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close more personal training clients

close more personal training clients

Here’s one BIG piece of the puzzle of what we do at my studio to close better than 97% of the prospective clients who walk through our door. We literally expect everyone who comes in to sign up for some type of traning package. If they don’t we did something wrong. Seriously, everyone on my team knows and believes that since we did everything we could to qualify them before they even meet with us. There’s no point in meeting with unqualified leads only looking for free advice (you can provide that online) that eats up valuable time in your day. So here’s what I do to guarantee I’m only meeting with REAL leads…

Every lead you meet with for a complimentary fitness consultation takes time, energy, and money. You need to first schedule the appointment which takes 1-3+ follow ups with the new prospective client. Then you have to print out the proper paperwork, etc to meet with the client. And finally you (or one of your trainers) has to spend 30 – 60 minutes meeting with the prospect… So if you’re going to do all that you want to make sure you qualify every lead coming in the door.

Here’s what you’ll want to do:

What I did was create an online PARQ form that has a link to it from EVERY page in my website. It’s even on the 1st page of one of my training sites!

Most fitness marketing gurus (who don’t actually own studios) will tell you just to get a clients name and email… some may tell you to even get a phone number…

But what they don’t tell you is that you’ll spend hours trying to follow up with these people over the next few weeks who weren’t truly interested in the first place.

What you need is a short form AND a long form for SERIOUS clients looking to get started ASAP.

Check out the 2 forms at:

short form (on right hand column):


long form:


You’ll notice the long form sets them up to start getting excited about training with us through the questions we ask. Plus, you’ll notice I use a little velvet rope marketing within the first few lines of that page and in the last question box (more on these SUPER-EFFECTIVE techniques in another post).

Once a prospective client fills out the online PARQ (long form) I know they mean business. At this point I’ll send a follow up email within a few hours  – not immediately to look desperate (more velvet rope marketing) and definitely not the next day. It’s a fine line, but always follow up sooner than later.

You can create this form in Aweber or Yahoo Sitebuilder (which I used for my studio website).

Please feel free to use my form or create your own so you can save time, energy, and money – that’s the benefit to having an S3 License!


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  • Robin Mungall

    Thanks that does help. I’m thinking of using the same qualifying forms for my Facebook advertising as well. Thanks again. It’s nice to have a site that uses “real world” stuff.

  • Robin Mungall

    Hey Stephan,

    In your pre-qualifying forms I notice you don’t ask for their budget for personal training. How do you qualify them to make sure they can afford your training services before they come in for a consult?

    • Great question Robin!

      Firstly, we post our prices right on our website.

      Secondly, they fill out a fairly long questionnaire showing their comment before ever coming in… This often means even if they don’t make a lot of money they may still make training a priority.

      If someone doesn’t fill out this form and sends us a random casual email, we send them an email with our package options and pricing first.

      Hope this helps!

  • Hi Eric,

    You can create your own in many website builder programs like 1and1 or yahoo or your web designer can also create one for you using HTML.

  • Eric Tostrud

    How do we just use your forms? Do we need the html code?