FREEEEE Reports: Does Anyone Want Them?

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Truthfully no… but I am going to show you something that people do want! I’ve gone from 21% opt-ins (still not too shabby for a free report) to well over 40% opt-ins from cold traffic. I’m about to show you what your potential new clients are looking for and what you need to give them in order to build their trust. Copy my example and you’ll double your opt-ins today!

Okay, here’s what I’m talking about:

You may even beat me to it when it comes to using it for my official studio website. I’m using it on  and it’s working incredibly well…

What I’ve done is created a short 1-2 minute opt-in video teasing my #1 weight loss secret, but you could use muscle gain, athletic performance, etc.

Don’t get too fancy!

Just use my headline and make it your own and follow along with the script that I’m using for that 1st intro.

After they fill in the first name and email you can begin sending them the autoresponder series that I outlined for you in another S3 post (the 5 part one).

Also, the 2nd video could potentially even be a free report, etc., but the video opt-in is the BIG tip here. It works so well because they are getting to know you, like you, and trust you…

Okay, so start by watching my video (the 1st one) and then tweaking the script to match up with your studio niche.

Then, shoot a 1-2 minute video with a Flipcam, etc and then host it for FREE on YouTube.

Use Aweber (or another autoresponder company -see RESOURCES) to collect potential client information.

Next, send them to more FREE content demonstrating your professionalism and skill.

Then let the autosponders begin!

(We’ll talk more about this, but let me know if you have any questions)


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  • Peter Lee

    why does it say this video is private and not let me watch it?

    • Hi Peter,

      It was the oddest thing… I went into Youtube after your comment (thank you!) and Youtube had changed the video to “private.”

      This was after it was already watched 36,000 times!

      Very odd…

      The good news (thanks to you) is that it’s back up and running!

  • Victor Sykes

    I’m looking to build my email list through my facebook fan page. Would this be a good technique for my facebook fan page? Or, is there another Free report that would work better for building my email list from my fan page?

    • Hi Victor,

      To cut down on your work load please direct all non-paid traffic that you would like to use to build your list to a website like mine: (Just don’t try to sell anything below like I’m doing for my product).

      This will keep things easy and create less work for you.

  • Hi everyone,

    Once you purchase your website and set up webhosting you’ll want to use 1and1 or Yahoo’s website builder. If you are not familiar with building web pages or laying out pages I would highly recommend outsrourcing this job on or… or on Craig’s List.

    Also, getting the opt-in box requires you to set up an email autoresponder system through Aweber (see reources). Aweber is great and will chat with you live online or you can even call them.

    Please keep in mind that you should stick with your strengths and outsource what you don’t know and don’t want to learn.

    When I was first starting out and had no money I would just spend hours late at night playing around with all the different systems and learning by trial and error.

    I will share more about headlines, opt-in rates, best email formats, my personal emails, etc in future posts!

  • Tina Davis

    The information in this program is amazing.
    Here are my questions:
    1) What is the second step after buying the domain from 1 and 1.
    2) how do I get content on it?
    3) how do I get opt in on my page?
    4) how do i start getting leads in my in box?

    • Kingi Santiel

      Hi Tina once you create the domain you have to create the website. Once your website is created your web person can create an opt in page. I hope this helps.

  • Brett Denton

    Thanks for the quick response, but I didn’t ask my question correctly. I have no idea how to actually make the squeeze page. I already have the domain name registered with 1 and 1, but how do I create a page that will collect information, send a free report, and start an autoresponder?



  • Hi Brett,

    Thanks for the questions.

    Check out the answers in detail at these two posts:

    >>> Register your Domain (under S3 Resources)

    >>> Website Hosting (under S3 Resources)

    These 2 member articles will save you hundreds of dollars (and headaches)…

  • Brett Denton


    What is the cheapest, fastest, easiest and most professional way to get a website set up to drive traffic to and capture leads?



  • Ask me questions, I’m here to help!