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Everyone makes Google Adwords out to be this complicated machine… I have no idea why. I gave a 20-minute presentation to my mastermind group that absolutely demystified the whole Adwords thing and showed everyone how I drive as much targeted traffic to my site as I want using just 3 campaigns. And to make it even simpler… I’m going to give you my best campaigns that have been proven over and over to work! (YES, I am insane for giving this away – it’s worth at least 1K)

You can tweak these campaigns for athlete training, youth training, in-home training, corporate, weight loss, etc.

>>> Use my BEST campaigns below!!!


Personal Trainer Boston
“Work with the #1 Personal Trainer
in Boston” – 4 new clients a month!


IN-HOME Personal Trainer
Lose weight & feel great from the
privacy of your own home-Guaranteed


In Home Personal Trainer
Get results in less time & save
with #1 In Home Personal Trainer!


Look & Feel Amazing
Lose Weight, Feel Great with
Noticeable Results in Just 21 days!


Personal Trainer Boston
Boston’s #1 Guaranteed Weight Loss
& In-Home Personal Training Service

I will continue to update these PROVEN Google ads as I test, re-test, and test some more with my own personal studio ads! S3 Members will be the 1st and only ones to know!

Also, I just spent over 2 hours creating an online screencast video of how I create my adwords. The video turned out to be over 40 minutes and I hate to admit it, but it’s not my best work ; )

So what I did was search the internet for people who have actually already created videos that people like pertaining to Google Adwords!

Did you know this a little known website called “YouTube” that hosts videos showing people how to do things?

Who knew! I really wish I had thought of this before spendning the time creating 40 minutes of unusable videos… but, you live and learn and just don’t let it happen again.

Here are a few of the better tutorials:

(Just be sure to use the campaigns I’ve proven to be successful from the information above).

Also, you can always find more information for getting started with Adwords at:



Google Adwords Tutorial:

I thought this one was helpful as well:



Also, I highly recommend Perry Marshall’s book on “Google Adwords.” You can buy it right on Amazon and the work still holds true to this day. It’s a quick read, and he’s the man when it comes to dominating Google Adwords…


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  • Curt Ligot

    So Facebook banned me from advertising. Long story but apparently a picture of a guy doing a push up is vulgar and inappropriate 🙁

    This was my primary lead source so I am seriously looking at Google Adwords.

    So my area has pretty high competition for keyword “Personal Training”. $1+ per click.

    My questions are….

    1) The success of my campaign would be reliant on how well my site/landing page is set up, correct?

    2) I do not have an official web site set up yet. Just a Facebook page and my Yelp Profile.

    I could set up a sales page for a specific program (good sales copy, testimonials, link to questionnaire/application).

    Any thoughts on that or do you recommend I get moving on getting a good site put up.


    • Hi Curt,

      I’m doing a ton of work with Facebook right now and really trying to tweak things… I have a high-end coach that does 7-figure online just through FB.

      For now, just know you can’t use before and after photos, you cant make weight loss claims, and you can’t show photos of people that would make others “feel bad about themselves…”

      Crazy, but true…

      I’ll update you (and all S3 Members shortly)

      I love Google Adwords and even though I pay over $2 a click I still get a great return on my investment. Each lead that signs up probably costs me about $50, but I sell packages that are $356 – $1,000+ a month… so it works out.

      1. Yes, your website must convert

      2. You could send leads to a simple 1 page website and test the conversion. The SEO wouldn’t be great, but that doesn’t matter for now… what matters is new clients!

  • Ben Longley

    Hi Stephen,

    I hope I can still ask a question on this post…

    Just wondering what you think is a realistic amount to be spending on Google Adwords per month?

    I know that it depends, but based on your experience what would the average pt business spend? even a range would be good…

    I think im spending about 500 per month!



    • Hi Ben,

      Whenever you have a question I’m here to answer it! I spend about $500-$1000 a month when I am ramping up a new CPT. However, I have to pay about $2-$3 a click since I have a lot of competition in my area. You may only have to pay $.25-$1, so you may be only paying out 25% of what I do…

      It varies, but as long as you set your daily limit to about $10 you’ll never spend more than $300 a month maximum when you first start out… You can then track your results and make sure the investment is paying off. If it isn’t you’ll need to tweak your website and comp conversion sales process.

      Hope that helps!

  • Tyler Savoy

    Hi Steve,

    I noticed that you have a website called ‘PersonalTrainerBoston’ and it is completely different from your StephenCabralStudio site. I just recently purchased the same one for my city, since it is a keyword phrase that is searched often. I’m wondering if I should link this to my site already or create another small separate site.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Tyler,

      Great question and you DEFINITELY want to create a separate site (at least 5-8 pages) with the keywords you bought the domain for. For example, my keywords would be “personal trainer boston” and “boston personal trainer” for

      Hope that helps and you’ll see on Google I am ranked in the top search results for BOTH websites using those keywords… which is exactly what you want to do as well. (You have more chances of being clicked on)

  • Eric Tostrud

    Stephen, another “suggestion” for the site. Is there any way we can mark certain entries of yours as “favorites” within our account? Be nice to mark ones we want to come back to the next day. Just a thought 🙂

    • Hi Eric,

      I like the idea, but I’ve never seen it done within a WordPress site… What you could do is “favorite” the posts you like right within your Safari or Internet Explorer… just like bookmarking

  • I would use the “Google keyword tool” (just type that phrase into google) to find your most popular keywords searched for by your potential clients.

    However, I can tell you from all the research that I’ve done that this is the top keyword for each city in terms of trying to find a personal trainer:

    “personal trainer + your city”

    For example mine is:

    “personal trainer boston”

    I’ll also use variations of that like “boston personal trainer” or “fitness trainer boston” depending on how often that phrase is searched.

    Hope that helped!

    • Curt Ligot

      Really interested in trying this out.

      I have been getting about 2 clients a month from my Yelp listing. They typically are googling personal trainer in or close to my specific neighborhood (as opposed to city *Seattle*).

      You ever use keywords for neighborhood specific searches? For example my neighborhood is Beacon Hill.

    • Hi Curt,

      I’m really happy to hear that you’re getting 2 clients per month from Yelp. That hasnt been a big converter for us for some reason. But, we’re always testing, so if I find a better conversion I’ll let everyone know.

      Are you doing anything different with you Yelp ads? Or just your listing?

      I typically don’t write in the neighborhood name since I only market out within 3-5 miles of my location with Google Adwords, but it IS a very good thing to do – especially if you area is targeting a specific sub-segment of a city.

      Keep crushing it!

    • Curt Ligot

      Slow response here…

      How we use Yelp…

      We just filled out the profile (reviews, photos, etc) but we have our web site link go directly to an opt in. That opt in leads to a questionnaire (like the one you have).

      This is a specific questionnaire so I can track who we get off Yelp.

      We get 2-3 Forms filled out a month and I typically sign up 2 per month. The process pre-qualifies them.

  • Justin Rovtar

    Can you give us your list of keywords that you use for these ads please.


  • Great!

  • Geoff Kalmbach

    just saw the organic google section which answers my question

  • Geoff Kalmbach

    stephen, need a little more adviced on the full set up much like fb.