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There’s a right way and a wrong way to attract new clients from your website. The wrong way will turn them off because you seem too pushy… but the right way will provide you with an endless stream of new client leads each and every week.  I’m going to give you a license to swipe my forms and use them exactly as is on your website. Plus, and more importantly, I’m going to show you what information you absolutely must get and what to do IMMEDIATELY once you get that information. Here’s what you NEED to know right now to plug up holes in your website…

Here’s the deal:

If you’re a studio owner you can’t have your website resemble an online ebook site. I’ve tried it and wasted a lot of money in this experiment… new potential training client’s are different then people seeking free information or a weight loss product.

New potential training clients are looking for a website that looks professional and not too salesy (more on that in another post) – if you come off too pushy they’ll just hit the back button to look for a competitor.

This is why I’ve found that “pop over” boxes to capture lead information just doesn’t work. Sure, you’ll get some sign-ups, but I’ve found that they’re not the ones who want to start training right away… those people seem to hate pop-ups!

So what I’ve done is put free report and newsletter sign-up boxes in multiple points on my studio website at to capture each leads information

Once a new lead or interested prospect signs up on one of my free report forms i send this this email (which you can copy verbatim:

I saw that you signed up for my free Fat Loss Report and I wanted to see if you had any questions or if I could help you out with any health & fitness issues?
Also, you can always check out these websites below for more information and to see a handful of client success stories of real people who have used our award winning personal training program: (In-Home & Corporate Personal Training) (Studio Personal Training) (my personal website on online personal training headquarters)
Have a great day!
Committed to your success,
Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Author of Fatlossity, Lose5in7 Weight Loss System
Health Consultant for MTV, Men’s Health, NutritionData,, Examiner, Gather, EDGE
Stephen Cabral Studio
540 Tremont St #9
Boston, MA 02118

<end email>

Do you see how non-pushy that was… I’m just trying to help by providing additional information and letting her know I’m there if she/he needs me. This is totally different from most facilities that never follow up in the first place or are way too hard selling based.

You can also see how I snuck in how we have lots of success stories and that she can check them out if she goes back to the website – basically I’m trying to get here back to my website to look around and use social proof to get her to sign up on our new client PARQ form.

I also provide 3 websites (3 choices) for her to participate in some form of training with us. She can join our studio, in-home, corporate, or online training systems. I also write these websites in the email because she may be unaware that we even offer those other services… or maybe she has a friend who’s interested.

I think this post is probably long enough, but I’ll definitely follow back up on this topic and show you how to use video opt-in boxes for super high conversions when the only thing you’re trying to do is build up a local list of people interested in a particular fitness niche.

Hope this information helped!


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  • No problem and here is how I create an online PARQ form.

    1. If you’re using the Yahoo Sitebuilder free website program all you have to do is click “insert form (or checkbox, etc) and then drag it to where you’d like it to on your web page.

    2. If you’re using a WordPress site then there’s a free plug-in called “Formidable.” It allows you to create forms like the ones I suggest.

    Here are free download and the tutorial links for Formidable:

    I use both forms on my website and you can’t go wrong with either.

    Also, I highly recommend having both a short form for quick contact, as well as a longer PARQ form. This will prevent anyone from leaving your website because they don’t have time to fill out a whole PARQ. Although your best qualified leads always fill out the PARQ as a general rule.

    Hope this helps!

  • Katherine Kapuszczak

    Hi Stephen, please tell me how to put up a ParQ online as an opt-in for a consultation. Saw your dvd on turning a complimentary session to a signed up client and need help with that.


  • Andrew Voris

    Here’s a great resource for this….I have been using them for a long time…..Love how they have automated my marketing business!

  • Tina Davis

    What is the best way to get a template for a website for opt in page.

  • Hi Eric,

    I sent you an email on this, but please search the Business Tool Box category.

    You may have to click the link at the bottom labeled “older entries.”

    I will have my web designer add a search tool bar in the coming weeks – thanks for the suggestion!

    • Joel Gottehrer

      Hi Coach,

      You are awesome and thank you for sending me that email the other day. I was just reading Eric tostrud post, I have the same question is there any check list on what steps we have to take first, I find myself lost at times when looking at the site since I have no idea where to start, I mean I implemented some ideas but a step by step guide would be an awesome post!

      thanks a million

  • Eric Tostrud

    Stephen, Somewhere there was a post about your online Par-Q and how to use it; I can’t find it now???? A litttle help would be greatly appreciated. Loving the site by the way, SO much great info. I am looking at starting up a studio. Any thought in doing a checklist or “how to” on where to begin and steps to take in order??