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When you’re first starting out you may not have built up your credentials yet, so what should you do when you’re trying to add logos and images to your advertisements and website? It’s actually an EASY, QUICK FIX and will make you look far more professional (Plus, you’ll stand out from all the other competitor’s ads) Here’s how to do just that:

All you have to do is work with what you DO have…

Potential clients don’t know the difference between most logos, etc, but they do know when something looks official. So all you need to do is use all the training certifications and organizations (like NASM, NSCA, ACSM, etc) that you belong to and are certified by to your advantage.

Here’s what I would do:

I would do a Google “image” search for each of the organizations that you belong to and then save each of them as a jpeg.



You can then place all of those organizations, plus any local papers, etc that you’ve appeared in on your website and in your ads.

I told you it was easy!

Plus, these organizations logos look great and they’ll make you look like a true professional.

Try this out today and feel free to pop them in my ads in place of any logos I have. Remember, there’s always a way to market yourself both aggressively and ethically – you just have to get creative!


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  • Liliann Bailey

    Was your choice of the example image (above) an oversight? I’m sorry, but I find it “Politically Incorrect” on so many levels. 🙁

    • Hi Lilian,

      It totally was an oversight!!!

      Wow, I should have caught that, but all I saw were the media logos, not the captions below – thanks for pointing it out. I’m actually not into politics at all so it’s kind of funny that that would happen…

      ; )

    • Hi Liliann,

      I just read it over again and neither my designer nor I even noticed it (even the 3rd time around) – all we saw were CNN and ABC logos… We literally just pulled the image off of Google like I mention to do, but this is actually a great lesson for everyone.

      Always read the captions below images!

      It is IMPORTANT that you don’t just pick an image quickly and fully look over the entire photo. The image my designer chose (but it was MY fault for not catching it) was actually some twisted person’s take on politics, Obama, and certain media outlets. Wow…

      Not cool to say the least and this random Google image in no way reflected the views of myself or anyone at Smart Studio Systems!