How to Show Up #1 in Google Organically (Get New Leads for FREE)!

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Truth be told, this may be the most powerful post in the entire S3 Online Marketing category… The reason is that if you choose the correct domain name your website will rank at the top of Google (and others). So why is this SO IMPORTANT? If your site ranks at the top of Google you’ll get tons of FREE organic search engine traffic saving you thousands of dollars in PPC marketing and assuring you a wave of new client leads on a weekly basis! Check this out->

Here’s how I get ranked #1 for my keywords (it’s also how I show up ALL OVER the 1st page of Google:

The 1st thing you must do is type in all of the most searched terms you think people are typing in to find a personal trainer (or bootcamp, or youth performance, or…)

Use this helpful Google tool to find out how many page views your keywords get:


Let me save you some time though:

After hours (and hours) of research I’ve found that most people search for these keywords when looking for a CPT in their area:

“personal trainer (your city)”

“(your city) personal trainer”

“fitness trainer (your city)”

“(your city fitness trainer”

“personal training (your city)”

“(your city) personal training”

“weight loss (your city)”

“(your city) weight loss”

This list goes on and on, but those are the most popular…

Also if you’re searching for kettlebell training, youth training, etc just type those keywords into the Google tool and see what pops up.

(If you haven’t guessed yet, the KEY is to have your keyword + your city in your URL. Basically, you want your URL to be the keyword you’re after!!!)

Ideally, you shouldn’t use hyphens, but if you need to go for it.

Also, the website DOES NOT have to be your company name – it’s just an easy way to get ranked highly in the search engines and get people to find you!

After you settle on the most popular keyword for your niche go to 1and1 and type that keyword into the domain search tool:

>>> 1and1

If it’s available sign up ASAP – it’s only $6.95 for the 1st year and if you never use it at least you OWN IT!

Here’s an example of how I personally did it:

Originally I wanted “Boston Personal Trainer” as my website because I thought it would be the most popular keyword search, but I found out one of the big health club chains near me already owned it…

I was bummed out until I did my research and found out that “Personal Trainer Boston” actually got way more search per month (most people type in the service they want and then enter the city… think about it).

When I found out was avalable I was pumped!

I signed up, got a site up, linked to it from forums and blogs and continued adding pages to it (your need AT LEAST 5 pages).

Within 4 weeks I was ranked #1 for the search term “Personal Trainer Boston.”

FREE traffic was now mine for the taking!

The 1st website to come up in Google gets 80% of the clicks!!!

I’m also ranked 5 others times with 3 other websites  (for free) for that keyword. Plus, I pay for traffic with PPC campaigns (PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON MY PPC ADS AT THE TOP – IT COST ME $2.25 PER CLICK! THAT WOULD NOT BE COOL!!!  ; )

As they say, look, but don’t touch ; )

So my advide to you is grab “personal trainer + your city” immediately from 1and1 and then branch out from there.

Later, I’ll show you how I got my other sites like to rank #1 for the keyword “Boston Personal Trainer” without having any of those keywords in the URL. (It’s a little more advanced, but not complicated after you know the secrets to SEO).

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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  • Curt Ligot

    Just found out these domain names are available in my area 🙂

    Few Questions…

    1) So I also assume the quality of your web site will dictate how successful being ranked high will make you right?

    2) If I can get both “Personal trainer My city” and “My City Personal Trainer” these would have to be separate sites?


    • Hi Curt,

      1. Yes, you must build out at least 10 pages and keyword them for your keyword (ie. Personal Trainer Chicago)

      2. Yes, purchase both websites! 1and1 seels them for less than $8.99 each. Just create one for right now – search your two keywords: “Chicago Personal Trainer” and Personal Trainer Chicago” to see which has the edge.

      Just type in “Google Keyword search tool” into Google and you’ll find the free SEO search tool.

      Hope this helps!

  • John Gonzalez

    Hey Stephen great info! I’ve learned more in two days with your site and dvds then any other program ive purchased truly amazing! I tried purchasing “personal trainer (my as well as “ and both domain names are taken by some sort of neighborhood training listing company. My question is, should I use hyphens and purchase Or will the hyphens somehow effect the search engine and cause me not to come up? Thanks for the help!

    • Hi John,

      I appreciate the feedback!

      I would go with some of the other keywords with a .com at the end if you can get it.

      For example, they would be:

      You can then use the hyphens if needed. Another option is to simply use one domain name in your marketing and have it all forward to your SEO site.

      For example you can have your marketing and business domain name be something like and then have it forward to (yourcity) (or another SEO site like it, etc.)

      Keep pushing forward!

  • Philip Georgiou

    Thanks Steve

    I think your right, so your saying you just have the one site and forward other Domains to that site?

    • Hi Philip,

      Yes, in the beginning just start with one site and drive traffic to it through all online and offline mediums.

      Eventually, you can think about adding in another SEO site like I did with .

      However, this isn’t needed until you get the first site cranking…

  • Philip Georgiou

    Thanks Steve

    Thanks for your response.
    I was at my domain registration site & apparently there are other extensions available such as dot guru & dot expert that work even better than the dot coms according to the domain companies advice. This would allow for a lot more keyword urls to be owned instead of trying to find a suitable dot com

    • Hi Philip,

      I’m not sure I would agree with them, and since they want you to gobble up domain extensions (especially if most .com’s are gone) I’d be weary of their advice.

      My opinion is that the .expert, etc. will work in the future, but no one is used to seeing them yet, and they’re harder to put in print advertising since they’re longer and not yet known.

      I would try for the .net if .com is not available.

      If that wont work, I’d look to hyphenate or shorten/lengthen your website name.

      Ex. are Personal-Trainer-Chicago, or Chicago-Personal-Trainer, or, or, etc.

      I like the hyphenated for online advertising and the no hyphens for off… Just keep in mind I would only have one main website for now and you can just send different domains to this site if you’re interested.

      Keep it as simple as possible and don’t try to get fancy…

  • Philip Georgiou

    What if the dot com is taken but dot net or another Extention is available? Are these worth going with?

    • Hi Philip,

      Although I prefer the .com, the others are fine as well (.net).

      I still find it extremely important to have the keyword in the domain – it’s been 8+ years and is still working great for me and the 10+ websites I run…

      Hope this helps!

  • Alexandra Causton

    Hi Stephen, I can’t see a date on this thread and wondering if it’s still valid. I’m slightly terrified of google and have been told that having URLs pointing to your website to ‘drive traffic’ is one of those no-no’s that can get your site blacklisted. I may have misunderstood but google also changes pretty fast so wondering if, from your experience, the above is still all applicable.

    • Hi Alex,

      As long as that url is a real website it’s not a problem. If you’re just masking website url names, then it will hurt.

      The ABSOLUTE best thing to do is use anchor text links with your keywords linking to your website.


      Link “Boston Personal Trainer” to

      Use your top keywords in articles on other websites to link to your fitness site.

  • Brad Pugh

    Ok….one more question….I live in a town called Pelham, Al. BUT…it is a suburb of our main big city which is Birmingham…..there are also several cities very close to me in which I get clients from…Alabaster, Helena, Hoover and several others are all just as close. Now if I were to search PT services for myself…. and want to see all the surrounding cities, I would type in Birmingham PT and then maybe try Pelham…..Do I need to make a website for each city that are just as close? Pelham is just not near as Big as Bham….I plan on having a location there in the future. I think I am answering my own question here…but should I just focus on Pelham…and worry about Bham later? Of course I need to go ahead and get the Birmingham domain before it is gone…..Sorry for the rambling…the main question is….if I want come up in all the main very close cities…I have to do a website for each one correct?

    • Hi Brad,

      It’s easier than you think and everyone runs into this same issue (so I hope everyone reads this!).

      Choose the website name that the greatest amount of people will search that would be willing to travel to your studio.

      Then, create Google/Yahoo Adwords with the keywords of the cities and other towns of interested potential clients. For example you will create adwords for “Pelham Personal Trainer” and ” Personal Trainer Alabaster.”

      All of these online leads will be sent to your main website (whatever your studio name is, or other main hub).

      This should and will save you a lot of money by not creating separate websites – however, as I always do recommend you should create pages within your website with these keywords.

      I’ll send you an invoice for this tip later ; )

      Kidding, just put this info to good use and let us know how you’re progressing!

  • Brad Pugh

    Great post! But I have a couple of questions. If is being auctioned at $250….but I already have….should I just use the one with the s at the end and the dashes???? Then forward it to my website….but still create a 2nd site using the My City

    2nd Question….What are your thoughts on how to find and SEO company I can outsource all of this to? Could I use fiveer for this?

    • Hi Brad,

      If it was me this is exactly what I would do:

      1. Jump on the auction and buy ASAP!

      2. Create a new website for with slightly different copy and images. Send back links to it from other websites you own as well as free directories.

      3. is slightly better than, since interested leads will type in either Birmingham Personal Trainer or Personal Trainer Birmingham. The majority will leave off the “s.”

      4. No need to forward to since you should just create a web page within titled Birmingham-Personal-Trainers.

      Confused ; )

      Just keep re-reading it over and it will make sense. I love fiverr, but I’m not sure I’d have them do my SEO… I hired my web designer off Craigslist, who does SEO and installed the SEO widget on all my WordPress websites.

      Hope this helps!

  • David McIlhenney

    Hi Stephen

    Just wanted to let you know that in only a couple of weeks my website ranks number one on google and number two on yahoo when I searched fitness east lyme. I am really excited to try to duplicate this with other websites and searches. Thanks for all your help


    • Hi David,

      I’m glad those tactics worked!

      That was really fast too… usually it takes a few months.

      Nice work and keep pushing forward!

  • David McIlhenney

    Hi Stephen

    When I search fitness east lyme, my web site is ranking on the third page in the google search. Not at all in Yahoo. I’m not sure why. Is it just going to take more time or is there anything else I can do. Also, how do I change what it says beside my website when in the search list?

    Thanks again

    • Hi David,

      I think you just launched it a week ago… it takes a little time ; )

      After you send some incoming links to it with your keyword anchored to it “fitness east lime” then you will see it rise in the ranks. The more incoming the links the higher it ranks. You can send links from blog sites, articles (, videos (YouTube), and many more.

      Also, it typically takes at least 2-4 weeks just for the major search engines to even spider your site. I would manually submit (only once) to Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

      Lastly, keep adding pages to your website that use your keywords as page titles.

      And don’t worry – you’ll get there!

    • The Title of the page is what is says in the top line in the search engines (blue).

      The description is what is says below the top line and you change that by rewriting your description.

  • David McIlhenney

    My area is broken up into many small towns and villages. I looked up the keyword tool and found that personal trainer/city for any of the near by cities get >10 every time. The only things that get any hits are health east lyme and fitness east lyme. However, both only get global not local. seems weird. What do you think about just getting a domain name of the town. East lyme and east lyme connecticut gets a lot of hits. However, it does not specify what I am offering. The bad news is, is that and are taken but for sale. eastlymect is taken and not for sale. What do you think about using biz or net? is that a bad idea and you should always put in what you do in the domain name?
    As you can see I really hope you get those two extra people for that web page workshop.

    • Hi David,

      Good question and I should do a post on this.

      The best thing you can do is go for the website domain with the greatest amount of hits. Then you can create website pages that include your keywords (yuou will then be ranked for both).

      Also, do not bother with anything except .com unless you set up a non-profit, etc. (.org).

      Hope that helps!

  • Geoff Kalmbach

    update from adwords experiment.

    Last 7 days
    -Clicks 19
    -Impressions 7,024
    -CTR 0.27%
    -Avg. CPC $1.27
    -Avg. CPM $3.43
    -Total Cost $24.10

    Any thoughts?



  • Ideally, you will set up a NEW 5+pg site for your main keywords.

    If not, just forward those domain names for now.

  • Guy La Brusciano

    Hi Stephen,

    Just to clarify. I got two new domain names. I would just froward these to my existing site? Or do I need to actually establish two new websites and put at least 5 pages each up and then link them to my website? Or is just forwarding them going to give me the ranking in the search engine I am looking for?



  • Todd Dattoli

    Hi Stephen,

    Ok, I’m a little SEO/url challenged, so please, bear with me….

    You mention “sending” or “forwarding” one website to our main website…

    How do you go about doing this??

    Say I sign up for a new website with the keywords you mention in the url, how do I link/send/forward this new website to my main website? What are the steps one has to do in order to do this??

    Do I/Should I make this new website as content rich as my main website, in effect, re-doing everything but with some tweaks here and there?

    Like I said, I have some basic understanding of search engine optimization (within what I’ve done with my one and only website thus far) and my main website does rank decently depending on what keywords I type in to google, but I’m not real sure about how to go about setting up another site and having that site “link” with my main one so that ultimately it helps get me ranked better. Any help you (or anyone here) could provide me would be GREATLY and respectfully appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

    Todd Dattoli

    • Hi Todd,

      You aren’t actually creating any new content (unless you’re publishing a new site).

      All you’re doing is going into the admin area of your web domain registration company and clicking on the website you signed up for.

      After that you should see a link called “forwarding” or website forwarding. Every company is different…

      Then you just change the current link to the site you signed up for to the website (your current studio, etc) that you want to forward it to. If you still can’t figure it out just call whoever your registered that website through and customer service will walk you through the steps. Although it’s very straight forward once you find the link, I’d write down the steps for future reference….

      That’s about it… I hope that answered your question.

  • Geoff Kalmbach

    got my ad wrds up and running with 3 seperate campaigns
    varied $ on each but kept them all in the 5-6$ daily.
    varied keys words slightly

    the targets
    -in home
    -boot camp
    -weight loss

    last week the stats for all 3 added up to 29 impressions with 4 clicks.

    any thoughts….this is my first whack at adwords so I have no barometer to work with.

    thanks in advance

    • Geoff Kalmbach

      tweeked the numbers and bumped up my bid and now have better luck….FB has me at 186 impressions…google adwords 134.

      couple clicks no leads but its all about testing.


  • Hi Ben,

    I would never recommend changing a website name since you are already getting ranked for it. I would just add your keywords to create a new page in your website and then reserve the other keyword name.

    Just forward it to your other site now until you decide if you want to create a site for it…

  • Thanks James!

    I would get all the site names, but only set up websites for the keywords that actually generate serious traffic.

    Here’s another tip – create pages within yuour main website to rank for the other keywords.

    If you don’t know what I mean I’ll write another post on this in the future!

  • James Herrick

    HI Steven,

    Wow! I’ve only been on here for 1 day and already this membership has provided some great ideas, both in the blog posts and the comments. Thanks for all your help already.

    My question kind of piggybacks a previous one from David. You mentioned actually operating 2 websites, one with the business name and one with the city + top keyword. Beyond that, though, do you feel there is any increased SEO value to owning the other top keywords + your city, and just forwarding them to one of those 2 sites? Or does this only help to prevent losing it down the road if you choose to make that phrase a new site name?

  • Ben Longley

    Hi Stephen,

    Im currently ranked about no.4 for my main search term of personal training (my city) and my URL is:


    Would you bother changing this to (mycity) Would this make much difference in my rankings long term, Or do you think just keep it as it is and do some SEO?



  • David wrote:

    Hi Stephen or anyone who can help:

    I already have a web hosting on yahoo with my current site:

    if I go to and reserve:


    do I have to do a brand new web hosting plan for these on godaddy or yahoo just to point these domains to my current site?


    I will write a post on this, but you should have 2 sites:

    1. Your studio name website

    2. “personal trainer + your city” website

    This way here you will rank 2x in Google and your “personal trainer + your city” website will most likely rank #1, 2, or 3 within a few months…

    For example:

    I rank #1 and #2 for


    Hope this helps and if you don’t have time to set up a site yet for your city name just send the link to your studio website until it’s ready!

    • David Modderman

      actually that was my question how do I send a link to my current studio site from the new city site domain names? Do I need to buy new hosting for this new city name or can I just buy the domain names and kink them to my main site?

  • Hi Yvette,

    Another alternative is writing “best + personal trainer + your city”

    It won’t work as well, but I’m still ranked #3 on Google for that term…

    Also, the other SEO part should be up within 4 weeks…

  • Andrew Voris

    Here’s a must! FREE Google Local listings! Go there and set up your business and be sure to include you tube videos, pictures, testimonials, coupons, and such. Then give a FREE session to all clients that go there and leave a positive testimonial. Use the correct keywords and you will be #1 in your area in Google ranking!

    • Hi Andrew,

      You’re right on and I’ll be writing a post on this shortly – thanks!

  • Yvette Williams

    Thanks for answering my post, if the hyphen is already taking what should I do?
    What is my second alternative to rank for this key term and rank well?

    When do you plan on showing us how to do the second part of SEO?
    Referring to the following statements below
    I’m also ranked 5 others times with 3 other websites (for free) for that keyword. PPC campaigns
    Later, I’ll show you how I got my other sites like to rank #1 for the keyword “Boston Personal Trainer” without having any of those keywords in the URL.

  • Hi Yvette,

    Yes, you can show up more than once on the 1st page of Google with that strategy, but it’s not quite as effective as “.com” for whatever Google reason…

    I would go with .net and then buy these domains (even if you only point them to your main website)

    If you city is taken the hyphens work too!

    Hope that helped!

    • Curt Ligot

      Spoke to soon…

      But it looks like the hyphenated versions are available. How do these rank versus non hyphenated?


  • Hi Andrew,

    Good point, and yes, I have all the domain names related to my business pointing to my main website. However, you must set up “personal trainer + your city” as a seperate website for it to be ranked in Google and show up in the organic search rankings (effectively).

    So in essence, I have 2 websites for my studio:



    They serve the same purpose, but since I have 2 I get ranked MORE and HIGHER on the 1st page of Google for my keywords…

    Hope that helps!

    • David Modderman

      Hi Stephen or anyone who can help:

      I already have a web hosting on yahoo with my current site:

      if I go to and reserve:


      do I have to do a brand new web hosting plan for these on godaddy or yahoo just to point these domains to my current site?

  • Thanks Tracey!

  • Yvette Williams

    Hey Stephen If denverpersonaltrainer and personaltrainerdenver is already taken, should I go with a .org, .net to rank for this key term.
    If I buy all the .org, .net, us could I possibly show up on the first page more than once if the copy is written correctly.

  • Tracey Frost

    Great information here!

  • Andrew Voris

    can all of these domains I register point to the same website….does that help?

  • Beki Liang

    i just figured it out! =)

  • HI Beki,

    What company are you trying to set it up with?

    I’m not sure I understand the question?

    Can anyone help out Beki?

  • Beki Liang

    this was fantastic!! thank you stephen!

    but i have just spent the last 1/2 hour trying to set up a business site and it won’t let me continue due to the phone numbers i wrote down. i tried every possible way (with and then without spaces b/w numbers, hypens, adding a 1 in the beginning…) and they are all considered incorrect. how did you bypass that stephen? help! im ready to throw my laptop across my room!