Track Your Statistics & Watch Them Grow!

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track your statistics

track your statistics

One way to ensure that you always make money on every one of your marketing and advertising campaigns is to track all your statistics. It’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3 when you sign up for these 2 FREE accounts. I’ll show you where those free accounts are and what you need to know to take out the confusion factor and get you going today without the learning curve. Check it out:

>>> The first tool is Google Analytics

>>> The second tool is Statcounter

* click on both links to sign up for your free account today

Once you set up your free acount with each company you will just have your web guy (or yourself) add a small snippet of html code to your webpages. After that you will be able to check in daily (or weekly) to see what pages your clients are going to the most and where they’re coming from (very important!).


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