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fitness marketing postcards

fitness marketing postcards

This postcard was created to help me expand my business and branch out into in-home personal training. However, you would just change the headline and use it for your studio, bootcamp, corporate, or really any other branch of your business. I created it in 2 sizes. One big 6×11 to mail out and a smaller 4×9 card for guerilla marketing. This is also the same card I used in Video #3 of my free video series – now you get to use this exact postcard!

Feel free to download the PDFs below and change the images, text, and offerings to fit your business.

>>> Download my In-Home Personal Training 6×11 Oversized Mailer – Front

>>> Download my In-Home Personal Training 6×11 Oversized Mailer – Back

>>> Download my In-Home Personal Training 4×9 Rack Card – Front

>>> Download my In-Home Personal Training 4×9 Rack Card – Back

I place the rack cards in rack card holders all over the city and in local apartment and condo buildings. I also give them to concierges to hand out to their residents. They’re cheap and for the money I try to put them everywhere I can to start getting noticed and building brand awareness.

Remember, when mailing out postcards, always try a sample trial mailing of just 500-1,000 postcards. If you get even ONE sign up, then I suggest expanding that mailing to 3,000+. This is exactly what I do, and it allows me to promote the winners and tweak any that don’t get at least ONE sign up… And the great news for you is that I only give you my WINNERS!

Mail on!



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  • Clint Schambach

    Thanks, that helps a lot. Also, I am located inside a studio with another trainer with his name on the sign. So when I send out direct mail, or any ads for that matter, underneath my address should I write “located inside XYZ Fitness”

    For example:

    My Business
    (Located inside XYZ Fitness)

    • Hi Clint,

      Absolutely you should… but you should also negotiate to get your name on the door beneath the other trainer’s!

      You’re not asking for your name on the sign, just on the door to let people know they’re in the right place. After all, you are paying rent…

      Hope this helps and works out!

  • Clint Schambach

    When getting a list for Direct Mail, is there a certain income level that you try and stay above?

    • Hi Clint,

      Great question and I aim for home owners and the if I need to narrow it down more to get the total number smaller I’ll set my income limit to $80,000 and up. But, keep in mind that is for our PT packages which cost $356 – $1,068 per month. If your packages cost less, you may be able to set your limit to $50,000 and up.

      I would simply go with a 1,000 – 5,000 person mailing list depending on your postcard mailer budget and then keep whittling the demographics down to get your number… Start at your preferred demos and then lower it if you cant reach your 1-5K.

      Hope this helps!

  • Jason Zawodniak

    Quick questions regarding lists I purchased from Info Usa.

    They said “Anything over 1 yr old, is outdated. If you were to log into your account and look at the “health-meter” for your past purchases, all lists are outdated. Nevertheless, we sell lists as multi-use, meaning you have 1 yr to use.”

    Do you purchase a new lists annually? I told them I’ll pass since I can’t imagine the list being that different after 12 months.

    • Hi Jason,

      I’m not a real estate expert, but after doing some research for you, it looks like most neighborhoods have a 7-10% turnover rate.

      This means that if you’re mailing out to 3,000 people, you’ll likely have 200-300 that aren’t on your list anymore…

      To me, this is NO big deal, since below the person’s name you’ll just write “Or Current Resident” which everyone else in the industry does anyway… since you don’t know if a renter lives there.

      For example you’ll mail them as:

      John Doe
      Or Current Resident
      155 Main St.
      Boston, MA 02118

      This way you only have to update your list every 2 years – saving you the annual fee.

      Hope this helps!

  • Trent Kaiser

    Hey Steve,
    I need an opinion on post cards. Combining this post and the Q1 calender post that I found very helpful since I’m one of those people who just need a set game plan to run off of as well as add to. I’m wondering considering I’m buying from next day flyers 9,000 for three months would you recommend buying a smaller size to offset cost? Do you believe the benefit of the larger size outweighs the large cost difference? Do you think starting with a smaller size until I have a larger marketing budget is a smart approach?
    Thanks so much,

    • HI Trent,

      Great question and I like the initiative!

      I would start with a mailing of 500-1000 postcards as a sample size. If you get even just one person to sign up that should break even on your mailing and then you can increase your reach by sending more cards.

      Typically, I’ll mail out a max of 1,000-3,000 cards after I have my winning sample card with headline and offer.

      For me it’s only about $500 for 2,000 postcards and with a great headline like “Lose 11-30+ lbs in 28 Days!” with a few before and after success story images I know I’ll pull at least 1-2 new clients. And since each client purchases a package every month for $356 – $1,068 I making money after month 2 even if only one person signs up!

      Hope this helps!

  • Jason Serapiglia Jason Serapiglia

    Yes, doorhangers are still in the game as are cards in local businesses, A-frame and everything else you implement in Boston. I guess it’s a two way street; implementing/not implementing one specific marketing tactic will not make/break your business. Just need to get the word out in all the ways that yield a positive return.

    Thanks for the response!

  • Hi Jason,

    Good question and the answer is absolutely not! Not being able to implement just ONE marketing tactic will not affect your overall business growth…

    Just because you can’t put the rack cards on a car is not a game changer. You can always put them in local businesses or place the same design as a doorhanger on people’s homes in the city.

    Can you still do the doorhangers?

  • Jason Serapiglia Jason Serapiglia

    Hey Steve,

    First off, I can’t believe how much useable, no nonsense info is contained within S3. Thank you for being an unbelievable resource in our community.

    Now down to business. My studio is located in Staten Island where we have a law prohibiting anyone from placing advertisements anywhere on a vehicle. While I know you’ve stressed that marketing as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts, I was wondering if my inability to put rack cards on cars will affect my marketing efforts.

    Thanks for your time!

  • Stacey Killian

    Thanks for the design ideas, Stephen!

    What company do you use to get these printed?

    Stacey K.


    Hi Stacey,

    All the printing resources to save you thousands of dollars (literally) are under the Resources category tab.

    Right now I use http://nextdayflyers.com for US clients and I use http://hotcards.com for Internationals clients.

    Feel free to check out all the additional resources as well!