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A lot of people think success story templates have to be these fancy graphic designs that look slick and as if they came right out of a magazine. However, I can tell you from years of research that the ones that look more “homemade” stand out more and have a far BIGGER impact on those who see them than the fancy pants ones. The reason is that the simpler ones look like a “non-marketer” made them for their clients. Whereas the elaborate ones look more like a marketer or large manufacturer made them, and therefore, many people question their authenticity… Here’s the template I created about 4 years ago that my clients and potential clients love looking at:

This template was originally designed in Quark, but I’m sure you can either convert it to a Word document or even recreate my design in Word in just a few minutes with Text and Image boxes.

>>> Download my Success Story PDF Template here

(Just right click or press control on your mac while clicking the link above to save the PDF)

Keep in mind that no matter what type of facility you run, all you have to do is change the bullet points to the right of the client photo with the achievements of your athletes, dancers, martial artists, or whomever your typical client is. Then just insert a photo (or before and after shot) and either write your own congratulatory success story for them or have them email you a testimonial that you can paste into the area below the photo.

For details on how to get success stories from your current and past clients please see the 2 previous S3 member only posts on this topic.

I can’t stress to you enough how powerful having a “wall of fame” of your success stories is.

It reinforces the beliefs of current clients that they are in the “right place” and potential clients are “pre-sold” before they even talk with you about the type of results you help clients achieve…

It’s awesome stuff so I hope you put this template to good use!


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  • Sheila Townsend

    Hey Steve,

    Just wondering is there anyway to get this in a word doc, so I can edit?

    I am not really very savvy when it comes to creating a template on my own…

    any help would be great!

    • Hi Sheila,

      Unfortunately this was made in Quark Xpress page layout. The issue with Word is that it is a word processing program, not a design program so it is difficult to do design workout in it.

      However, a lot of Smart Studio Systems Members are using a PDF Editor program to edit the PDFs I send have on this website. I’ve listed one in the Resources section of this S3 site.

      I will talk with my designer and see if there’s any way to covert it to Word, but I have asked him about other projects and he said that even if he did there would be no way for you to easily edit it yourself… sorry but I’ll work on it!

  • Lee Skinner

    Thanks, I’m getting this done right now and a idea of layout was just what I needed. My idea looks pretty dull. Lee

    • Hi Lee,

      I’ve been using these templates now for over 5 years and my clients love them!

      Enjoy the template and put it to good use!