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21-dayAlthough I don’t believe in short-term programming, I do believe that a few times a year you need to spice up your marketing and message (However, knowing when to do so, is key…). And, one of the best ways to do that is through our proven 21-Day Body Transformation Challenge. Everything is DONE for you, so simply change the name to your company, print the material, and you’re good to go! (Download everything now)

As I said, I’m not a believer in selling any programs less than 12-weeks long.

And the reason is that clients that want short-term programs are typically poorer clients and you’ll have more turnover.

If I’m going to spend money on marketing, I want a 12 -week commitment. This way they’ll get better results and begin to get themselves into a new healthy lifestyle pattern.

However, with this new 21-Day Body Transformation Challenge, I’m trying to grab some of that low-hanging fruit 2-3x a year.

When To Market

The absolute best times to do that is January 1st (a few days before), all of January and February, and then right before the Summer. It can also work when the kids go back to school after the Summer is over. Those are the best times to market HARD, and so this year I’m adding some extra fire power.

I won’t stop marketing my 12-week programs online, but I do want to be able to compete a bit more with the big box gyms and lower cost programs (mainly in January and February).

My company’s 21-Day Challenge can be seen at:


What It Includes

The 21-Days includes a complimentary fitness consultation, 3 private training sessions, and our whole new client package.

So essentially we’re giving ever new 21-day client everything we’d typically give a 12-week client in hopes that they continue on after we wow them for 3 sessions.

Make sense?

We’re really just offering an introduction period where we can get them amazing results in 3 weeks and show them that they can get even more results if they continue on with our normal 12-week programming.

Now, if you run a bootcamp, semi-private, or small group training you can use this same exact promotion for either adding on a 21-day 1-on-1 promo for even greater results, or tailoring it to your fitness business.

I’ve even used this with Martial Arts studios (dojos) with great success.

(I originally got this idea from my martial arts center where I train.. and they got me with it!)


I price the 3 weeks, or 3 sessions, at $299. Anything more than that I think would be too much for a trial.

If you can do it for $97, or $197 even better…

But in the big city, we can’t offer low cost programs because of rent, etc. Plus, I don’t play in the low-end side of the market (and neither should you.)…

Each sessions is priced $10 more than our typical sessions, which does give an added incentive to skip the 21-day program and just hop right into our 12-week program if you like what you hear during your complimentary fitness consultation.

We do always offer the 12-week even if the client specified they were interested in the 21-day option.

Regardless, we’ll be making sure they get great results and that we stay in constant contact over the 3 weeks. This will develop a deeper relationship and hopefully get them to realize we’re their best bet in terms of reaching their goals and staying on track.

Turning It Into a Contest

Another fun thing you can do is run a contest around this 21-Day Challenge.

This would include your current members as well.

I’d run it for a period of 6-8 weeks and have everyone submit their best 21-day transformation.

Then at the end of the contest you could give away a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize. You can have it judged just like your “Member of the Year” contest. What we do is let all of our personal trainers pick their top 5 winners and then tally up the points from lowest to highest to find out our winners. I’ll also ask a few outside judges, so that we get a broader voice.

However, in the case of the 21-Day challenge I also think simply choosing the person that lost the most weight/body fat is the easiest way to do it…

A contest like this is added incentive and at the very least you’ll get a bunch more success stories for your wall of fame centered around this 21-day challenge!


Download The Complete Marketing Campaign

Please click on the links below and save the material for your private use only on your computer. Then you can use a PDF editor, or have your graphic designer make a few quick edits to the business name, website and QR code.

>> 21-Day Challenge Rack Cards Front

>> 21-Day Challenge Rack Cards Back

>> 21-Day Challenge Doorhangers Front

>> 21-Day Challenge Doorhangers Back

>> 21-Day_AFrame

* We only change 1 side to our Aframe, and keep the other side the same as it’s been with our success stories.


How to Initiate Your Marketing

First we place 2 doorhangers (coupon facing out) on each brownstone (typically contains 4 condos), but if you have single family homes, etc. you could just place one.

We market to all homes that fit our demographic within a 15-minute walk of our studio.

Next, we place the new rack cards in our holders all around the city (please see my other in depth post on this).

We also place those new rack cards in our aframe holder, and potentially place them on cars.

Finally, we change out 1 panel of our Aframe to exhibit the new 21-Day Challenge.


Putting it All Together

12-week body transformation programs are still where it’s at. They provide the best clients and best results, and have the best retention rates.

Plus, clients only need to renew 4x a year.

There’s simply no need to sell year packages, or month to month (unless at a premium).

But, 21-Day offers can spice up your marketing – especially when your community may always see the same offers coming from you.

It’s time to get spicy!

One last note. Although, I do not offer this deal to current clients, since I would not want them “downsizing” their package. Plus, it costs $10 more per session, so why would they…

That’s about it. It’s short, sweet, and I hopefully did all the heavy lifting for you so that you can just edit the cards and get them printed and shipped right to your business!

With some quick edits to the business name and website, I think you could have the cards ready to go within 10-14 days if you hustle.

And you know I like the hustle ; )

I hope you enjoyed this campaign and think about adding it to your arsenal after you’ve launched your initial marketing material!



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  • Hopefully with campaigns like this you’re beginning to see that marketing and branding your business can be fun!

    It’s great to step outside of what you always do and “test” your market…

    For a few hundred dollars (where you can break even with one client) it’s never a bad idea to try new, fresh, and exciting marketing messages like this one.

    Enjoy and let me know how you do!