My S3 Marketing Piece that Brought in $36,960 in 4 Weeks

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By now you’ve probably seen the video of me breaking down my numbers for the last 4 weeks and how I was able to target my niche with a specific message that was timed just right… to the tune of $36,960 in sales with $11,935 in monthly recurring revenue! Here’s the exact offline marketing piece that I used in conjunction with my online strategies – Download it now!

Before jumping ahead make sure to read my previous post on this topic that breaks down all my marketing for the 4 weeks… not just this one piece:

(Use the link above to go to the post or just click the “business tool box” category)

Okay, so now onto this powerful doorhanger that I used to create a lot of buzz and show people real world proof that we were getting their neighbors results!

Obviously, this type of marketing makes people feel like “well, if SHE can get results, I should be able to too!”

The bottom line is that I’m not showing off any supermodels or anyone who would intimidate our potential clients who will see these doorhangers. I know exactly who my demographic is and I’m playing to their wants and desires. We know we can get them the same results their neighbors are getting and we’re not afraid to market hard in that way…

Of course, if you own a martial arts, sports, youth, dance, or some other type of fitness studio you can still use this type of marketing with your own unique success stories.

The bottom line is that you need to send a message that you’re the ONE who can help them (your ideal clients) achieve their goals!

Here are the exact doorhangers I used:

>>> Download my Success Story Doorhanger here – FRONT

>>> Download my Success Story Doorhanger here – BACK

Remember, you don’t have to do exactly what I am doing here with the success stories. You can instead show the results your athletes or students are achieving – the principles are universal… it’s only the application that differs (important point to remember with all marketing concepts)!

Alright, now it’s your turn to print up 1,000 – 2,000 of these doorhangers for short money and try it out! And remember, you typically only need 1 person to sign up to more than break even on this type of a marketing investment!

Now Crush It!
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  • Joel Gottehrer

    He uses next day flyers

  • Jeff Paluseo

    Not sure if you have mentioned this earlier I have looked but have not been able to find it but who do you use to print your door hangers? I would be interested in the price that you pay also? Thanks for all the great advice my business has taken off.