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After just spending 10 days in Greece away from my studio and fitness businesses I wanted to share with you how I take off 6-8 weeks per year to attend seminars and go on 7-14 day vacations. I have very specific systems for allowing the studio to run on autopilot and in this updated post I’m going to show you how you too can leave your fitness business worry free.

Before we get started I just have to tell you that the Greek islands are amazing… it’s a great place to unwind, relax, live slowly, and eat great food!

Okay, now onto the post on how you can do it too without all the worries…

First of all, you must train all CPTs from the start with very specific steps on how you want your studio to run and function. I’ve given you all of these tools under the S3 “Business Tool Box” category, but I want to restate some of the most important ones.

1. Daily Appointment Sheets for CPTs to fill out for sessions rendered
2. Session Records Sheet to keep track of client sessions
3. Payroll Sheet handed in every 2 weeks with all sheets

Those 3 sheets allow your CPTs to run as independent trainers within your studio.

Of course, they have to play by your house rules, but as long as they fill out these sheets everything falls neatly into place.

What happens if they don’t fill out the sheets properly? You make it very clear that they don’t get paid unless their sheets are filled out correctly. This gets people on track pretty quickly…

All I have to do is highlight the incorrect areas on their sheets (or my assistant does) and then I place them back in the trainers’ paper area. They must correct the highlighted area in order to get paid. I also make it clear that they understand the mistake that was made so that it doesn’t happen again.

Of course, I do this as nicely as possible while still getting my point across…

The other thing I do is ask each CPT to handle one task for me for the week. It’s basically me asking them for a favor. I assign each CPT a task such as taking out the trash nightly, restocking the refrigerator with water, etc.

EVERYONE is responsible for putting their equipment away and checking the voicemail, so those are 2 things I don’t have to get covered.

Giving everyone one task keeps them accountable rather than just saying “can you guys look over the studio while I’m away?” (which everyone will lose track of and assume someone else will do it)

Anyway, that’s how I used to do things… and it worked well.

But, this last vacation I asked ONE of my CPTs to handle everything for me (which amounts to about 10 whole minutes per day).

In exchange I told them I would pay them one additional session on their next pay period if they covered the daily tasks for me. I showed them the daily checklist sheet that I’m about to give you and then they were responsible for completing the tasks and emailing me every night after each item had been completed.

I have to tell you that it was nice to know that I would wake up to an email in my inbox every morning saying that the studio was flowing along nicely.

As a side note I check my email for 30 minutes every morning while on vacation and then I’m done for the day… I’ve found this little activity puts my mind at ease and it also allows me to send out new leads we get to my CPTs to contact. (We got 9 new private training leads while I was napping under an umbrella and so far 7 have become clients while I was away – not bad for being on the other side of the world!) Basically, when I’m on vacation I only take care of important issues and outsource everything else or put it in a folder to be handled when I get back… after all I’m on vacation trying to work on my tan ; )

Okay, so let’s get back to the list I gave one of my CPTs (I choose this person because I knew they were responsible and would most likely help out anyway without asking to be paid).

Here is the daily checklist they were to complete and email me each night:

SCS Daily Check List

• Please email me nightly with all the completed tasks for the day and the time you left the studio

• If a task was not completed, but is on the daily list to do, please specify why it was not done

• All tasks should be completed at night before you leave for the day

• Throughout the day please check the studio floor and bathroom to make sure it is neat and picked up and put away any equipment that is out of place


 Make sure all equipment is back in its spot
 Make sure bathroom is clean and that the sink and/or mirror has been wiped down
 Make sure there are enough paper towels in dispenser
 Make sure that there is enough soap in the soap dispenser
 Make sure that there are enough water bottles in the refrigerator
 Replace 5 gallon water cooler jug when needed
 Check phone voicemail and leave post-it notes for anyone who had a message
 Empty studio trash barrels and recycle bin into large barrels on deck
 Place all deliveries in my office or in front of my door out of our client’s way
 Replace 1% milk for weekly coffees in refrigerator (Monday only)
 Take trash from large barrels on deck down to street after 6pm (Monday only)


*The most important thing is that the studio is kept looking neat, clean, and professional. Anything that falls in line with that should be done.


>>> You can download this Vacation Daily CheckList here

Feel free to use the checklist and modify it to meet your needs the next time you go on vacation.

Remember, I only give you the materials from my studio that actually WORK. I’ve tested this method against others and I’ll definitely be using it in the future. And since I travel every 4-6 weeks (it’s what I love to do) this little checklist sheet will come in handy!

Lastly, here are a few other items I do before I leave to make my vacation worry free:

  • I pay our cleaning company for 2 cleanings in advance
  • I pay my CPTs ahead of time, but just date the checks for the normal payroll day. (I just ask for their payroll sheets early from the previous pay period)
  • I go over all my client workouts with them so that they can cover my sessions (I will turn this topic into another post since many of you have questions on this)
  • I provide my team with all my client cell numbers and emergency contact phone numbers on a sheet so that if anything comes up they can contact the appropriate person.
  • All of my bills are put on autopay (I literally don’t write out a check except for my independent contractors) – even my credit cards are paid automatically.
  • At my Monday meeting with my team I outline what needs to be done while I’m away and ask if there are any questions
  • I write out all my blogs/articles for the week and post-date them to be released at the appropriate times
  • I plan to check in by email with each CPT 2-3 days after I arrive at my destination to see how everything is going (this also keeps them on their toes… I hope ; )

I know this was a rather long post, but I really want you to have complete insight into how I run “The Most Profitable Studio in the World” and generate the type of consistent monthly revenue we do.

It’s actually really nice to have a small studio space that is easy to keep running smoothly without a lot of overhead… and generating at least $50,000 a month (usually more like $60,000+) just from personal training sessions isn’t bad either.

I hope this post helps you in the future to take more time off, recharge your batteries, and free your mind of any worries while you’re half way around the world trying to decide whether you should flip over on your stomach or sun your top side for another 5 minutes…

Here’s to doing what we love and getting paid for it!


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