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personal-training-business-cardsI’ve been waiting for my printing company to offer this design option that I’ve been dying to try out and now they’ve finally made it available! I’ve created a whole new take on your “average” business card that everybody else just passes out and throws around. This design is not only sure to GET NOTICED, but it’ll show off your professionalism which will in turn will lead to more clients (along with a great offer)! Check it out and download it now:

My favorite thing about business cards is that you can buy hundreds of them for very short money and you can leave them everywhere like little guerrilla marketing carpet bombs.

When I was first starting out I just wanted to get my company name out to anyone and everyone – I wanted my “brand” to become a household name.

I knew this wouldn’t be an overnight operation so I strategically sent out postcards every 6 weeks. I also hung doorhangers, placed rack cards, and dropped my business cards in every location I could think of… I figured even if they got thrown away in a day or two, hopefully a prospective client may have picked one up before that.

(Typically, I hired someone for $8/hr to hand everything out, but when I was first starting out I didn’t have an extra $8 so I did it myself. Also, my team of trainers also are required to hand out marketing materials that I provide for them  for 3/hrs a month)

The only issue with dropping off business cards or pinning them to a community cork board is that they used to get lost in the shuffle, or worse, lie face down where no one would see them. Of course, I have the little $1 clear plastic business card holders for the locations that allow me to put them there, but for all the other places like my “Secret ATM Operation Drop-Offs” I knew they would be eventually thrown out so I just laid them down in a conspicuous spot.

So, due to your typical flat business card design and my general dislike of 3 page folded brochures I was working on a covert “foldable business card” that was 1-part brochure and 1-part business card.

I looked everywhere for a printing company to print this design, but the only places that would do it wanted to charge me for this “custom design” and the price was outrageous.

Therefore, I had to wait until my favorite printing company ( made this double sized business card available.

I was pumped when I got the email from them last month announcing to me they were ready to start printing my “creation.” I immediately had my graphic designer put my hand sketched drawing into a usable PDF I could email the printer.

To be honest, I absolutely love the design since it ties my website, success stories, and free offer all into one easy to carry promotional item!

I just sent it off to the printers and I wanted all of you to be the first ones to see it. I personally collect the best promotional items from all different companies (it goes back to my advertising stint) and I have never seen this design done yet – mostly because it used to cost so much to have it run off. So, if you copy my lead and create your own foldable business card brochure you will be one of the first people in your community (definitely the first CPT business) to get these cards in people’s hands. And, as you know, whomever strikes first makes the BIGGEST and LONGEST LASTING impression!

Here are the documents to look at and model after:

>>> Word Document of Images

>>> PDF of Actual Design Sent to Printer

Image of Foldable Business Card 3.0 Brochure:


Since you are a Smart Studio Systems Member you have permission to use this marketing piece for your business and I highly suggest you take advantage of it since I believe they only cost about $55 to print 500 of them (just select 2-4 day turn around – not next day) – It may even only be 1000 for $66. Either way, I think it’s a great deal and that’s why I’m doing to print 2 different versions (I will post the other version in another post when it is finished).

And like I said, these are folded which means they can be stacked up (one on top of the other) to look like a display when left on a counter, etc. I typically leave 5 business cards per “drop off” location unless it is a permanent station and then I’ll leave 10… although most permanent location have our 4×9 rack cards and not our business cards, since they stand upright and people are more drawn to them due to their size.

You can really get creative with this design to make free offers for workouts, class schedules, memberships, reports, free trial periods, etc., etc., etc.

Plus, they look really professional which goes along when when you’re asking top of the line prices… and you SHOULD BE! You’re worth aren’t you? Aren’t you? ; )

I hope you enjoyed the post!

PS. The guy with the “goatee” thingy on his face really is me… it’s an old photo ; )

PPS. Please do not call the studio number on the business card – my CPTs are not paid to answer questions on Smart Studio Systems and it takes away from potential new client phone calls, etc. Plus, no one will respond to the call since no one there has any idea what S3 licenses are all about… just email with any questions and we will happily respond back within 24 hours (or sooner). Also, if it’s a question that is in regard to your business just leave it in the comment section and I will personally answer it for everyone to learn from!


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  • Bill Beard

    Steve, did you design the business card in next day flyers built it yourself option and then have them put it together for you or did you hire and work with someone at next day flyers to make the design layout for the business card?

    • Hi Bill,

      I have a free lance graphic designer that typically does all my design work. I’m not sure if you can create this type of design with the do-it-yourself NextDayFlyer option, but NDF does have their own design team on hand that you could hire…

      Hope this helps!

  • Raymond Hinish

    Hey Steve,
    When you are promoting a new trainer, do you put their picture and information on the card or do you use your picture and info on the business card? Are you branding Steven Cabral studios or selling the trainer with this card? What about if your name is not in the studio name?

    • Hi Ray,

      Great question and my goal is to make working at my studio a win-win. I want my new CPTs to feel like I am helping them to develop as well and I want them to feel confident about themselves.

      This also helps me steer new clients to be okay with NOT having to work with me. After all, if you’re the one who owns the studio everyone wants to work with the top person…

      However, I would NEVER market a CPT without my studio logo, name, colors, etc. I still want to make sure I am branding my own company and not helping an independent contractor develop an outside business (which is not allowed under my non-compete contract).

      Hope that helps!

  • Ben Patwa

    Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for this.
    Where did you order the cards from?
    I’ve been quoted over $150 for 500.
    Please respond asap.


    • Hi Ben,

      No problem – the company I currently use is I wrote about them in the post so if you would like any additional info just check out the information above. You can also ask any other questions you have right in this post or any others…

      P.S. This company does fantastic work and you’ll save hundreds, if not thousands (like I do), by using them!

  • Jeremie Guarderas

    Good Stuff! I will start my design today!

    I don’t know if I missed it, but I was wondering who you use for t-shirts?

    Thanks – ttyl

    • That’s a good question… I’ll look up who we’ve used in the past and put it under the resources tab

  • I will also snap a few photos when I get the finished product in my hands so that you can get a better sense of its dimensions and what it actually looks like…

    • Sheila Townsend

      Hey Steve,

      ARe you using these business cards? How do you find them?
      Does each of your trainers have their pic on the card, with your studio branding?
      Do you have the other version your are referring to at the bottom of this post?

    • Hi Sheila,

      These are the business cards I use, and they can be used as a generic card for your fitness business with no one’s face on it.

      For my CPTs we use the standard 2-sided card. This is listed under offline marketing and with our regular business cards.

      This new 4 sided design is really nice though for leaving at JV partner locations with Rack cards, on cars, events, etc.