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I thought you’d like to see how I was just able to almost double my website conversion from visitors who found my website through an online search. All I did was “retweak” some graphics and placements on the page to significantly increase the number of people filling out my online PARQ. Check it out now:

Hi S3 Members!

This is one of the first times I’m going to publicly talk about a few new tweaks I’ve been testing on my website.

What I found with most “online only marketers” is that they made their home page look like one long sales page… which works if you’re selling a product or ebook, but to be honest I don’t think that carries over to promoting a service.

The reason I say that is due to the fact that when I’m researching a service, I don’t want  to be sold. What I want is to see a professional website that offers an easily navigatable website where I can look over all my options.

Well, after testing different home pages and layouts I can honestly say the one I’m using right now is the WINNER!

See it at:

So, the newest thing I did was add a graphic at the bottom of the home page (the last thing a prospect sees before they decide to leave my website of “click something” for more information.

This ONE graphic is one of our favorite success stories due to how powerful the photo is. You’ll also notice that I didn’t place 5 or 10 success story graphics. This is by design since I really don’t want a LONG home page.

(Another secret to home page lengths for a service business where a lot of traffic is coming from online searches is that when a potential client lands on your home page they are probably going to do what I call the “quick one over scroll.” That’s where they immediately scroll to the bottom of the page to see if they’re going to be sold on something and/or how long the page is that they need to read.)

Plus, right under the success story (and all other topics/graphics) I have a link where a potential client can click to read more…

In this particular case I wrote:

>>> Click here to see more amazing Stephen Cabral Studio Success Stories

So, of course, people love success stories (think Chicken Soup for the Soul book series) and they click the link to read on.

That’s when I lay it on thick and hit them with another dozen or so testimonials. And the reason it’s opkay to then have a long sales page, etc. is because the user gave you permission to sell them by clicking on the link requesting more information.

Also, you’ll notice right after the last graphic I write:

>>> Click here to get started on creating your own success story!

Hopefully by then they’re fired up at looking at REAL PEOPLE (not models) whom they can relate to and are thinking to themselves that they can get results just like them.

And even though the testimonial is written in small font to be able to fit in the graphic the it works… all because of the before and after photos. Photos of real people and a headline that states the main achievement is what prospects really want to read.

I’m also going to be running another bunch of tests and will be sure to up date you on what is working. For now, I would just keep checking out for the latest “best test” of what is currently the winner.


The BIG take away here is to not try to be too salesy on your home page or make it too long either like you may see elsewhere. Also, be sure to “highlight” your main points and leave links so that interested potential clients can request more information that now allows you to sell them a bit more. Lastly, if you have any before and after photos be sure you use them on your website and marketing materials!

For more information on how to get more success stories from your clients type the keywords “success stories” into the search box in the top right hand column – or look under the offline marketing” tab.



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  • Cheryl

    Thanks, Stephen, for the tip and the encouragement. Building a site is much easier when you’ve got a template. I look forward to sharing my website address when it’s published.

  • Cheryl

    Hi, Stephen–

    Getting back into the swing of things over the holiday weekend. (Had just the right amount of turkey – 😉 !)

    Your new site looks awesome! It’s easy to see why you, your company and clients get the results they do. I thoroughly enjoy reading everything page by page….and gets tons of ideas for my own site (at this point for in-home training only). Am planning on offering other venues down the road…any suggestions for my home page at the present time? Thanks.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      My BIGGEST tip is that you must always think of yourself as the potential buyer and begin to answer their questions before they are even asked.

      Also, YOU must direct the flow of where you want your prospects to go next. What do you want them to read, etc.

      Hope this helps and keep pushing forward!

  • Also, remember not to copy the writing from my home page word for word or we’ll both be penalized and dropped down in the rankings by Google… I’m trusting you!

  • I didn’t mention this, but I think a “home made” looking video introducing yourself is a great way to begin building the relationship between you and your prospect… Remember, in order for a client to buy from you they absolutely must first get to “know, like, and trust” you!

    You can either position this video first thing on your home page, or half way down.