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In this video I’m going to tell you why you should NEVER pay more than a quarter for Facebook ads and how they are completely different from all other PPC Adwords campaigns. This tip alone will save your hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. Plus, if you haven’t already guessed it, I’ll give you my top Facebook campaign to use in your city!

>>> Here’s my Facebook Campaign:


(*Please Scroll to the bottom of this article for NEW updates!)


The 1st line denotes my headline, “my photo” is a picture of yours truly, and the final piece is my ad copy.

Example #1

Boston Personal Trainer
(my photo)
Boston’s best personal trainer
and weight loss expert guarantees
you will lose weight or your
money back – 4 new client
openings left

Example #2:

Boston Personal Trainer
(my photo)
Boston’s best personal trainer
and weight loss expert
guarantees you will lose
weight or your money back
– Apply today for openings

Example #3:

Boston Personal Training
(my photo)
Boston’s best personal trainer
is now accepting 3 new clients
this week only to help them
lose fat, drop inches, and
get in shape.

Also, start your bids at $.25. If you’re not getting may clicks you can then raise it if you feel comfortable. Lastly, I always set all my new campaigns to $5 a day until I find out if the clicks are converting to qualified leads.

* As always feel free to change the city and website where needed




Facebook, like most sites is not allowing “weight loss” wording in their ads.

So, you can use example #3 above or variations of it.

The cool thing now is that you can create “content ads,” and add an image to them. They also allow you to add a headline, tagline, and body copy… They do cost a bit more now, but can definitely be worth it.

(*Please see the recent comments below for additional tips)

That’s 3 sentences in a row ending with an exclamation point!




2015 Update:

After spending over $3,000 on an advanced Facebook advertising course and then another $2,000 on actually advertising, I am now convinced more than ever on exactly how to use Facebook for your business.

I’m also going to make this as easy as possible and sum up the 3K course and 2K in testing very simply:

1. Your ads will now cost $1.50 – $3.00 because ad spend is up

2. Your must use the demographics section of Facebook to narrow down your niche, to either target the same people that currently like your page (you must have about 1,000 likes to make this work), or target areas of interest of your ideal client. A stealth tip is to actually target your competitor’s Facebook page or website, etc., but you didn’t hear that 3K tip from me ; )

3. You must use a photo that peaks interest. The only ones that consistently work are photos of scantily-clad women (both men and women respond to that…). I know, I know… I’m not promoting it, but when you’re spending your own money, you need it to work. If you go too “risque,” then the ad won’t show… it’s a fine line.

4. Your ad can be customized for mobile, desktop, and other options to decide who you want to target and how. This matters when sending people to your website (which is typically the goal). If you do not have a mobile ready website, then you probably won’t want to target mobile users – this alone will save you some investment dollars.

5. You ad should have a interest peaking headline (open loop style). For example, “Have you seen the latest scientifically proven way to burn double the body fat in half the time?” Something like that to peak interest and get them to click through to your site.

6. Facebook marketing is not like Google or Bing/Yahoo Search Adwords. These people are NOT searching you out… you’re popping up in front of them… which means it’s not the best type of lead. Keep that in mind when looking at your ROI

7. Facebook advertising may best be used to create a “Like Campaign” to get more “likes” on your page ethically. Facebook helps you do this for about $1 a click. This can give you more “street cred” when people are looking at your business.

8. My testing and working with dozens of other fitness pros is that Facebook marketing actually works much better for free or low cost groups/bootcamps (Think “21-Day Trials”) rather than 1-on-1. I also think it’s a great way to build your list and give a way a free report, coaching video series, etc.


I may add to this list, but I don’t want to over complicate it.

My bottom-line is this:

After spending 5K, I decided to no longer use Facebook advertising for my body transformation business. They keep making it more strict on what I can say and what page a lead lands on…

I’ve also discovered that higher-end, successful, prospective clients do NOT spend a lot of time on Facebook during the day (shocker ; )

Therefore, Facebook is not a great lead source for me for 1-on-1 clients. Small group or list-building, yes. Just not, my 1 to 1 clientele (for that I use Google and Bing Adwords).

I will also continue using it for my online business to send leads to squeeze pages for free downloads, etc. And, if you decide to use FB ads, I suggest you do the same.

Hope this helps!



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  • Robin Mungall

    Leads from Facebook ads have dropped even from last year for me. I have since been using it for list building, offering a fat loss cheat sheet and a value adding autoresponder sequence to kick off the relationship. Facebook vs Google is such a hot topic I love this post it help validate my own conclusions thanks.

  • 3-1-15

    Just to give everyone the latest UPDATE:

    Hardly anyone is using Facebook ads anymore to promote their fitness business directly. They were using them quite successfully about 6-12 months ago before FB made ad changes and competition peaked.

    Most people are now using FB Ads to promote a free download and build their list. It stil lcosts $1-2 per click, but if you can get 100 clicks and 25 people to opti-in, you’re looking at about $150 for 25 decent long-term leads.

    I say “long-term” because although these leads are local (you should choose that in your settings under radius) they are not necessarily ready to buy today – remember they stumbled upon your ad on Facebook – they were not searching your ad out (unlike Google adwords).

    So, for about $500-$600 dollars you may get 100 leads ($5-6 a lead), which is not bad at all… If you get enough to sign up for your training package to breakeven… then hopefully you’ll resign them and that’s where the profit is.

    Yes, this is a big-boy/girl’s game when it comes to advertising online and you must know your numbers.

    For me, it makes sense for online list building, but currently not for getting 1-on-1 clients. (My 3K FB coach reluctantly agrees…)

    Hope this helps and points you in the right direction in how to spend your FB dollars and build your list/clientele!

  • Curt Ligot

    Great Post.

    I have been using a very broad search. Major city + 50 miles, sex and age range. When I have the right bid it works well but it seems competition is high. This month it was over $5 per click.

    1) Does narrowing down location (within 10 miles) eliminate a lot of competition? Meaning, am I bidding against only people targeting within 10 miles ?

    2) Do you ever get specific on income or education, etc?


    • Hi Curt,

      Great question.

      1.) Keep in mind that if you reach someone 50 miles away, they most likely aren’t going to travel to your fitness business… I only ever do +10 miles, and on Google I usually limit it to 5 miles to narrow down my search even more.

      And yes, at this point you’ll only be competing against people who are marketing in your radius (your address + 10 miles).

      2.) Yes, I often test college graduates for education and income above 60K. If I don’t get enough hits I drop the income.

      Hope this helps and market on!

    • One more thing…

      I also create separate ads for men and women on FB to get a higher click rate and sign up – Plus I can specify in my ads “only show to women.”

      You don’t have to narrow it down like this, but it does help!

  • David Berriman

    If I mention weight loss in my ads they dont allow them to show.. What can I do?

    • That is true.

      Facebook and Google are forever changing how you can market. Therefore, we need to always be adapting.

      I would try “body transformation, sculpting, toning, definition,” and other adjectives describing what you want potential leads to view your services as.

      With a little trial and error you’ll nail a winner.

      And, of course, if they shut down that “word” you’ll just move on to the next. Persistence…

  • Also, please read the comments below since they go into demographics, search criteria, etc.

    I will try to pull those out as well and expand this post. However, sometimes I feel people get overwhelmed when I write too much in the posts and they think these marketing items are too complicated to figure out. They’re not and they’re well worth it to growing your business – just copy my systems and proven examples!

  • John Donaghey

    Is there a video for this?

    • Sorry John, that was meant to say “Facebook post!” The reason I say that is because there are hundreds of videos on how to post a facebook ad on YouTube. I will try to pick out a good one and put it up on this post for you, but in the mean time I would definitely check out YouTube and type in “how to post a facebook ad.”

      What I wanted to give you in this post were my WINNING Facebook ads that I spent quite a few dollars on perfecting so that you didn’t have to waste any time, money, or stress figuring out what the general public would respond the best to.

      Hope this helps!

  • Hi Geoff,

    I can only think of a few reasons why your ad is not getting impressions:

    1. The Cost per click is set too low – although it should be fine since it doesn’t sound like there are many people marketing where you are. To test this just increase your CPC to $.50 to see if you get a different result… you can always reset it after a day.

    2. With only 135 leads they may not be checking their FB pages that often! IT’s not very many people on the targeted list… that can happen in small areas.

    3. You are being outbid by competitors NOT in the health & fitness field. Look for adds marketing more expensive items in your area on FB… they may be outbidding you and since there aren’t a lot of people on your list you have less opportunity for your ads to be shown.

    Hope that helps!

  • Geoff Kalmbach

    i refined my adds a bit and now have 135 targets. my adds have been up and running for 3 days and not one impression…is that normal.

  • Geoff,

    Don’t worry about that because you only want to market to the people QUALIFIED for your services. Just keep marketing to them and you may want to play with your income brackets, etc to see if increases viewership.

  • P.S. Never pay what Facebook suggests… you’ll typically get the same # of clicks for only a quarter…

  • Thanks Andrew – Nice work and keep it up!

  • Andrew Voris

    This is the best information I have seen…..I have sen it all for trainers. I started using this and completely changed my facebook results! It goes against normal thought to clarify narrow your niche so specifically but I have and my done very well with a small audience of 440 facebook users in my town that are married and female from 32-48 years old. Increase clicks and decrease my CPC! AWESOME!

  • Geoff Kalmbach

    Here is my ad and target:

    Destins best personal trainer and weight loss expert
    guarantees you’ll drop 12-26 lbs or your money back!
    Apply today for openings.

    :Audience:This ad targets users:
    who live in the United States
    who live within 50 miles of Destin, FL
    between the ages of 21 and 64 inclusive
    who are single, in a relationship, engaged or married
    who are interested in men or women
    who speak English (US)
    Campaign:My Ads (New Campaign)Bid Type:CPCBid:$0.25 USD per clickDaily Budget:$5.00 USD per dayDuration:This ad will run indefinitely


  • Geoff Kalmbach

    what about key words, targeting groups etc. there is a lot of criteria in the targeting and when i completed my ad they stated there were only 180 people fitting that target within a 50 mile radious.

    i went with a very vanilla target and specific but it still came up very short on prospects…is this something to worry about

  • Hi Geoff,

    I narrow down as close to my studio location as possible. I believe the closest you can get is 5-10 miles (ideally 5 miles). I also do this for Google adwords, etc.

    Plus, I target the age range for 27 – 50 year olds.

    Hope that helps!

  • Geoff Kalmbach

    Stephen, how broad should we make the search

    they ask for a lot of info when building your search any sugestions.