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I’ve never revealed this before, but this is one of the best ways to build your business for free. Most people recommend you join a networking group or the chamber of commerce in your local town, but that is close to useless – and a huge waste of your time. What you need to do is actually speak to the groups of people that are actually searching for the services you provide. Check out this post on how to find those people:

First off, as a small business owner you simply don’t have the time, money, or resources to try to convince people to purchase your services.

All you are really trying to do is meet the people that are already looking for your services – this is the secret that no one every tells you about marketing!!!

Why am I able to do over 1,000 sessions each and every month?

2 reasons:

1. We retain 98%+ of our clients each month

2. We only spend our marketing dollars on getting in front of people that want our service.


I said it.

This is why I hate when I see online fitness marketers or gurus telling you to use this method or that method… are they using those “tricks” and “ninja skillz” in their business?

Me thinks not.

This is why I feel Smart Studio Systems is the only coaching system out there telling your the truth of what actually works to create a FUN & HIGHLY PROFITABLE business. There are over 170 S3 Exclusive Posts on what I do in my business, so I’ll let you take your time reading and re-reading them

Today, I want to give you my game-changer when it comes to public speaking.

I touched on this once before and it is how I ended up selling out my small group coaching sessions in one day (at about $400 an hour). You can read the post here:

Today, though, I want to share with you how you don’t even need to set up your own separate group page or hold your own public speaking seminar like I did.

Here’s the secret:

I go out and find groups that are already meeting or talking about my specific service. For example, I help people lose weight and transform their bodies. You may do youth athletics, martial arts, dance, etc. It doesn’t matter your expertise – you just need to use this method to find your ideal audience.

Okay, so here’s the simple formula broken down for you:

Step 1: Go to

This is the website I use for this marketing system that is liking fishing in a barrel with a shotgun. You can’t miss… even if you’re a poor shot.

Step 2: Search Your Service

For example, when I choose in “fitness,”or “health & well-being” around the Boston, MA 02116 area I get 56 groups (just under “fitness” within 10 miles).

Step 3: Narrow Down Your Search

From here what you’ll need to do is find the largest MeetUp groups you can find. (And cut out the groups that are set up by competitors.)

Step 4: Continue Narrowing Down Your Search

This is important. After you find the largest groups what you’ll need to do is find the groups with the most ACTIVE Members and most meetup events/times. Remember, you want responsive leads to get in front of, so if a group has 50 members, but only 5 show up and no one is talking, then that group is most likely a waste of your time…

Step 5: Contact by Location

After narrowing down your groups during steps 3 and 4, you will want to begin contacting the groups that are CLOSEST to your studio or training location. This is essential because when you do get in front of these groups you’ll want the potential leads to actually live or work near you. Right? Exactly ; )

Once you are on the MeetUp group page there is a “contact” button on the left hand column. (You must sign up with a free account to message someone). From here you can send the administrator of this MeetUp group an email introducing yourself and the benefit you could bring to their group by setting up a short public speaking event. Tell them you are making it an exclusive event just for their group and that you’re happy to give away something of value as well…

Step 6: Work with Administrators to set up a MeetUp Public Speaking Event, Workshop, or Seminar

Here’s the thing… not everyone is a stellar public speaker. Understood. The cool thing about the method I’m teaching is that you can actually offer a FREE Postural analysis for runners, group bootcamp session, FMS, kid’s training workshop, body composition analysis, nutritional consult, etc. etc. etc.

Surely you can handle any of those…

The possibilities are actually endless.

We’ve done seminars that have consisted of a 30-minute talk and a 30 min Q&A. We’ve also done a free small group training session exclusively for certain groups.

Look to see when they usually hold their MeetUps. The reason is you may be able to just piggy back on one of their already scheduled sessions and be a guest speaker – this is HUGE! I’ve done this with phenomenal results. At the end of my 15 minute talk I would give out a rack card with a coupon on it for a complimentary fitness consultation. This is a non-intimidating way to market your business and build the likability factor. (And it just so happens I give you my template right on


Step 7: Make It an Event

Whether you’re putting on a seminar yourself or speaking at another person’s event, make it memorable. Don’t waste their time. Give them the good stuff and make it easy to understand and implement. Tell them something they don’t already know and show them how they can make it work in the real world.

Like I said, sky’s the limit for creating any type of give-away or event that you’d like… be creative and do something that you know people would want to attend. You can even ask the MeetUp group administrator what they think of 3 event ideas you have for their group… you can both narrow it down to one.

Step 8: Sell Free at the End

Before you leave the MeetUp group or people leave your seminar make sure you give each person one of your rack card coupons for a free something (consult, trial, etc). Ideally, I also collect everyone’s email address by telling them I’d be happy to email them a copy of the presentation or a video, etc.

Follow up with all email addresses telling them it was great to meet them. Also, see if they’d be interested in setting up a free consultation.

Lock and load.




Be persistent, but pleasant. At the very least add them to your online newsletter or tell them about your FB fanpage.

Step 9: Follow Up with Group on

Become a member of the group and then post on the group’s “wall” that it was great meeting everyone. Don’t spam their wall since they can just click on your name for your contact information and website to get in touch with you if you seem like a kind soul.

Step 10: Be Consistent

Don’t just look within the health & fitness communities. Check out Mom’s groups (HUGE, HUGE tip right there ; ) and also look into other tight groups that love to chat amongst friends, which of course builds referrals.

Keep in mind that you would love 5 people to sign up with you for your services from one of these talks (and we have), but really just getting one new client is all you need. These talks will take about 1-2 hours max of your time and can easily generate 1 new PAYING client (not lead) per appearance.

Aim for one talk per month in addition to your other marketing avenues and there’s no doubt you could add 10-20 clients by the end of 12 months.

15 clients (average) x $300/mo = $4,500/mo = $54,000/year (recurring)

Simple. Effective. Genius ; )

Put it to good use and keep this little nugget of wisdom to yourself…


Committed to your success,

Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Founder of Smart Studio Systems
Health Contributor for MTV, Men’s Health, NutritionData, Women’s Day, Maxim, Dietcom, SELF



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  • Curt Ligot

    Great stuff here as usual.

    Any thoughts on a workshop/workout vs talk?


    • Thanks Curt!

      Workshops or an actual session would work just as well, maybe better than a talk…

      My recommendation is to simply email/poll your audience or JV Meetup group to see what those members would like.

      Hope this helps!

  • Marc Ouellette

    Hey Stephan,

    Great post! I am new member to Smart Studio Systems and I am looking forward to learning all your marketing techniques. I am a certified personal trainer living in Shelton, CT.

    I am setting up my second meeting with and I have 33 members at this time.
    My first meeting was a sit down meeting. I was thinking about doing a exercise bootcamp this time.

    My question to you is, should I charge for my time on this bootcamp or do it for free? My time is valuable, but I am trying to gain some clients with this exercise bootcamp. Your input would be important to me.

    Thanks, Marc Ouellette

    • Hi Marc,

      I would offer ONE free MeetUp bootcamp, but let them know you will be donating all money to a charity (name the charity).

      Then (and this is important) at the end of the bootcamp give everyone a rack card of invitation for a complimentary fitness consultation where you can go over a full consult with them covering posture, mechanics, body comp, etc. At the end of this consult you will be able to sell your services.

      It is SO MUCH EASIER to sell someone face to face after you’ve gained their trust by listening to their goals and telling them exactly how you can help them.

      Hope this helps!

  • I hope you enjoyed this post and even if you only did 3-4 of these public speaking events (1 a quarter), you’d still add another $18,000 to your business a year (5 new clients).

    Also, please feel free to post any genius ideas you’ve used for public speaking or workshops here in the comment area so that all S3 Members can benefit!