Postcard v1.0: The 4×6 Card that Built my Business!

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This little 4×6 card was the very first thing I mailed out to my neighbors. It turned out to be not too shabby for my 1st direct mail postcard… For every 1,000-2,000 postcards I mailed out I got 6-7 new paying clients! (that may not seem like a big #, but I can assure you tha those are great #’s in direct mail) That’s what I call trading nickels for dollars… I do this same thing every 6 weeks like clockwork. In this video I’m going to show you the postcard that started it all and how I’ve updated it since then. Plus, I’m going to give you the postcard to use for yourself!

Here’s one my very 1st postcard that I sent out when I opened my studio:


>>> Click here to download postcard (front)

>>> Click here to download postcard (back)

After you download check back for future posts where you can watch a secret video of me explaining how I’ve kept the same look & feel to this postcard, but made some improvements and how you can easily do the same!


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  • Hi Ruston,

    To answer your question, “What is the best way to determine a monthy budget for marketing? Or what percentage would you recommend?”

    Here is my answer:

    There is no limit to how much I will spend in marketing if I am at least breaking even of being paid $2 for every $1 I invest. The reason is that I always try to get any new CPT I hire as busy as possible right away.

    This means I’m not afraid to just break even for the first month in order to get the “new guy” doing more sessions and being paid so he doesn’t have to live off a noodle and protein shake diet. I know that with our retention rate (and 3 month package minimum) that I’ll be making money the 2nd month or in the next package.

    However, when you’re first starting out I would recommend $1,000/month in local residential doorhangers, rack cards, an a-frame, lettering your vehicle, and potentially a local newspaper ad.

    Of course I also recommend Google Adwords, but you have to test that at $5 a day as I have shown you in another post.

    Lastly, you will receive exact step-by-step costs and marketing plans once you get your 11 DVD VIP package in the mail in about 4 weeks!

    Hope that helps!

    • Ruston Webb

      That helps a lot! I have used several other Fitness Marketing Companies (NPE, KBL, F5BC etc…) to help get me going and this is by far the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow and organized program. Seriously thank you for keeping it straight forward and simple!

    • Thanks Ruston – I really appreciate the kind words… This is why I do what I do here at Smart Studio Systems!

  • Hi Tina,

    You can edit my PDFs with PDF Converter Professional 6 or the other resources I mention in the RESOURCES section.

    You can also create your own in Quark, PhotoShop, or Illustrator.

    I’ll be putting more up soon!

  • Tina Davis

    Where can I go for a logo ? inexpensive!

  • Tina Davis

    I mean “produce”

  • Tina Davis

    What software is needed to product your own rack card and other stuff?

  • Also, these 4×6 postcards are great to put on cars instead of mailing them out. You’ll just have to pay someone (or get your new CPTs to do it) to hand them out instead of paying for the postage…

    I’ve done this many a time with leftover postcards and when I had maxed out my advertising budget for the month.

    • Ruston Webb

      What is the best way to determine a monthy budget for marketing? Or what percentage would you recommend?


  • I would always start with this method and I would never discontinue it – even when you get to capacity. These rack cards will keep your name out there in the community and build BRAND AWARENESS.

  • Hi Kevin,

    Great question and I answered it towards the end of my post on “S3 Guerilla Tactic: Let Me Introduce Myself.”

    Basically, the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way to start is by using the 4×9 rack card holders in local shops.

  • Kevin Allen

    What are your thoughts on direct mail versus putting up your cards in local shops etc? Can you recommend a direct mail company?