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personal training studio marketing offer

personal training studio marketing offer

I can guarantee you that you haven’t seen this bad boy before. It’s a pretty cool (okay, VERY cool) marketing strategy I came up with while walking out of my favorite café about 4 weeks ago. It took me a few days of research, but I found a vendor to create it for me for only $69.00. This $69 investment will bring in at least 1 new client… most likely 5-10 new clients within 30 days just from this brand new strategy. BE the 1st one to do it in your city and cash in! You can copy exactly what I’m doing!!!

What I decided to do is create “coffee cup holder sleeves” with an ad for my studio. Typically most cafes (besides Starbucks) just let use generic or blank sleeves for them. So what I decided to do was approach some of the owners of local cafes to see if they’d be interested in me supplying them with FREE coffee sleeves. And since my clients and I frequent their establishments they’re more than happy to help out.

You have to check this out and I’ll update you on how it is going!

>>> Download My Guerilla Marketing Secret Coffee Sleeve Here

(I still can’t believe I found a vendor to get these done for only $69 including shipping! The quote I got before that was for $249, which was just too much I thought. These bad boys are going to be a hit!!!)

Here’s how to get your own:

UPI Coffee Sleeves by Useful Products, Inc


Contact Debbie and tell her that I referred you and that you’ll be using a design similar to mine (if you choose to).

Here’s her contact info:

Debbie Dewing
429 West Jasper St.
Goodland, IN 47948
(219) 297-3154
Hours 6:00am to 4:00pm Central Time USA





These coffee sleeve holders went over great and we continue to use them on an ongoing basis with various cafes in the area. We like to use them every time we hire a new CPT or just rotate cafes every 2-3 months. This gives the cafes and their customers a rest for a few months as we switch them to another cafe or just not use them for a month or two depending on where we are in our marketing cycle.

Common question: “How do you get the cafes to allow you to put your coffee sleeve holders in their store?”

Since we pay for the sleeves, the local small cafes don’t have to buy coffee sleeve holders so they oblige pretty easily… But, the main reason they allow us to put our coffee sleeves in their cafe is because we are a local business and they know us. This is why it’s important to just go and talk with local business owners in your area. You scratch their back and they’ll scratch yours… In reality all local small business owners are looking for potential partners like yourself to send them clients as well, so in cases like this let them know your clients shop with them on a regular basis and that you recommend their services.

Here is an image of what the coffee holder looks like – we decided to do this one in black and white because it was cheaper, but you could do either…







Please refer to the website above for exact dimensions of the coffee sleeve holders and be he first one in your community to market in this unique way – it works!

(*I recommend going with a white background, instead of the brown, since your advertisement shows up better)



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  • Curt Ligot

    After I get my A frame and business cards 3.0 I’ll get to work on these.

    You ever thought of doing drink coasters? That way you could restaurants, bars, etc

    • It’s not a bad idea, but you’d probably want to see if a bar will agree to let you place your coasters there…

      Go with the Aframe, doorhangers, and rack cards first, then tackle the others.

      Keep up the great work!

      And if you want to be promoting body transformation in a bar ; )

  • As with all S3 Posts make sure you continue to check back in and review the posts and recent comments. There’s always new updates and questions being posted!

    (I just updated this post with our new image for the coffee sleeve holders)

  • Jeremie Guarderas

    Hey Steve – I just made my ad for the coffee sleeve – I’ll send it to you – you can share it with everyone if you think it’s good enough or maybe you can use it as a “do not make this mistake” on your ad

    One more thing, what size did you use for your template?

    • Hi Jeremie,

      Typically I wouldn’t be able to proof or critique individual marketing pieces, but I liked your take action attitude and emailed you back. Yours looked great with that one minor change needed to really BOOST your response rate… a lot of times all it takes is changing one or two words to make all the difference.

      Keep up the great work!

      PS. Check out the comment below where I give all the contact information to get them printed. They also have different types so I’d just go to the website or give them a shout.

  • Jeremie Guarderas

    LOL – Talk about thinking outside the box! This opens my eyes to so many other ways to market myself – Great Stuff!

  • Hi Andrew,

    That’s a fantastic way to boost your response rate from coffee shops wanting to participate!

    You could even “co-brand” the sleeves to partner with them in the future if they are a really popular and well-liked establishment…

  • Andrew Voris

    awesome! Just did this and plan to offer the coffee shop an incentive for those turned in!

  • Hi Tina,

    After you start rolling out your favorites check back in and let us know how you did!

    Plus, feel free to share what you did to make it successful – we’re all here to learn from each other (myself included!)

  • Tina Davis

    Im excited to start doing some of these advertising ideas you provide 🙂

  • WOW, I can’t believe I forgot to add the vendor’s name!

    Here it is:

    UPI Coffee Sleeves by Useful Products, Inc

    Contact Debbie and tell her that I referred you and that you’ll be using a design similar to mine (if you choose to).

    Here’s her contact info:

    Debbie Dewing
    429 West Jasper St.
    Goodland, IN 47948
    (219) 297-3154
    Hours 6:00 to 4:00 Central Time

    They’re very nice people over there and went out of their way to help me…

  • Norman Belanger

    Great idea!! Who is the vendor? Can you provide his contact info.?

  • Travis Stoetzel

    who did you get to be a vendor?

    thanks in advance!


  • Shondelle Solomon

    who is the vendor?