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The only thing to think about when using autoresponders is the set-up… seriously, after that it’s a breeze and you never have to touch them again. Knowing that I’m going to take the hard part away and just give you my 5 part autoresponder series! Really… you can have it. It’s what I use to stay in front of my prospects and how I turn online leads into paying clients with ZERO effort.  It’s all in Word doc format and you can just copy and paste it your follow up messages.

You now have a license to chop these babies up – slice ’em, dice ’em, and make them your own!

>>> Download All 5 Parts of My Autoresponders here!

You can also just piece them all together to make one large free report instead of 5 different segments. AND, even though this one is based on weight loss you can follow the template I provided and turn it into muscle gain, athletic performance, etc.

Also, make sure you take out my name and use your own!

This is a big one so enjoy!


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