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Did you know I offer my services at 3x the price of some of the other so-called “trainers” selling their services (for $30 for 1-on-1) on CraigsList and I get way more traffic? Thankfully, there’s a reason for this and in this member’s only tutorial I’ll show you where to post them, what time to do it, and what to write. Plus, I’ll give you a Word doc with all of my best Private CL Ads that I am using right now!

>>> Download my 3 CL Ads here

You can literally post these ads everyday and they’re free!

In my next post I’ll show you exactly how to have your assistant do it by giving them a simple 1 page word doc which I’ll provide!


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  • Curt Ligot

    I might be over complicating this…lol

    So you use 3 different email address/accounts.

    Post Sun, Mon, Weds.

    Do you just post once on those days?

    And if Go Go is being blocked by Craigslist you have any other software suggestions?

    • Hi Curt,

      You could do a re-post or use 3 different accounts depending on how CL is changing their alogorhythm.

      I just prefer reposting at least every Monday morning…

      Hope that helps!

  • Ruston Webb

    I have had my assistant posting craigslist ads for the last 3 months 5 times per week (2x per day) with the different ads from this post and we have included Before & After pics for all of them BUT we have not had a single response from any of them. Other than the typical “I want lessons for my daughter” spam. Cost: ~5 min. per post 2x per day/5x per week at $10/hour for my assistant is roughly $10 per week which is close to $40 per month or $480 per year!…so far NO results. Any input? Is this something I should continue to do or should I come to the realization that CL in our city is not something that is used for finding personal training.

  • Brad Pugh

    I don’t know how old these posts are…….but want to know if this issue ever became cleared up? Or is it still an issue?

    • Brad Pugh

      I was referring to the GoGo Pin issue.

    • Hi brad,

      Yes, GoGo Pin actually offers a new service for positing to CraigsList. What they have to do is literally rework their “code” after Craigslist bans it… so, if you’re goign to go that route it may be a little frustrating, but the ads do look good!

      Personally, I now post a text ad under one account and then post a GoGo Pin ad under another account as long as it is active.

  • Tyler Savoy

    Hi Steve,

    I just wanted to share with you and everyone that I have had success posting on Kijiji (Canada). I believe in the US this may be ebayclassifieds. Being that it is January and people are looking, I have had 15-20 views on various ads on average per day, which has lead to 3 new clients so far this month. Hope this helps.



  • Allura Carraway

    I think it also depends on how old your account is with craigslist too. The new comers to craigslist seem to have more issues with flagging and ghosting ads.

    • Hi Allura,

      This must be true since I’ve had my account for about 5 years and haven’t had any issues… thanks for pointing that out.

  • David Knapp

    Every craiglist ad I make with gogo adpin get flagged. All others work any ideas

    • Hi David,

      GoGoPin just emailed me with the answer to our issues:


      It’s been few weeks since Craigslist started deleting all ads that were created with GoGoPin Ad. We had investigated the issue and it turned out that those ads were all valid and compliant with Craigslist’s Terms of Use ( We couldn’t find a single reason why they were all flagged and deleted silently.

      We have tried everything to resolve this issue, and at this point the only solution to this problem is that Craigslist stops this unreasonable censorship.

      There are few other ad creators out there, but when we started this free service, our only goal was to break away from the traditional cookie-cutter ad creators and to give users the full freedom of expression.

      And this day, Craigslist is trying to take away our freedom of expression and we are determined to fight this unreasonable censoring. And we need your support.

      If you think that your ads are being flagged and deleted for no valid reason, please sign the petition at below:

      Let’s make Craigslist a transparent marketplace by sending a powerful message to Craigslist.

      Thank you.

      The GoGoPin Team”

  • James Young

    I have tried to post on CL and all I got back were spammers offering more ways to sell stuff through their secret website. Very frustrating. I will try it again, but in reviewing my area, only one other trainer uses it, and he’s constantly on their, almost to the point of annoying. Now I know it can work, but I believe in my area, it just may not be the best way.

    • Hi James,

      Yes the SPAM you get from automated marketers after placing a CL ad is annoying to say the least. That’s why I set up a seperate account to filter all these spam emails.

      Also, CL ads are something that you should be doing multiple times per week.

      No ONE marketing piece is going to send you dozens of clients per week… that’s not how things work and any marketer who tells you that is lying. I’ll never lie to you about what works.

      I will say that I post multiple times per week (well my assistant does) and we always get leads and AT LEAST 1-3 new client per month… and when it’s a FREE service to use getting any amount of clients is worth repeating, right?

  • Andrew Voris

    Robert….very true….just get a different cell number from trainers or family….it’s only used once to verify.

    • Andrew is right…

      Here in the US it is only $9.95/mo to add another line.

      I also have my assitant use his, my studio number, etc

      Plus, you could check out or another automated service to forward your calls from another number.

  • Hi Robert,

    I have never run into this issue? Maybe it has to do with your particular city…

    Only Google/ Yahoo Local ad placements have ever asked for my phone number…

    I have 10 different CL accounts and have never been asked for any authentication except for a new email, username, password.

  • Robert Selders

    Stephen, I tried posting ads in different categories like you suggested. CL wanted phone authentication (a different phone number) for each one (lessons, beauty, etc.). How do you get around this?

  • Robert Selders

    John, can you provide the name of the software you used to post CL ads? Thanks!

  • John Marshall

    Hi, I found some software made for craigslist ads and installed it and so far I have been able to post 2 days in a row and no flags…Sweet !!!

    • I’m happy to hear that you figured it out!

      If you don’t mind sharing the software I’d bet that other S3 members would like to hear about it… thanks!

  • John Marshall

    I really want to make this Craigs List thing work, But I get flagged every single ad I send out. I used you ads for the first 4 times and even different gmail acct.s and Now did my own…and within 3 hours flagged and deleted. I think another Trainer/competitor is flagging it, I have sent craigs list emails, and they will not get back. Any Ideas?? I see other trainers ads in other parts of Colorado that are really sales letter type, In Colorado Springs I see some trainers doing ads and only one will stay up, I don’t want a pissing match…Thanks for your help !!!

  • Hi John,

    I have never had a flagged ad and I’ve been using them for years.

    Here’s what may have happened though:

    If you try to place them everyday using the SAME email address and account info they will ban you. You MUST use a new email address/account daily.

    It’s easy though… just use a new email address/account that you set up through gmail.

    Also, you can just vary headlines/1st lines and make sure the ad matches the category if CL is still giving you a hard time in your area. Once you play around with it, you should be all set from that point forward…

    Hope that helps!

    • Curt Ligot

      When you say you have to post from a different email address…

      Is that a different email address per day? Meaning you can alternate between a handful?

      You aren’t generating new email addresses every time you post are you?

    • Hi Curt,

      Good question and we use 3 different email addresses and post on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. We find these days to work best – free research for you!

      Hope this helps!

  • John Marshall

    Hey our Craigs list ad keeps getting flagged- do you have any idea why??

  • Thanks Tina!

  • Tina Davis

    Killer CL post! you have 🙂