubt I will make $1,000 for every $1 I spend… I’ve never seen this done before. Come check out what I’m giving away!

S3 Guerilla Tactic: How to Be Seen Everywhere in Your Community!

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fitness guerilla marketing

This one marketing piece will ensure that you will be seen everywhere in your community. It’s also the perfect branding tool to ensure you become known as the go-to-guy when it comes to choosing a fitness pro! This one piece is a MUST DO – even if you only choose to make up one marketing piece! (plus, it’s dirt cheap!)

S3 Direct Mail Letter: Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

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Every 3 months I send a letter out to my small targeted list that at first allows me to introduce myself to them and then later continues to follow up offering my services to them. This is a compelling direct response letter with a clear call to action to the reader. It works exceptionally well for 2 reasons. The first, is that my list is highly targeted and I know they can afford my services. The second, is that I have more room on a full 8.5×11 to tell my story and highlight the benefits of my services. And now my personal letters are all yours… Swipe the Word document today and start using it today!

S3 Doorhangers v2.0: Doorhangers Done Right!

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Doorhangers 1.0: Doorhangers Done Right
I’ve gone through 3 revisions and I have to say these guerilla marketing pieces are so unbelievable for building name recognition and attracting new clients. Every time I send these out into the community I get huge returns on my investment. I’m also going to show you how to SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars a year by using my private vendor connections!

Postcard v1.0: The 4×6 Card that Built my Business!

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This little 4×6 card was the very first thing I mailed out to my neighbors. It turned out to be not too shabby for my 1st direct mail postcard… For every 1,000-2,000 postcards I mailed out I got 6-7 new paying clients! (that may not seem like a big #, but I can assure you tha those are great #’s in direct mail) That’s what I call trading nickels for dollars… I do this same thing every 6 weeks like clockwork. In this video I’m going to show you the postcard that started it all and how I’ve updated it since then. Plus, I’m going to give you the postcard to use for yourself!

Vehicle Wrapping v1.0 & v2.0: Wrap it Up!

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I’m all about becoming a house hold name when it comes to be the #1 trainer in my community and this means I want people to see my company everywhere they turn. There’s 2 ways to “wrap” your vehicle… 1 is more subtle (but still very effective) and the other is flashy and eye catching. I’ll explain everything – including what you need to have on your design to make a big impact for a relatively small one-time investment.