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Most of the time newspaper advertising can be a complete waste of money… Less and less people are actually reading the newspaper and as a result your ad won’t really get seen by as many people as most newspaper advertising sales reps say that it will. BUT here’s the good news – it’s cheaper than ever and if you use the RIGHT TYPE of ad specifically tailored to newspaper readers it will serve as a huge return on investment! Plus, it will continue to brand you as the local “go-to” trainer.

The big thing you need to remember is that you’re never trying to sell anything directly through the paper. Offer a complimentary fitness consultation, free class, 2 free weeks, or some other FREE irresistable offer! (My brand new nespaper ad coming out next week look the same, but offers a complimentary fitness consultation (value $90) for the next 4 people to contact us.

You’re just trying to get them in and then WOW them with your talent and personality… you can do that right?

I also have another quarter page ad that I’m negotiating a price for that will look slightly different because it includes more text. If possible you may want to include a success story photo if you have the room.

Just remember that with a small ad (and even a big one) you need to have a KILLER HEADLINE. It has to grab attention. You’ll also notice that my ad has my body breaking through the border (box) which the ad in contained in. So when my ad is place to all the others in the newspaper it JUMPS off the page because everyone else’s ad is enclosed with some type of border… this FORCES the reader to look at my ad to find out what is wrong with it that makes it look different from the rest. At that point I’ve done my job and my ad gets noticed!!!

You can swipe, tweak, and use my different newspaper ad versions below:

>>> Download newspaper ad v1

>>> Download newspaper ad v2

>>> Download newspaper ad v3

>>> Bonus Newspaper Ad (this was our summer 4 week promotion)

PS. If you don’t want to use your own photo in the ads (although you should!), choose female image of a girl in shape… images of women in shape have always been shown to outpull almost everything else.


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  • Eric Simpson

    Hi Stephen,

    Is there any reason why you don’t use before and after pictures as part of your design on your post cards

    Erak Simsson, aka Eric Simpson

    • Erak – Eric,

      Thanks for checking in.

      All of my new website designs and marketing pieces (some are already on this website under offline marketing) include before and after photos since they are more powerful.

      However, when I was first starting out all I had was the “after” photos of clients because I wasn’t taking the befores (big mistake) and making them a part of how I do business.

      I’m a huge believer in just getting things done and out there and that’s why you don’t see the “befores” in all of my marketing pieces. I have to say though that the marketing pieces that are on this S3 Member’s site are my “winners” and have pulled phenomenally well for me. I actually tested different versions of them and the ones you see just flat out work in building our brand.

      I think it’s because the clients they see on the cards look like real people and our message hits home with our prospects (the design, scarcity, branding, success stories, etc don’t hurt either ; )

      Hope that answers your question!

  • Tina Davis

    NOTE: Newspaper 2 and newspaper 3 are the same ad

    • Hi Tina,

      Check out the bottom of each ad and you’ll see they are different. Each ad promotes something different – in-home, etc vs. studio…

  • I first start with a business card size ad and then I may work up to double that (sometimes and 1/8th of a page).

    It only cost me about about $37.50 – $50 a week (I negotiated 50% off the regular price) so at about $150 a month I only need 1 client a year to break even!

    Your will results will vary depending on the readership of your newspaper and who you are targeting…

  • Tina Davis

    Could you share with us what your response rate using your newspaper ad?. did you advertise in the local paper or local magazine?
    information im looking for is what Size ad, placement of ad in newspaper. Cost v/s profit