How to Attract New Clients Through Facebook for Free

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In this video I will show you exactly what you need to do to attract new leads for your bootcamps, studio, or other fitness business – Best of all it takes less than 5 minutes per day to do it! The other great thing is that I’ve been testing my S3 Studio Facebook page over the past few months and we have definitely found a winner! Now you can copy my success by implementing the same FREE strategies and design to take advantage of this social media powerhouse. Check out the video now and be sure to use this free fitness marketing technique to increase your exposure, build your brand, and get new clients!

Hi S3 Members!

I have a great new video for you today on how we have been using Facebook over the past few months to attract new clients for free using this social media platform. I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but this whole Facebook thing seems to be catching on ; )

In the video that I shot below I will show up exactly what we are doing to attract new leads and clients. It’s completly based on no-cost marketing strtegies that are meant to build trust, likability, and relationships with your community (both local and online). You’ll also see the new design we will be using since Facebook is making all “fan pages” switch over to a new format.

(In the future I’ll explain how to use your Facebook page to promote special offers and one-time only deals.)

Again, this cost absolutely nothing to implement and that’s one reason why I feel everyone needs to be taking advantage of this.

One more point I want to make is that I think Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media outlets are a giant waste of time and productivity – I always have. Therefore, I don’t recommend spending a lot of time on any of these social media spots. And to be totally honest, I have one of the CPTs from my studio edit all of our social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. I just figure that I could be working with a client, writing an article for you, or studying during the time I am getting sucked into the social media vortex.

However, if you love spending your downtime on Facebook then that’s cool – just make sure you implement the strategies I suggest in the video below and then don’t get lost in cyberspace for the next hour when you should be working on your business!

Enough talk… check out the video below and see what I am doing right now on Facebook to drive traffic to my fitness business website and getting new clients for free!


I am attaching the image below (by popular request) that we use for our Facebook header. You can use this as a model to give to your designer or even create your own for FREE using a cool program called

(Side note: PIXLR is a $600 program equivalent for $0 – sweet hook up right? I’ll also be sure to post this under the resource page as well…

Just remember not to get sucked into Facebook for more than 10 minutes per day!







2015 Update:

We’re ALWAYS testing and tweaking at my fitness business and here is the latest update of what we’re using for a banner at

Fitness business marketing






While you’re checking out our banner take a look at how we post and what we’re posting on – you’ll see that to get any engagement now, you really should be using an image in all of your posts. The writing, is actually secondary to the image if you’re looking for shares and engagement. It’s almost turning into Imstagram now, but on a different platform…

TIP: Use all of your social media in the same way to cross refer along platforms – same post across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, link in Twitter, etc.



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  • We’re ALWAYS testing and tweaking at my fitness business and here is the latest update of what we’re using for a banner at

  • Alphonso Allen


    • Hi Alphonso,

      Great question and please keep in mind that Facebook, Google, and other “social” or search based sites are always changing…

      We’re testing a lot of things on Facebook right now, but you won’t see the final updates on Smart Studio Systems until we mastered it. The reason is, that I would never ask you to invest your hard earned money before I had a plan in place for you that I’ve gotten to work myself…

      Hope this helps and please go to htt:// for the latest at anytime of what we’re currently doing!

  • Victor Sykes

    In the above post you stated that In the future you would explain how to use our Facebook page to promote special offers and one-time only deals. Where can we find that info?

    • Hi Victor,

      Facebook (like Google, etc.) is always changing it’s rules and algorhythms. Meaning it works for awhile and then we have to change it to suit their demands.

      That’s why “tactics” like this can never be the mainstay of your marketing, but it certainly doesn’t hurt either and it’s free!

      We try to get everyone to our website and they can sign up for a free report there.

      Also, we have links within our FB posts at times to get people over to the website as well.

  • Linda Black

    Hey Steven,
    Do you have a template for the coupon you are using on fb?

    • Hi Linda, it’s all set now – I attached it above in the post. You can just drag it onto your desktop now and model it in your business if you’d like!

  • Christian Aguirre

    Here’s an update on FB Time Line Fan Pages. I think you are in violation of their fan page rules. Check out this blog article I found >>

    • Thanks Christian and I’ll check it out!

      As of right now, it seems like I’m in the clear and my designer has not said I have to change it, but we will look into it further. Plus, I feel confident since I’m offering a free product without asking for any money…

  • John Donaghey

    Hello Stephen,

    have you used the fbwebinars developed by Scott Boulch. I know that Sam Backtiar uses it so I was wondering if you used it.

    It looks amazing and it is something I am thinking of using when my newer website gets developed.

    Thanks and another great video.


    • Hi John,

      The software does look great, but remember it’s only one tool. I always prioritize my marketing and for right now it is not something that is high on my list… however, in the future I may look into it more.

      Plus, when something has a monthly fee attached to it I just want to make sure that I am at least doubling my money and time investment and right now I can’t commit enough energy to see it through so, again, it is something that may be right in the future (although a year from now who knows what else will be going on with this type of software ; )

      If anyone else is using this software just let us know how it is working for you.

    • Christine Aguirre

      I am currently using FB Webinar for my online and offline business and it is doing great. I have gotten tons of opt ins and made my money back with my offer. Here’s the link to one of my webinars if you want to check it out >>

  • I hope you enjoyed the video and if you’re doing something new, different, and cool with Facebook to attract new clients please feel free to share your FB page link so that everyone in the S3 Community can learn from it!