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A great way to pick up new clients is to team up with a health-minded partner and set up a table at their location where you offer a benefit to their clients or customers. Here are the steps you should take to set up the perfect health fair table where you give yourself the best chance to pick up new clients:

One way we’re able to get our name (brand) out in the community is by setting up “health fair” tables at various locations throughout the city.

This method of client attraction is actually easier than you think and it all starts by “giving to get.” Check out the steps below to find out how you or one of your team members can use this technique build up a client base from scratch.

Here are the 12 steps you should use to set up a health fair table:

1. Choose a Partner Wisely

We partner with Whole Foods because that is where a lot of our client shop for their organic goods, etc. I recommend choosing a location where you would like to start getting more business from (think expansion). You also don’t want to partner with someone who would devalue your brand.

2. Approach the Store or Company Manager in Person

Ask if they’d be interested in your setting up a complimentary “health fair” table at their location.

3. Offer a Tremendous Value

Let the manager know that you will offer BMI, Waist-to-Hip Ratio testing, and complimentary body composition analysis (use my progress report to take measurements), as well as answer any exercise and nutrition questions for free.

4. Tell Them Why You’re Doing It

Let the manager know that you are trying to reach people who may be timid about going to the gym or have never been told what their body fat testing is. Let them also know it is non-invasive and that you will supply all the materials. It will cost them NOTHING. Let them know that in return you would also just like to leave out your business cards so that if any of their customers are interested in more information or they would like to follow up they can do so. Reiterate that you will NOT be selling anything…

5. Choose a Date and Time

Since Sunday’s are typically the busiest day of the week for grocery food shopping we like to do ours at Whole Foods on that day. We also choose a 3-hour window from 11am – 2pm. For now just set up 1 date and then you can go back later with all the positive feedback you got from their customers who requested that you could come back and do a follow up to retake their body comp stats.

6. What You Need

Here’s what I do… I bought a 4’x2’ folding table that is easy to transport and set up. Once I set up the table at the entrance of the store (ideal location) I lay out a plan black or tan tablecloth to make the table seem more professional. On the table I place a set of body fat calipers, a progress report sheet, a tape measurer, and a sign that says, “Health Fair – Complimentary Body Composition & Exercise and Nutrition Questions Answered.” The 8.5×11 sign is just printed in Word and placed in a plastic stand up holder in order to be clearly visible. You should also keep a stability ball and maybe a foam roller or something else at your table that SCREAMS fitness when people see it. You need to attract some attention

7. Put Out Your Marketing Materials

On the table I also place my rack cardholders in a stand, my business cards, and an 8.5×11 sheet of our company services. I also have my studio banner hanging in front of the table. (Another sneaky thing I do is put out 1 of my best articles in my niche that customers can take with them and read later – and you may have already guessed that my contact information along with an offer for a complimentary fitness consultation is attached at the end of the article…)

8. Smile

Seriously, smile, say hello and be open to people approaching you. No folded arms, no holding the calipers ready to pinch anyone… just look approachable and friendly.

9. Make the Offer

When someone asks you what this is all about tell them what you’re offering. If they say they’re in a rush give them your rack card and business card and let them know that you’d be HAPPY to OFFER them a complimentary fitness consultation at your studio at their convenience… and the goal is to get them into your studio anyway so this is actually a much better success formula. How slick is that ; )

10. Ideally You Will Just be Setting up Comps

Your goal isn’t actually to take everyone’s body fat in the whole store (that would take forever)… it’s to network, answer questions, make connections, and hopefully find 1-2 people who had been thinking about signing up for personal training but never knew who to approach. (Now they met you, like you, and feel comfortable speaking with you so the resistance barrier has already been broken down). BINGO.

11. Set a Date and Time that Week for a Comp

Don’t wait for them to lose your contact information – try to set up a date for the same week to come in for a complimentary consultation.

12. Do NOT Sell Anything

You are there to give out lots of great content. The location would be pretty upset if you were trying to sell your services to their customers anyway… Plus, the only thing you should EVER be selling is your complimentary fitness consultation.

There you have it – “A 12-Step Plan of Attack” for getting 1-2 new clients with every new Health Fair Table you set up!

Give it a shot and expect that the first time you try it there will be a little bit of a learning curve, but after that you will feel completely comfortable and ready to mingle with new potential clients!

P.S. Give these steps to a member of your training team if they will be setting up the table and answering questions in your place. I don’t actually do these events anymore because of time restrictions, but any of my CPTs who are looking for new clients do one every month.


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  • Grocery food stores seem to work best, but we have also done them inside apartment building lobby’s (great location!), massage studios, chiropractors offices, and nutrition/supplement stores.

    Get creative! Imagine where you ideal client goes, takes their kids to, or hangs out… then set up a table there during peak hours!