S3 Doorhangers v2.0: Doorhangers Done Right!

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I’ve gone through 3 revisions and I have to say these guerilla marketing pieces are so unbelievable for building name recognition and attracting new clients. Every time I send these out into the community I get huge returns on my investment. I’m also going to show you how to SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars a year by using my private vendor connections!

Check out v2.0

>>> S3 Doorhanger v2.0 (Front)

>>> S3 Doorhanger v2.0 (Back)

* You  will also be the 1st one I show my brand spanking new S3 Doorhanger v3.0 when it arrives next week! This new one is all about using social proof to send home the message that we are the studio that gets results. Plus, I’ll give you test stats on how it did and what type of ROI it brought in…!


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  • Nathan Stowe

    THis might be a silly question; but if you hire someone from craigslist how do help insure that they simply don’t toss all of the doorhangers into the trash?

    Are they #’d so that I can offer a referral fee if someone calls from the flyer and signs up??


    • Hi Nathan,

      That’s a good question. We actually have our manager, or myself just walk/drive through a few of the streets they were asked to do and look to see if they were put up. We also let them know we will be checking their work just to ensure quality for our potential customers.

      It’s a 5-minute trade off on our part vs. 9 hours of doorhangering!

    • Nathan Stowe

      Thank you Coach!!

  • Ruston Webb

    I finally got my doorhangers in and I’m going to do the foot work myself for a couple weeks. Is there a strategy anyone uses for door hanging. I’ve never done it before and wanted to know if there are any DO’s and DON’Ts. I printed out (from google maps) the surrounding neighborhoods and was just going to start walking with a backpack full of doorhangers.

    • Hi Ruston,

      This is a great question and I’m glad to hear that you have your doorhangers and are taking action! Great work and that’s already an accomplishment in itself.

      What I do is make sure that you hang 2 on each apartment building that has 4-5 apartments in it. You’d hang 1-2 more if there were 10+ units.

      For single family homes you’ll just use one.

      AND, I always hang them with the same side facing out. I do this on purpose in order to test. The next time I hand out the doorhangers (6 weeks later) I will use the other side and then again check the response. Whichever side got the better response I will go with that one in the future until I test it again versus something else.

      Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  • Jeremie Guarderas

    WOW!!! Doorhangers Are Amazing!!!

    I had 2 guys hanging doorhangers for my bootcamp. They got through about 1500 in 10 hours. (only 3500 more to go – lol)

    SIX people joined at $249 a person – the same exact day their hands touch my doorhanger! INSANE!

    Usually the week before is when I get people to join but with that #1 headliner they are joining 3 weeks prior!

    LOL and to think I almost did not buy this smart system!

    Great Job Steve – I am very grateful!


  • Jeremie Guarderas

    What vendor do you use for the doorhangers?

    • Hi Jeremie,

      Rachel said she got back to you on this question, but I wanted to make sure I put it in the comment section just to make sure.

      I currently use Next Day Flyers.com for all of my printing.

      I also have them listed under the “Resources Category” on this site.

      They’re high quality, fast, cheap, and consistent!

  • Ben Longley

    Hi Stephen,

    I’ve never seen this concept used before, maybe people don’t do this in Aus.

    Im just trying to get my head around how these doorhangers are used, do we just send them out to peoples mail boxes like flyers for people to take and hang on their doors? Is that the idea?



    • Yes, you just hire someone for $8 an hour to put them on people’s doorknobs so that they have to see them when they enter their home… very effective.

      You could be the 1st one!

  • Hi Jan,

    Most of my clients are high end, but you’d be surprised at how many love to see their photos on our results marketing. Of course, some do not, but as you’ll see in my marketing and on my websites you only need 6-8 total clients to say yes!

    If you can’t get any client photos use written success stories and then a photo of a woman who is in shape – it’s been proven to pull the best…

  • Jan Wyche

    Hi Stephen,

    I’ll be waiting to see the new one. I’ve noticed that in much of your original marketing you use photos of clients. I work in a large city and I can pretty much guarantee that my clients won’t want their pictures out circulating around town (especially the more high-profile ones). Other than client photos, what else do you recommend using to draw attention to your advertising?