S3 Guerilla Tactic: How to Be Seen Everywhere in Your Community!

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fitness guerilla marketing

fitness guerilla marketing

This one marketing piece will ensure that you will be seen everywhere in your community. It’s also the perfect branding tool to ensure you become known as the go-to-guy when it comes to choosing a fitness pro! This one piece is a MUST DO – even if you only choose to make up one marketing piece! (plus, it’s dirt cheap!)

Okay here’s the skinny:

Every one of the trainers on my team has at least 5 locations that they must put rack cards in and check up on every week. Each week we tally up how many were taken and write that # down on a spreadsheet hanging in the CPT office. This way we get to see where are best performers lie and target those locations with bigger marketing efforts.

Here’s a list of the locations we make sure to hit up:

  • Nail salons
  • Hair salons
  • Massage studios
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Chiropractors
  • Condo buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Real estate offices
  • Barber shops
  • Dry cleaners

Basically you want to look for any place that caters their services to people willing to spend their disposable income on “extras.” These are you perfect clients since they already see the value in adding othr people’s services to their lives. They’re all about convenience and are willing to pay you money to save time, energy, and potentially money by having you show the THE RIGHT WAY.

>>> Download Rack Card Front

>>> Download Rack Card Back

I’m telling you that these bad boys work! You absolutely must get them made up and send them out into your community – put them everywhere!

AND, it doesn’t matter what your niche is – you can easily make one up with different images and offers to portray your style of training.

PS. They sell specific 4×9 plastic rack card holders at places like Office Max and Staples. You can get 4 for $10.

I will be back in a short while on more on this topic (where I reveal why every element of the card was designed like it is)  – stay tuned!


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  • Glenn Pisching

    Do you just ask to set your cards in their shop or store or do offer to help them out also by sending clients to them? Do you give them a discount in your services if they allow you to put your cards there?
    Thank you

    • Hi Glenn,

      Thanks for the comment and it should say in the post and/or DVDs that we first take their coupons or offer and post it on our studio community board. Then, the next time we go in and see if they have any more coupons. It’s at that point that we ask if we can leave our rack card holder (or pin our rack card up).

      Some places just have a massive community board, so for those places we just pin ours up with permission.

      We never offer discounts to anyone – except corporate training programs that come in with 10+ hours a week. Then we offer $10 off per session – you may only want to offer $5 off if your sessions are less expensive.

      Hope this helps!

  • Here is what the plastic rack card holders look like:


    (copy and paste url into browser if needed)

  • Hi Ben,

    It’s not an error – you want people to get to know your marketing and associate it with your brand!

  • Ben Longley


    The rack card front looks exactly the same as the doorhanger front, is this supposed be to like this or is it an error?

    Also, im from Oz and haven’t heard the term rack card, but I figure its just like a postcard to leave on the counters of other shops etc for people to pick up, Is that all I need to know?

    What does the rack card holders do? Can I just leave the cards on the counter in a pile or is this not as effective?



    • The rack card holders keep the cards upright so they don’t mix in with other flyers. It looks more professional and they stand out more. They’re just plastic holders for 4×9 cards.