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This is BIG! Everyone seems to be giving away the farm lately, but is that really the best way to promote your fitness studio? Here’s what I do to give potential clients a taste, but not have it seem like we are a low end, run of the mill, personal training studio. It works great and you’ll eliminate the “tire-kickers” and procrastinators. Check it out now and use my attached marketing piece to get new clients for your studio!

Hi S3 Members!

Here’s a cool marketing tactic that I only use 1-2x per year.

It’s my Free Trial Week Postcards!

Here’s a tip if you use a “free trial” marketing piece more than 1-2x a year no one will jump on it because they’ll assume they can just do it next week… or the week after.

So what I do is put these postcards on all the cars in my neighborhood/community (on the windshields) when I want to ramp up business – like when I hire a new CPT and want to get them clients fast. (It’s cheaper than mailing them, but you could also go that route…)

You could also go to a local supermarket and put them on all the cars there… or a busy shopping street downtown… or leave them at ATMs… etc.

Here’s the 2nd reason why my cards well:

I DO NOT allow everyone and their brother to take advantage of the free trial week.

I do this by creating scarcity!

On the back of my postcards I say “limited offer to the 1st 4 applicants!”

Also, did you notice how I said “applicants?”

This leads to a certain implied exclusivity that surrounds my studio… not everyone is accepted.

This is sooooo much more powerful than what health clubs do in giving out thousands of passes for anyone to come in and use.

Check out my Free Trial Postcards below and feel free to tweak them and make them your own:

>>> Download the Free Trial Week 2.0 Postcard – FRONT

>>> Download the Free Trial Week 2.0 Postcard – BACK

You’ll also notice a few design features:

1. I try to keep my ads consistent so that people get to know who I am and what to look for

2. I use a diagonal text line on the front of the postcard. This allows me to GRAB THE ATTENTION of the viewer to draw them in and see what I’m offering…

3. I give them a reason to respond quickly through my scarcity features and benefits outline

4. The text in “free trial week!” running off the postcard on the front is not a misprint… it’s a design element that GRABS your attention. Your mind tries to figure out what is wrong with this design or “wording” and then it realizes that the end of the word is cut off… by that time they’re reading your postcard ; )

Lastly, if you can’t think of a specific time of year to use these cards I highly recommend New Year’s, a month before summer starts, and the week after school starts back up after the summer ends.

I hope you enjoy using these powerful postcards 1-2x a year in your business and for less than $100 you can print more than 1,000 and test them out in your community!


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  • Christian Leighton

    Hey there!

    What does your FREE WEEK comprise of?


    P.S See you in September!

    • Hi Christian,

      We actually only ran this once when we had very few clients and it worked really well.

      What we offered was a complimentary fitness consultation (45-60 minutes) and a private training session (45 minutes). This gave us 2 opportunities to show them how our team is different.

      It also showed them how little they actually knew in terms of getting results… we believe in educating our clients in why they are doing a particular exercise or eating a certain way, which is why I think we have a very committed clientele.

      One note: We do NOT give these clients our nutrition plan, stretching guide, fat loss intervals, etc. They have to sign up to get those as part of the new client package. This little tip will help you convert these “free week” leads to paying clients.

      We literally signed up every single one for a new client package (some may have only purchased a few sessions, but everyone purchased something…).

      I am looking to try this again in the future when I expand or open a new location and I will keep you updated on how it goes!

      (Let us also know how you do with it as well – remember you typically only need 1-2 clients to sign up to make a marketing piece break even or make money!)

  • Christine Aguirre

    Have you ever used Text Marketing (keywords, numbers,etc…) on your fliers , postcards, and other marketing pieces? If you do , would you have one clear call to action like call now or text this keyword? Or would you have both?

    • Hi Christine,

      (is it Christian?)

      I do not do text marketing (yet, but we’re looking into it).

      If I did do it, I would market it like anything else and always sell FREE. This means I would have a link to my website offering a FREE consultation. It’s hard enough to sell free – never mind trying to sell a package of sessions to someone you’ve never met.

      This strategy has made me a lot of money and I highly recommend you use it to your advantage and let your competitors keep trying to sell training off an advertisement…

    • Christine Aguirre

      Ok thanks, it’s (Christian) not Christine. I have been using text marketing and has worked out well and have been getting a lot of clients from it. I just never put the keyword or the code number on post cards or door hangers yet. I’ve just tested them on a poster on the outside of my studio and on band it signs.

  • Christine Aguirre

    How big do you typically go with postcards that you mail out or flyier?

    • Hi Christine,

      This 1st mailing as the least expensive option at the time which was about 4.5 x 5.5 inches. Now I opt for the oversized 6×11″ ones since they stand out more and I can put more on them!

  • Nicole Wright

    Sorry i cant get these post cards up anyone else find the same problem?

    • Hi Nicole,

      The Postcards are saved as PDFs which are able to be universally opened on all computers. If you’re having an issue opening them I would just choose to save it and then open it from wherever you saved it on your computer. If you’re still having an issue just let me know!

  • I’d find it hard to believe that you can’t get at least 1-2 new clients a year with this ONE marketing piece – it will easily pay for your license… in addition to any of the other posts! I just think you can’t go wrong with using an ad like this – it’s really worked well for me… so I hope you use this idea and let it bring more business to your studio!