THE Reason I Do $50,000+ a Month…

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People can point to my marketing, my systems, my tools, my forms, my retention methods, my choice of location, my hiring tactics, etc., BUT none of those are the REAL reason I’m able to do the amount of business I do in my small studio space. I think you’re going to be surprised at what the answer really is…

Here’s the REAL REASON I do 50K+ a month:

I only focus on one thing everyday when it comes to growing my fitness business and it’s actually a question…

This is what I ask myself:

“Are my trainers doing the number of sessions they want to be doing and are they happy where they are? If not, what more can I be doing to help them succeed?”


Not to me…

You have to keep in mind, although I keep 100% of the business I do from training my private clients I also make a percentage of what each of my CPTs make. My team members train all the clients i can’t work with personally – they ARE my business!

So I treat them with respect – BUT, even more importantly I make each trainer a promise when I hire them.

I tell each new CPT that my only focus is to help them build their business within mine.

I want them to be a huge success and make a lot of money and be happy working at my fitness business. I cherish a fun and lively work environment and I know they do too… it’s not always about the money and it shouldn’t be either.

I don’t even focus on the money – I know it will be there once I help each CPT do at least 30 sessions per week (120+ a month).

It’s amazing how much happier people are with some cash in their pockets and when they know they have a steady paycheck coming in every 2 weeks ; )

I work with these guys and girls 12 hours a day so I want all of us to be happy training together. Plus, I love this industry and want to bring it to the next level where CPTs can make 80K+ a year as independant contractors and feel secure.

I also enjoy passing on what I’ve learned to the next generation of fitness professionals – especially my S3 members!

Lastly, I believe if I show my CPTs that I care about them and their success then it will spill over into the way they train and treat their studio clients… this spawns referrals, client retention, good will, and an overall positive vibe which people enjoy being around.

If you create that type of place to work, why would anyone want to go anywhere else???


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  • Christian Leighton

    I am a one man show, if you remember.

    I have personal training and small group training programs running now.

    Hypothetical Situation:

    A prospect is interested in doing personal training 1 time per week. As part of the package they purchase. I design a program based on their goals (example: training 4 times per week).

    What should I do for my client for their other 3 training days?

    Should I give them access to the studio during group training times so they can complete their training sessions for an additional fee?

    Should I have a “fee” that pays for a gym membership nearby so they can complete their workouts?

    Should I hire someone to be around all day at my studio? (What about if I can’t afford to hire anyone?)

    I try to be in my prospect shoes, so how do you go about doing that with clients like that?

    • Hi Christian,

      This is a very common scenario and one that we encounter every day. our clients all do their off-day workouts at home, outside (sprints), or join another low cost gym.

      They come to us as their fitness professional for the best program design.

      If you have additional space I would keep filling that space with more clients rather than offering clients to come in and workout on their own… you’re a PT Studio and not a gym. However, you could upsell them to semi-private or additional training options if 1-on-1 is too expensive for them to come multiple times per week.

      Hope this helps!

  • Kenneth Voritskul Voritskul

    Hi Stephen-

    Could you also share on how your studio’s daily/weekly appt schedule plays out?

    Like what time do appts start each day? What’s your latest appt times? What are your consistent peak hours? What type of training do people want at different times of the day? (ie – more one-on-one during mid day, etc)


  • I have seperate CPTs for In-Home & corporate.

    Also, one CPT floats between the studio and in-home at off hours where it won’t conflict with my schedule…

  • Hi Kenneth,

    We strategically fit in 4 CPTs doing 1-on1 at a time… it’s tight but everyone works together really well and our equipment is versatile. Typically, we only have 3 CPTs working, but we don’t limit it to that #.

    For group sessions it 1 CPT training 6 people at a time.

  • Kenneth Voritskul Voritskul

    Hi Stephen-

    Do most of your trainers train clients on-site at your studio?

    How many trainers/clients do you usually have on average at the studio at the same time?

    Just wondering how you maximize/pack in the clients into 500 sq ft?


  • Simon Whitnall

    Oh and one more thing… I have been looking at some software to do all of my invoicing, payments (incl EFT), Diary for all trainers, email/text customers.

    I have come across

    What do you use? Have you used before?

    • I just use the 3 sheets I talk about under the Business Tool Box category. I prefer paper… it’s simple to track for me

  • Simon Whitnall

    Hi Stephen,

    Loving all the information you are sharing with us.

    When you make $50k per month. What percentage of that would be profit? Is there a post on here that breaks down the incoming and outgoing that make up the 50k per month? like a 2010 financial plan? 😉



    • I have a post on what I pay my CPTs under business tool box.

      I also do other training which is on top of the 50K.

      Thanks for asking, but I don’t share how much money I make a year ; )

  • Hi Naresh,

    I will write a whole post on this shortly – look for in under the Business Tool Box category!

  • Naresh Sehgal

    Hi Mate

    Could you share some numbers

    How much do your sessions cost?

    What % do you take for your business?

    Do you have any escerlator type system to incresae your trainers pay


    • New post under Business Tool Box