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Every 3 months I send a letter out to my small targeted list that at first allows me to introduce myself to them and then later continues to follow up offering my services to them. This is a compelling direct response letter with a clear call to action to the reader. It works exceptionally well for 2 reasons. The first, is that my list is highly targeted and I know they can afford my services. The second, is that I have more room on a full 8.5×11 to tell my story and highlight the benefits of my services.  And now my personal letters are all yours… Swipe the Word document today and start using it today!

>>> Download S3 New Year’s Letter

Here’s how this letter worked:

1. I went to a print shop and had them print up 500 black and white copies for a test run mail out.

2. I had one of my clients who is a real estate broker look up the names and addresses for high-end condo buildings I wanted to target.

3. Then I had my personal assistant manually highlight (with a yellow highlighter) all the areas in the Word doc that I highlighted for you in the sample above.

I didn’t want it to be printed highlighted because people can tell when you personally highlight something versus printing it that way…

4. After that I had my PA fold the letter into a “z fold” and place it in the envelope. (A “z fold” is when you have the letter folded in 3 without folder any part of the letter inside of itself – basically when folded in 3 it should hang down and unfold in a “z”)

The top of the letter and  headline should face towards the reader when they go to open the letter. You want the highlighted top text to be the 1st thing they see…

5. I also had my PA hand address the envelopes and stamp them with a real 1st class stamp to boost the opening reponse.

6. I used my studio return address labels for a professional finish to the front of the white envelope (to look like a regular letter or bill).

7. Lastly, I also enclosed a business card and 4×9 rack card behind the letter in the envelope… this is key because if you have to pay for postage you may as well get more professional marketing pieces in front of them – you never know what will catch their eye (each person is drawn to different graphical elements).

I’ve used this for a studio promotion before, but since we are pretty much sold out at the studio I used this specific one to increase our in-home clientel.

It worked!

We got 6 new clients (only paying clients count – leads that don’t convert don’t matter…) at an average sale of $2,136 per package.

That’s $12,816 from that mailing!

Since I paid about $25 for the printing ( 5 cents a copy) and $215 for the stamps, $20 for the envelopes, and $30 for my PA’s time that means the whole mailing only cost me $290.

That means a made $12,526 in profit before paying out my CPTs.

(I keep about 36 – 43% + 100% of my personal clients payments – super inside information – keep that number a secret ; )

So in the end I spent $290 to make $4,509.36 PLUS future package sales from those NEW clients PLUS any referrals they provide me (for free)!

In the end I’m guessing I made about 13K last year in profit from this one…

Remember, just as I pointed out above you NEED to know all your numbers and profit % before you do a direct mailing.

If you’re new to the advertising game I would first start with doorhangers and rack cards since they are cheap (but look great) and you don’t have to pay for postage which is the ONLY expensive thing about direct mail letters and postcards.

Hope this sales letter sparked ALL sorts of new ideas for you!

Let’s BLOW IT UP in 2010!


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  • Adam Mole

    Stephen, in the letter you make several references to neighbors e.g. ‘I currently work with some of your neighbors and we haven’t yet had the chance to meet I wanted to introduce myself and say “hello.”

    My question is. How to you suggest you change the pitch / letter f you don’t train any neighbors? I know there might be some local people who wouldn’t enquire as to who in the village / area you train. But we’re based in a small village and most people know each other either directly or indirectly. Therefore, I’m not sure how we can utilize the letter for full effect!

    Any advise or suggestions much appreciated.


    • Hi Adam,

      I would either offer a few complimentary sessions/consultations to your “neighbors” or rephrase the letter. Personally I would just offer some consultations like I suggest on the S3 website. This way you will have actually worked with some of their neighbors.

      By the way, I NEVER give the names of whom else I work with even if some asked if I work with so and so… I believe keeping client information confidential is a big part of what we should strive for as professionals.

      Also, if you’re looking to change the letter I would just rephrase it to say, “We currently work with many local Bostonians (or whatever your city or larger area is called)…”

      Hope this helps!

  • Hi Chris,

    I’m not a fan of brochures (I’m assuming you mean the tri-fold ones…).

    I’d rather the reader not have to do any extra work (like open the brochure up) to see what I have to offer and view my message.

    Hope that helps!

  • Chris Rudolph

    Stephen, do you have any brochure templates that you use? Chris Rudolph

  • Shondelle Solomon

    when i try to download it sayts file is corrupt

  • Hi guys, didn’t you read my email about providing all the links on Monday?

    I thought we had a deal – early access (at the 50% off charter members rate) in exchange for just allowing me a little time to get the remaining 4 of the 51 private S3 member content article links in place…

    I’m sensitive a little sensitve to thes things… ; )

    Just kidding, maybe a little sleep deprived though.

    Everything will be up in good time – I promise you no one will miss anything and that I will personally make this THE one-stop shop for all your fitness studio needs.

    Just know that I’m working my butt off to get everything up for you but this site is intended to be a community with continual updates with new marketing pieces and business growth tools.

    This post’s link is now up and my Direct Mail Letter is now yours!

  • Shondelle Solomon

    Will these be up soon?

  • Brett Denton

    Can’t download the letters or see the video