How to Pre-Sell New Clients without Saying a Word

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Before new clients even walk in the door you need to set the tone for what they are about to experience. Remember, EVERYTHING IS ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE… and what you need to do is have potential clients begin to see and feel the value of working with you over your competition. Here’s what to do if you want to have the new prospects coming to see drop their guard and let you in…

This has to be all the time best way to pres-sell potential new clients ; )

You see, most personal trainers are like me… they love to train clients, but they hate to sell.

So here’s what I did to help combat that.

As a new prospect is walking up the stairs to my studio they are greeted by my “wall of fame” of success stories that spans everything in view!

It starts as they are ascending the staircase and wraps all the way around to where they enter my studio…

What do you think a new client is feeling when they see 40-50 success stories staring them in the face all around them?

They’re thinking this place “does what they say they’re going to do” and they feel like “if it worked for these people (who look just like they do) then I bet their programs will work for me…”

And that’s exactly we want them to think and feel right before we greet them at the door with a smile, a handshake, and a complimentary bottled water.

How perfect is that?

You didn’t have to say a word…

All you did was let your success stories speak for you and they say so much more than anything you could say about your programs to convince them you are the real deal.

In this case a photo really is worth a thousand words…

I hope you use this POWERFUL strategy to put your athletes, martial arts students, weight loss clients, rehab clients, or any other success story you have on the wall!

(Look for future posts on “How to Get Client Success Stories” and my swipe file template on “How to Create a Client Success Story” to start making your own!)

Also, feel free to add any tips you’d like to the comment section below!


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  • Lawrence Castanon

    Good point. Thanks Stephen.


  • Lawrence Castanon

    Stephen this is all great stuff. Thank You. My question is: Do you have a phone script for when you call the prospects to set up their initial consultation? And, How do you handle the price question when it comes up? Thanks Again.

    • Hi Larry,

      There is no phone script except to introduce ourselves and let the prospect know where we are calling.

      We then go on to say that “we are calling to answer any questions you may have about our personal training services and to set you up with a time for a complimentary fitness consultation that works with your schedule.”

      We always let people know that we have price ranges for everyone and that after we meet with them we can offer our professional recommendations.

      Keep in mind though that it is NOT a bad thing to let prospective clients know your session rate since if they could not possibly afford it you’d be spending way too much time doing free consultations… that’s why I list our prices right online. I’d rather not deal with tire kickers…