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fitness-marketing-trainer-biographiesThese are the 2 professional templates I created to use in my studio and when I consulted for health clubs. I’ll also show you what I use to frame them and how you can use them in your studio to promote a professional environment. Plus, you can swipe these templates as part of your S3 License to edit and make your own! Here they are:

These are the variations I’ve used and have had success with:

>>> Trainer Biography Template #1

>>> Trainer Biography Template #2

I really don’t have a preference of one over the other, but I did decide to go with the vertical design for my studio.

At my studio use white frames (wood) with a glass front to them. All you do is open up the back and remove the cardboard to place an 8.5 x 11 printout of your CPTs biography.

At health clubs and other studios I have used a black plastic thin frame with the same glass front. This allows the contents of the frame to get all the publicity (these are the frames I use for my success stories).

Regardless of what frame you use, you’ll be able to find  cheap ones for less than $5 per frame at a local arts and crafts store or an office supply store.

I bought mine at “Staples” office supply and I bought the white frames at “JoAnn Fabric” (local arts & crafts store).

The reason I hang them outside of my studio is so that interested clients can read them over if they come at off-hours when we are closed. I’ve even taped business card holders (double sided tape) with the CPTs business cards in them directly below their bios. This worked GREAT at health clubs!

Plus, these biographies look professional and that’s the vibe you should be giving off to presell everyone before they even enter your studio.

You set the tone, the atmosphere, and the environment to create one overall exceptional experience for your clients!

Feel free to tweak them and replace the logo, text, images, and anything else you’d like. They were done in a design program and turned into PDFs. As with all the professional graphics works you can use a PDF editor of lay yours out in a Word document using my template. Enjoy!


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  • Sheila Townsend

    If we convert these to word documents, how do we edit them?:-)

    • Whenyou convert PDF’s to Word Docs it lays it out just like it is seen in the PDF, but as a Word doc. It isn’t perfect, but very close even if it is fragile…

      However, with the PDF editor program you can just go in and make changes as you see fit – that program is devious since it allows you to just take any PDF and edit it ; )

      For more information please look under the “Resources” category or type in PDF editor in the search box.

  • Robert Selders

    Stephen, will you also share your template for your client success stories? Thanks.

    • Definitely, I will put it up this week under the offline marketing category!

  • All design work is done in professional design programs such as photoshop and Quark. Original works can’t be created in or saved as word or excel docs.

    There is a resource in the “resource” category that will allow you to convert PDFs to word docs or edit them right in PDF format.

    Please see that post for details…

  • Shondelle Solomon

    how can we edit this?