The Future Is Here: The #1 Client Attraction Tool of All Time?

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I’m going to show you a brand new campaign I’m rolling out for 2010. You’re going to see exactly how I do it and what I plan to give away to my community to build trust and credibility. It’s only going to cost me a few dollars and I have no doubt I will make $1,000 for every $1 I spend… I’ve never seen this done before. Come check out what I’m giving away!

Alright, so here’s what I’m doing…

I’m using my 4×9 rack cards that work so well and adding a new twist. I’m now creating a new rack card, but this time I’m not going to be promoting anything. What I’m doing is creating FREE WORKOUT CARDS.

Each 4×9 card will be a quick 2-3 exercise workout with photos and descriptions. I feel strongly that people will be so thrilled with the free information that they will tell their friends and then come to me when they are ready train (my website will of course be on the cards).

It’s going to create a huge buzz!

Plus, if they enjoy the workouts they’re going to want more. AND, you now have the “Law of Reciprocity” working for you where you’ve given so much already to them that they want to now purchase something from you.

I’ll update you with the results soon!

>>> Download my Future of Fitness workout rack card here – FRONT

>>> Download my Future of Fitness workout rack card here – BACK

These are going to be a BIG hit!!!

2013 Update:

(This update was sent by email as well)

Hi S3 Members!

I wanted to update you on one of my favorite Guerilla Marketing
strategies… ever.

As you may remember from going through the Smart Studio Systems
Member’s area I have a rack card that provides a full “abs/core

I have to tell you this little rack card has been bringing in leads
now for the past 2+ years strong!

What we’re now doing with it is rotating it in and out of the
community about 3x a year. So, basically what we do is add a 2nd
rack card holder beside our usual 4×9 fitness business rack card in
all of our locations for about 6-8 weeks at a time.

(You should do this especially in the Spring and Summer.)

The business owners that allow you to put your cards there already
do not mind, and this time you’re actually giving their customers a
free workout!

I’ll be sharing more JV strategies in the future, but right now
they’re in “test mode.”

As you know, people love working their abs and core (a big BUZZ
word), so these cards often go fast in our most popular locations.

Of course, we still stick with our set amount (10) of rack cards per
location formula (for tracking), and  as you probably already
noticed we have our “studio benefits” written on the back of this
free workout card.

Okay, that’s enough for now, but I do recommend revisiting this
post and using my design and full workout for your business (you
can just change the studio name and contact information).

Now go MARKET MORE and let me know if you have any questions!



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  • Curt Ligot

    What are the dimensions on these guys? Is this 4 x9 as well?

    Brilliant stuff here man.

    • Thanks!

      These bad boys really do work great and we’re working on creating another metabolic interval one to put on cars or use as a doorhanger…

      They’re 4×9″ and then you can just add 2″ to the top to make them a doorhanger (we do that with most of our rack cards to save on design fees and reinforce our message across multiple marketing platforms – it works!)

      Get after it!

  • Curt Ligot

    I like this idea a lot. You just use a word doc to create these?

    • Hi Curt,

      I have a designer (part-time freelance) that creates these rack cards for $100-200. They use a program called QuarkXpress or Photoshop.

      However, the one I gave to you on this page can be converted (somewhat) in a Word doc by using the program I recommend under resources. Or, just type into Google “PDF to Word” converted and you’ll find the latest free resource… it’s not perfect, but you may be able to edit the one I have here using it.

      Many S3 Members have done just that… and it worked!

  • Raymond Triplett

    Hi Stephen,

    Is there a certain kind of paper you print these on? It seems like it should be pretty sturdy, but I am not sure what the best option is. Thanks!


    • Hi Raymond,
      All my rack cards are printed on 14pt ultra-thick rack cards by

      Hope that helps!

  • Guy La Brusciano

    Any results on these yet?

    • Hi Guy,

      It worked great! Lots of buzz around our neighborhood from the locals and is definitely helping to build out brand. I’m also hoping people are taking them to the gym with them!

      Keep in mind it is just ONE more cog in the machine that generates tons of new client leads for us each month.

  • James Gouldin

    Clever idea.
    People do love free workout programs…

    Look forward to get this.