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This is the vinyl (all weather) banner I use to market my studio at special events. I use it with my health fair table and other events that will be getting a lot of foot traffic in order to create more exposure for my studio. Click the link inside to download the banner I use:

I’m not going to make this a super long post, but I do want to say that if I were to recreate this banner I would add these 2 things:

1. Depending on what I was using it for I would make it larger… for heath fair tables it’s a great size, but for hanging outdoors it’s kind of small.

2. A Free compelling offer for something like a complimentary fitness consultation or workout, etc. (especially if this will be hanging outside a lot)

This is also the exact banner I attach to the front of my health fair table to make us look even more professional.

>>> Click the link to download the Banner

The 4’x3′ banner is made of vinyl so that it can be placed outside in all weather conditions.

Want to hear something sneaky that I do… when I’m not using it for health fairs, etc., I attach it to the back deck of my studio facing one of the restaurants next door. It just so happens they have an outdoor eating section that just so happens to face my studio deck… and guess what they’re staring at all dinner?

You guessed it… my mugshot and studio marketing banner ; )

Feel free to use my design or get creative and come up with your own!


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  • Curt Ligot

    So here is my plan so for our banner to capitalize on drive and walk by traffic



    **We’ll have A frames (like yours) on the ground level with brochures etc**

    • Looks great!

      I would think about leaving off Injury recovering, since it’s going to be a small part of your market. You can always put it on the website. But, if you lead with Weight Loss and/or Body Transformation that speaks to the 90+% of people that hire a personal trainer! (Never try to market everything to everyone…)

      As long as you have your website, you don’t need an email, although it certainly won’t hurt to add it.

      Hope this helps!

  • Curt Ligot

    Am getting some banners to capitalize on drive by traffic. Few questions…

    1) Is the pictures of clients important so they see you train real people (as opposed to stock photos or no photos)

    2) I don’t have an official web site (yet). Was thinking of my phone number and email address (new email so I can track leads)

    3) How important is it to have my pic on there.


    • Hi Curt,

      1. I believe real before and after photos are the best… however, it’s been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that an attractive woman (scantily clad) will outperform anything when selling to both men and women.

      2. I do recommend putting a photo of yourself (at least a head shot) on your marketing offline and on your website. This allows people to connect with you and they subconsciously know that you stand behind you work – even if they’re training with someone else on your team…

      Make sense?

    • Curt Ligot

      Thanks Coach 🙂