10 Email Headlines Guaranteed to Get Opened

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This is a private video presentation I did for Ryan Lee and his $97 a month membership site. But, since I always take care of my Smart Studio Systems members I have a copy for you to watch right now! Use these 10 email subject headlines whenever you’re looking to get an important email opened by your studio and/or online clients about an upcoming event or promotion. These work!

Be sure to comment and let me know how you liked the video and if you have a few TESTED and PROVEN email headlines that have worked for you feel free to share so that we can all learn and benefit!


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  • James Kerrison

    I used one of these headlines and got 44% open rate and 23 email replies.

    There was no call to action or reason to email me either.

    It was the same email I had sent two days earlier, which had an open rate of about 30% and zero email replies.


    • That’s what I’m talking about – nice work and on taking action!

      Which opening line worked for you from the presentation video so that everyone can learn from your success?

    • James Kerrison

      I just used – ‘did you miss this’ added a line sating i know your busy etc and want to make sure you didn’t miss yesterdays email…

    • Thanks for getting back to us on what worked… and that is a great headline to use, as long as you don’t do it too often.