Business Cards That Sell!

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business cards that sell

business cards that sell

When I first opened my studio I wanted to start out with a bang and let people know we were different. I knew our business cards had to reflect that! Plus, I wanted our business cards to stand out like an advertisement that people through were visually interesting and wanted to pick up. We accomplished that and when they flipped over the business card we had them… come check out what we did!

Okay, so what we did was take photos of all of us in workout type poses. Then we silouhetted the background and placed each image on an all black background.

Also, everyone does a horizontal business card so we used a vertical design that could stand up and stand out when placed next to a bunch of other generic cards left at markets, cafes, salons, etc.

When you’re coming up with your own business card design make sure to include these items:

  • Company name
  • Tagline
  • Client benefits if possible
  • Address
  • Phone number (s)
  • Fax number
  • Email
  • website

Lastly, on the back we offered a “complimentary fitness consultation” that showed the value and gave our website name where they could apply online. If I did them again I would also leave a phone # and email address on the back too.

Another idea for the back of the card that I’ve used before is a verticle list of about 10 benefits our clients get by training with us and how they can get the same results!

One other idea is to put a few before and after photos with results of clients at your studio on the back of your cards. You can leave a headline like “Who Else Wants Guaranteed Weight Loss Results?”

>>> Here’s an image of the front of the business card

business cards that sell 








>>> Download business card design (back)

Just for full disclosure I do also have horizontal “more standard” business cards for all the CPTs at my studio to give current clients. I also have cards for each one of my niches… Business cards are so cheap to print you can play around with them and come up with a few different designs.


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