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This is the headline that continues to help me sell out my studio month after month! I use it on at least half of my marketing materials and I always stay consistent with the message. It works really well for 2 main reasons which I’ll explain and then I’ll help you tweak it to make it your own. Here’s how:

You’ll notice a consistent theme in my marketing materials and my use of headlines and images is no different.

Let’s talk about headlines…

Headlines must be 7 words of less in order to capture the reader’s interest and pull them in.

Your headline serves only 1 purpose…

And that’s to get the prospect to read the next line.

Once you get them reading, you have their attention and that’s when you can start selling them on the benefits of your fitness studio.

Okay, so what’s my #1 Best Selling Headline and what makes it so great?

Here it is:

“Will You Be 1 of the 90?”

Simple, but POWERFUL.

Why is it so powerful?

Because when you look at the psychology of buying you’ll notice that people buy only for a few reasons and one of those main reasons is the FEAR of missing out.

Meaning, if they don’t act NOW they may not be 1 of the 90 and potentially miss their opportunity to be a part of our studio community.

Which brings me to my 2nd point:

People want to fee like they are a part of a “club” or “community” that is somewhat exclusive. It’s kind of like a bragging right or a conversation piece when people ask them where they work out, etc.

So , in the case of my studio each client knows they are a part of a tight knit group of 90 people dedicated to increasing their health and transforming their bodies. There is a bond between them and even if they don’t workout as a group they know that they share something with those other clients.

It’s kind of a cool “secret society.”

You may think this is a little wacky, but I can assure you this type of buyer psychology is REAL.

So, here’s how you can use it in your business:

If you run a bootcamp or small group business you can just use the number of people in that class. A bootcamp might be “Will You Be 1 of the 20?”

This will also allow you to charge higher prices (especially if you offer more to your campers) since they are part of an exclusive club… and when you’re a part of an exclusive club you expect to pay a premium. Just look at how American Express charges $500 for Platinum card holders and $1,500 for Centurian Black Card members.

It’s also why I can charge $89 per 45 minute session, when most people charge way less than that for 60 minutes…

The possibilities are endless!

As a side note since, I actually have over 100 clients at my studio, but my goal was to always have 90 which is why I started marketing that from the beginning.

Also, since we do a lot of 1-on1 training my clients only see at most 3 other people  at a time and don’t know that we have more than 90 members…

At this point I don’t want to change my marketing (my brand) and I’m okay with the fact that we found a way to help more people achieve their goals at my studio…

I let you in on this hidden fact because you’ll do okay with this type of headline as long as you don’t exceed it by a lot or in a way that can be easily verified… if you were to have 25 clients in a class that promoted “20” you’d totally lose your exclusivity factor in your message and marketing – so be careful and use it wisely.

I hope you enjoyed my #1 Best Selling Headline and that it has jumpstarted your creativity in how you can tweak it for your studio marketing!


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  • Jeremie Guarderas

    Hey Steve,

    Thanks to your headliner I now have 7 more women in my boot camp! That’s an extra $1750!

    I just got 5,000 DoorHangers, 5,000 Post Cards and 2,000 Coffee Sleeves – they came out perfect!

    They hit the streets next week! I am shooting for 30 women with a waiting list!

    I’ll keep you posted!

    Your resources alone was worth the money!!!

    LOL – I haven’t even touch the online marketing side yet!

    PS – Thanks for the Vince Del Monte link!

    • Hi Jeremie,

      You’re welcome and I’m glad to hear you’re kicking butt!

      Plus, that’s just $1,750 in upfront $$$.

      If you retain those members (which you will!) that will mean that those 7 new members will be worth more like $21,000 by the end of the year!

      (assuming the $1,750 is $250 per person per month)

      Either way – NICE WORK!!!

  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the update and for sharing your success!

    When I tell you that the material in this site is exactly what I sue to generate over 50K a month I really do mean it ; )

  • Mike Doyle

    I have to tell you that we purchased the Smart Studio Systems license several months ago but were slow to apply the tools until very recently! We run a private sports conditioning facility and we decided to test out the #1 best selling headline and flyer targeted at a specific group. We only sent out 8 flyers to a group of female all state athletes and within a few days we received a call and appointment because of the flyer! Needless to say, we are diligently working on implementing more of our smart studio material now! Thank you so much!!!

  • Richard Kohlar

    A lot of the marketing materials emphasize that the training is “guaranteed”, which is obviously a powerful sales tool. My question is, “What exactly is the guarantee? Money back?, etc.
    -Rich K.

    • I guarantee that they will get results (within 21 days) or I will refund their money.

      They must be training 2x a week and following our nutrition plan.

      I have yet to have anyone request their money back…